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  1. Fireworks launch area! Can't believe I hadn't figured out that's what the big open field out there was for. I'd been wondering about it since I noticed it while riding WindSeeker, and even though I knew they shot off close enough to The Beast that they stopped running it during the fireworks, I hadn't put two and two together.

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  2. River/water, desert snake. It was a joke.

    In actuality, Diamondback and its styling fit into the area quite well, and are a great addition to Rivertown. The only thing I don't like is how abruptly it transitions into Planet Snoopy. I wish that Diamondback was more solidly placed in Rivertown rather than on the edge.

    Edited to add: the location of the Reds Hall of Fame Grille contributes to Diamondback feeling cut off from the rest of Rivertown. It used to be a more theme-friendly restaurant. Now, both the Chicken Shack and Hanks Burrito Shack (didn't notice till I was looking on the map for their proper names that both of these are "shacks") would make more sense in Rivertown. RHoFG would make more sense in Action Zone, or possibly even Coney Mall. Obviously, the buildings currently standing would be wrong for the change, but thematically it would make more sense.

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  3. I keep periodically giving Firehawk a chance, but I still haven't enjoyed it. I mentioned in another thread that I initially feel like I'm at the dentist (and after a root canal or two, that starts to bring out really bad emotional connections). Then it flips over finally, and I feel like I'm suspended by my shin bones and it hurts. Then the ride completes with some more time at the dentist.

    Last time I rode Invertigo it gave me a migraine. I've enjoyed it in the past, though, so I will eventually give it another chance.

    I used to hate Vortex. I hated that everyone acted like it was some cool, especially thrilling ride (in the late 1980s/early 90s). All it did was bash my head in. I don't know if it is because I'm taller now, or have learned to lean into the turns, but I managed to ride it earlier this season a couple times without too much damage, and actually enjoyed it some.

    The first time I rode Outer Limits: Flight of Fear, I hated it. Now it is one of my favorite rides. That's why I try to never rule a ride out.

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  4. I've noticed a large open field over there near Dinosaurs Alive when I ride WindSeeker, and wondered what it is used for. If people don't mind sitting in the grass, they might mock up some sort of screen to project the movie on. I think it would fit 1000 people. But I don't imagine they're really planning on 1000 people hanging out for the whole movie (and assume they'll just use the unused theater that is already there).

  5. We're talking about a 10 to midnight time slot for the showing, though. I assume for that time that they aren't intending this to be a younger-child-friendly event. It would be fine with me if they age restrict it to 13 and above. I doubt they'd lose that many people who otherwise think 10-midnight is a good time for their younger children to watch a movie, and they very well may gain teens and older visitors who think it is more "for" them than a family event would be.

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  6. Regular zipper bags (food storage ones) work just fine, too. I use one with my phone when I'm playing on it in the tub, you can still use the touchscreen through it. I've only dropped it once, but it protected it.

    I put my phone in the zipper bag I take with me every time I go to KI, when I went on Congo Falls yesterday. It kept it nice and dry even though I was completely soaked otherwise.

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  7. I went to see all three shows yesterday. It's funny, I was there waiting when the doors opened a half hour before the 3:00 show, 5 minutes before the 5:00, and 15 before the 7:00, yet I was able to get nearly the exact same seat each time: third row, center.

    I really enjoyed the show a lot more than last time. Most of them are taking on a practiced smoothness that hides the effort needed to do their stunts.

    There is a new clown, again. The one who replaced the injured clown has been replaced. The replacement does not appear to be the one originally injured (although I've personally only seen pictures of that one). The show I saw prior to yesterday, the first replacement was playing the role of Niko, but the new Niko is one of the other three who have been performing since the beginning of the season. He is neither the one with long hair nor the shortest clown. He is the one I found so charming before, so I think it was a good choice.

    The brand new clown is excellent! He is very facially expressive, so he is a joy to watch. There are some small things that he has added to the performance that I feel are real improvements.

    The woman in white seems to be getting some more confidence in her skills. The first time I saw the show, I noticed she showed how difficult everything was on her face, now she has more stage presence. There were a couple small bobbles during yesterday's performances which may have been caused by getting used to a new Niko. She balked a couple times before the lift up on the backdrop at the end during the first performance (although it was ultimately done well once they did it) and during the third performance she and new Niko couldn't get a rhythm going to do her final spectacular spinning at the top of the rope. She handled that so well, though, if I hadn't seen the act I wouldn't have realized something had gone wrong.

    The other performers are also great. The bike dragon has been excellent this whole time, and the other two who do the trampoline are great at it. The woman who does the ring is one of my favorites, and she is getting even better at her tricks, and is showing more attitude in her performance. I've noticed there seems to be a little play in the show at the end of her having some connection to another one of the clowns (the shortest one).

    Watching all three performances yesterday helped make it my favorite visit of the year so far.

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  8. A few guys behind me in line for Banshee were discussing Flight of Fear being down.

    "But what caused the fires?" (At this point I was rolling my eyes about crappy news coverage and wanted to shout "there were no fires!")

    Another one of the guys answered in a self-assured manner "they were running it too fast, to make the line move more quickly." He said it with such conviction, it ended their discussion, because the matter was resolved. If he was making it up on the spot rather than repeating bullcrap he heard somewhere, he should go into politics because even I thought for half a second "whoa, really?"

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  9. It wasn't even a slow news day. Also in the Dayton area, a body was found hanging in a closet, that had been there five years. Of course, keeping up journalistic integrity the headline said "more than a decade."

    Which just goes to show how they blow out of proportion even real news.

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  10. Ugh, when we got to bed, my husband said "oh, did you see this?" and showed me his phone with the WHIO story on his Facebook feed. Which means it is still showing up as a big story an hour after closing. Preeeettty sure it's not still stuck on the lift hill anymore guys.

    Ok, if it was still stuck with people on board an hour after closing, that would be a story.

    Anyone there see how long it actually was stopped? If it was more than 15 minutes I'd be surprised.

    I'm still looking forward to going to the park tomorrow. I hope FoF is open :)

  11. I know you don't like Facebook, so you're probably happy not to see the comments on WHIO's story there. People are saying stuff to the effect "their rides are death traps with all the fires and now this!"

    Great reporting. They got the attention, but not the facts. Gossips would probably do a better job of transmitting true information.

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  12. From the Cincinnati Enquirer report:

    "A fire has been reported at Flight of Fear at Kings Island for the second time this month. Here's a picture from the June 2 fire."

    While factually true it is the second report it is not true that is a picture from the June 2 fire. There was no fire.

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