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  1. Everyplace I've lived in the Dayton area (including south of town, where I live now) schedules it, for what is usually not Halloween. It varies quite a bit which night each community chooses, and when I was a kid there were those who took advantage of this by trick or treating in multiple communities on different nights. It's been this way at least the last 30 years.

    I have to assume a great number of visitors are from Dayton and its suburbs as well as Cincy's. So it presumably has some effect on the crowds on Halloween.

    Those who have actually been to Haunt (this will be my first year), do there tend to be a lot of children and adults, or is it more of a teenage event? I assumed teens, because that has been the bulk of those who visit haunted houses in my experience.

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  2. Many, if not most, communities in this area typically have "beggar's night" (trick or treat) scheduled on a night other than Halloween. It does tend to be when people have parties, though.

    I personally think it is still likely to be quite busy Halloween night.

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  3. I understood your meaning.

    It helps me out, too. I saw that pad when I've been there and wondered what it used to be. I went a lot 20 years ago but have barely been there in the interim (more times so far this year than total in the last 20).

    So, another question someone might know: what are the bright yellow trusses being stored near the base of WindSeeker?

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  4. I can't recommend staying at The Breakers enough. Charming place, and being able to walk back to your room for a midday nap in the heat of the day is priceless. They have a wide range of room types and prices (from ones that will make you think you're in a college dorm to upscale suites), but all of them provide easy access to and from the park.

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  5. The pass processing does start early. I'm not certain exactly how early, but by 9:30 they're going.

    While you can get through the entrance once without your actual processed pass, I'm not sure about the guards next to the ropes (where you go through for ERT). They don't actually have scanners or anything, they just look for you to flash your pass at them. It may entirely depend on the person working that day.

    Processing goes pretty fast, too.

  6. Generally on coasters, front seat gives you the thrill of the view (and all kinds of wind in your face), and the back car (any of the seats) gives you the thrill of uncontrollable speed. Those traditionally have been my seats of choice, but if like to change it up, too. I've found for various reasons on some coasters I prefer other locations.

    On The Beast, I discovered recently I get more beat up in the middle of the train (it is popularly assumed to beat you up more in the back car) due to the amount of getting thrown sideways. I'm proud of my Beast bruises (I've really got a collection going too) so I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. It depends a lot on whether you like woodies or not.

    Getting older, I have found the rear of The Racer train is getting too much for me. It's too bouncy and out of control and made my back hurt. It may, however, be exactly what you're looking for, I loved it when I was younger. I don't think it makes a lot of difference which track you ride now, since they don't run one backward anymore. They haven't been running both sides yet any of the times I've visited this year so I can't say for sure.

    I actually prefer to ride Diamondback in the middle of the train (anywhere from row 7-10 on the platform, so cars four and five), because the airtime is absolutely gorgeous at the crests of hills in those seats. You sort of "miss out" on the floating due to being restrained by or pulled by the rest of the train (depending if you're seated in front or back) if you sit elsewhere. It is an entirely different ride depending on where you sit, but I love them all for different reasons.

    I agree that the best thing to do is to try each ride in different places to see which appeals to you the most. If I hadn't changed things up with Diamondback, I'd have missed out on what has turned out to be my favorite seats in the park.

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  7. I voted "other" because I simply can't choose! I've only ever ridden one coaster I really didn't like, and even that one might grow on me if I gave it another chance.

    I have favorites within categories, but can't choose a single category as my favorite. Whichever one I'm on at the moment! :)

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  8. How did you buy? Online? If so, at the parking entrance they can scan your voucher you printed out and you won't have to pay. I'm also told that if there are any problems that cause you to have to pay at the parking entrance, keep your receipt and it can be refunded at guest services.

  9. Well, I hadn't heard anything about it personally. I just noticed it tightened more during the ride and felt more secure for it. I didn't think too much about it until someone else mentioned it, just forgot it again each time I got off the ride. The only time it was at all uncomfortable was the last time I rode and we got left on deck longer than usual. Part of my thigh had weaseled its way between the center horn and the harness at some point before the tightening, so it was kind of pinchy.

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  10. I'm not certain what the last day of "summer" operation is (Labor Day?) but they do have their operating schedule through November posted on their website. So you can see when they're going to be open.

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  11. Is GMA Los Angeles based? Cuz they refer to their freeways as "the" out there. Where we say "I took 70 to 75", they'd say "I took the 5 to the 110."

    I adopted the same way of referring to them in the years I lived out there, but I never transferred it to our highways when I'd come home to visit. So, to me it is still "The 5" but not "The 75."

    Even before I moved away from Ohio, I did tend to often refer to coasters as "the", even if they aren't officially called that. So, if I ever refer to "The Magnum" or "The Banshee" I hope some can cut me some slack.

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  12. The woodchuck that hangs around in the grassy area near the footer with the cables by the station.

    Wow, then I saw him visiting his cousin at The Racer while I rode WindSeeker yesterday. I had no idea he was so cute!

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  13. I was looking at one of The Beast's signs today, and realized I've always imagined it to be a tiger. I think it is the influence of the Bengals on my childhood brain.

    But, all we can see of it are the claws/paws. While they look like a big cat to me, it's by no means definitive.

    So what do you imagine The Beast looks like?

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