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  1. When you were talking about how much the rides beat up your old body in the other thread yesterday I thought you were significantly older than me, not nearly exactly the same age :)

    I do feel FoF on my neck today, and something else (probably Beast, it was really beating on me the half-dozen or more times I rode yesterday) in my lower back, though. So I guess pushing 40 is when these things start hurting.

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  2. I believe you have to also process it before the deadline. Which is the 26th I believe. Let me research it for a moment.

    Edited: yes, the 26th is the last day for gold, but I was unable to find on the website what happens if you don't process it by then. I would advise calling to make sure.

  3. I noticed the lack of lighting in FoF yesterday too, it wasn't as dark when I was there on Monday or the other times I've been there so far this year. I like it a little dark like that, makes it even more fun.

    I had two near walk-ons first thing in the morning, and was worried in the evening the line would be 45-minutes but still really wanted to ride again. I decided I'd just make it the last thing I rode before going home.

    Fortunately, it was more like 15-20 min, but even if it had been longer it would have been worth it. Most of the rest of the train I was on were a couple groups who had never ridden it before. Hearing (and talking to them about) their anticipation before the ride, squeals on the ride, and enthusiasm after the ride made it almost like riding for the first time again myself. It totally re energized me, and I ended up making a loop to WindSeeker, Beast, and Diamondback again before actually leaving.

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  4. Have they ever done these on weekdays in the past? The chances of me visiting on a weekend are pretty low, but I love stuff like this! If my feet didn't hurt so much from yesterday, I might even consider making a trip just for the tweetup.

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  5. Banshee has really been growing on me. I overheard a man at the park yesterday talking to his kid about why he didn't like Banshee (not having a standard drop hill, not being able to tell where you're heading), and it boiled down to "it's not the kind of coaster I'm used to/ expected." I realized that had a lot to do with my initial unenthusiastic response to the ride: it wasn't what I expected. Having ridden a handful more times, I'm really coming to appreciate what it actually is as opposed to how well it matched my expectations.

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  6. This is entirely my personal speculation.

    There have been a rash of anonymous threats made at various local schools in the Miami Valley area. It's gotten a fair amount of media coverage, which is probably contributing to extending the rash ("aw, man, that school got to go home early? I wanna go home too!")

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is in some way related to that, either directly (someone thought it would be funny or keep crowds down) or indirectly (the powers that be saw the media coverage and decided safer was better than sorry).

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  7. I'm considering KI my "gym" this summer. Even though I lost all that weight, the amount of time I had carried it didn't do my joints much good. So, I've been much thinner but still not exercising as much as I should because I hurt. This summer, I'm working on my health in that way with lots of walking at KI. Just between Monday last week and yesterday, I've already increased my endurance. The first visit, I could only go about four hours before I was too tired and sore. The second visit, I was there about six hours. Yesterday, nine. And I'm barely even sore today (except the tops of my shoulders where my sunblock failed and Vortex bruised).

    To change the subject, does anyone know what is going on with what used to be Days of Thunder (in between the two tracks of The Racer at the far end)? From what I could see it looks like there is some signage about dinosaurs, but it definitely hasn't been in service this year yet. I thought maybe it would be later, but while it appears on the current park map, it isn't labeled.

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  8. I think I rode The Beastie (now Woodstock Express unless I'm terribly wrong) enough when I was a young teen I don't think I need to ride it any more. Especially as long as crowds are low enough I am able to walk on or practically walk on the actual Beast over and over. I may ride WE one time just for old time's sake, but I'll admit that is one name change that sort of kills the ride for me.

    Thanks for letting me know about Flying Ace. I'll need to hold off on that one until closer to when I want to leave just in case I get a headache from it.

  9. They really need to rename Ralph's Ice Cream (next to Juke Box Diner in the Coney Mall). I don't want to even see the word "Ralph" at an amusement park, much less associated with food.

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  10. I wish I had realized before I rode "Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown" yesterday just how wet it gets you. Not enough people were riding for me to see someone coming off, and I just assumed it would be like other log rides I've ridden in my life (including Splash Mountain at Disney). I thought I'd maybe get splashed a little, more than the back outside seats of Diamondback, but less than say, the observation deck of Amazon Falls (does it still have the deck now it is Congo Falls?)

    When I came to the bottom of that apparently dinky little hill, it was almost exactly as though someone threw a bucket of water in my face. Took 20 minutes sitting on a bench in the sun and two waits/rides on Diamondback till I was mostly dry (around an hour total). It just wasn't warm enough for me to want that yesterday. I'm filing the information away for later in the summer, though. It will come in handy.

    Yesterday was my first time ever to ride Delirium as well. It was my first ride of the day, and I went back for another go after riding Banshee, and went back a couple more times as the day went on. I really like the ride, it reminds me a bit of riding the Scrambler as a kid, only very high in the air. It can be a very different ride depending upon which part of the circle you end up in, because it seems like you end up in more or less the same position at the top of the arm's swing each swing for the duration of the ride. So, it's either with you on your back or facing the ground (or somewhere in between). I really liked the facing down ride I experienced, it was more thrilling, but all of them were excellent.

    I'm looking forward to when Drop Tower opens, because it will be my first time for that too. I guess it will have some similarities to other rides I've been on, like the Demon Drop.

    I'm also intrigued by Flying Ace and Surf Dog, but I'm a little embarrassed to ride them alone at my age. RFYLCB was bad enough.

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  11. Yeah, I was going to say. I was there today and the La Rosa's truck isn't there. Being able to see the Drop Tower sign made me realize there is a big bird's nest in the "O" of "Drop". I got a pic, but haven't uploaded it anywhere.

    Seems like it might be a good sign, maybe it'll be up by the long weekend.

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  12. The guy running the Zephyr and the one running the games across from him (Bowler Roller et al) were playing a rhythm game back and forth. The ride op was making clicking noises over the speakers (I didn't see him so I'm not sure whether he was clicking his tongue or what), and then the game op was clapping the rhythm back. The one "sending" the rhythms kept getting faster and more complex trying to throw him off. They seemed to be enjoying it.

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  13. If you're going to get there at opening, I like to start with The Beast. It rocks, but since it is older the excitement has worn down so it's not a lot of people's first thought. It's also at the back of the park, so you can get that hike in on fresh legs while simultaneously avoiding most of the other park visitors. It'll let you get in a first exciting ride with very little wait. Then swing around to Diamondback.

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