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  1. Well, if you get enough RFID sensors... It's not as though needing to be near a sensor to pick up the RFID means you can't transmit that information on to a centralized location.

    I'm not one of those people who fear being tracked or RFID in general. I think this has great potential. I look forward to getting to visit WDW again, they always were at the cutting edge of crowd management (in a making-your-day-better kind of way) and entertainment, and it sounds like they've only gotten better over the decades I've been away.

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  2. I definitely agree the season-long meal plan is an excellent value, for those who can use it. The pricing is quite generous for what it offers, especially for someone who visits the park as often as I intend to. It is just that what it does offer isn't what I would want on my days at the park, so I'm whining. :) If I could make use of two full meals each visit, assuming $10 a meal (which is, I believe, low), I would already be halfway through paying for the plan this week.

    If they offer a plus plan, I might consider it. If they offer a snacks only plan (like four a day, separated by at least an hour), I might get that. But, one with a little flexibility would be ideal, so I could choose snacks and/or meals.

    To be fair, I may end up spending $80 just on ice cream over the summer (I don't know for sure I'll visit 20 times or get some each visit, but it could happen), so they may be getting the money out of me one way or the other and there's not much incentive in it for them to offer something like I want. I'm just wishing. And whining :)

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  3. Just a little whining, I apologize in advance.

    It was the email KI sent about their new season-long meal plan that actually finally sparked my interest in getting a pass this year, but I ended up not buying it along with my gold pass. What really bugs me about it is that there is no "snack" option.

    When I last went to KI before this season, I finally had a friend visiting who loves coasters too (none of my friends in the area or my husband or family really like them, so it had been several years since I went), so I got Fast Passes for us both. Since it sounded like a pretty good deal, I also got us each the day-long meal plan. It included both a meal (possibly two, I forget?) and certain number of snacks (like funnel cake, frozen lemonade, soft serve, cotton candy, popcorn). I notice that, like the season plan, the daily plan this season no longer includes any possibility of snacks.

    The couple times I've been to the park so far, I've been tempted to try some of the food but it is sooo expensive, and I don't like to eat too much food when I'm riding coasters (or when it is hot out, for that matter). I also love to get blue ice cream (and have actually bought some of that). If they offered snacks with the dining plan, I would be all over it. It would be nice to be able to trade one meal for two snacks (an generally cheaper for the park from what I've seen of relative prices). I could eat the snacks while I'm still riding coasters, and get an actual meal at the end of my day before leaving the park. But I'm not springing for the plan when it leaves me still needing to pay over $4 for a soft serve every time, I'll just get something outside the park when I leave.

    I also agree with those that have said it would be nice to have a drinks plan that is linked to your pass, so you don't have to carry that cup everywhere. I'd settle for a smaller drink for $1 each time if it meant I didn't have to worry about extra baggage.

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  4. A message board I frequent has a rule that if you make a "goodbye forever" post, you better mean it, because you will be banned (and banned again if you start up a new account). It stops any over-dramatic plays for attention.

    I feel a little bad about this one though, because I don't think it was necessarily meant for attention as much as inexperience in interacting with virtual strangers in real life or online, and this kid was probably "picked on" a little more than warranted (mostly teasing and jokes more than attacks, I don't think anyone was intentionally mean, it just felt that way to the one it was directed at). But, on the other hand, it's a lot more mild than one is likely to get when talking around many mixed groups online or in real life.

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  5. I am having a love affair with Diamondback. It was a walk-on or practically a walk-on during my two visits through the day. I rode six times in the morning and only once in the afternoon because I wanted to go to the Cosi science and explosions show. Just to mix things up from my tradition of front seat or rear car on every roller coaster, I decided to try dead center of Diamondback's train. Oh my! The beautiful air I was getting at the top of each hill, I loved it! I think I prefer 5-1 or 2, but 5-3 and 4 are acceptable as well.

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  6. I'm not opposed to wearing men's clothing, but experience tells me men's bottoms don't work for me. I don't like the lower crotch. So, I'd have to alter them somehow anyway. Might as well start with something I already own.

  7. Women's pockets, even in "cargo" shorts don't carry much. I may have to sew something to wear this summer, with an actually large zippered pocket. I discovered my phone in a hard case will fit in the back buttoned pocket of my favorite cargo shorts, but riding with my butt on my phone is hardly ideal even with the protective case.

    I would also be interested to know if people are being given trouble about fanny packs on any of the rides, because I was considering buying or sewing one. I ordered a phubby (phubby.com) but I haven't received it yet to see how well it is going to work for me.

  8. I just want to note that the head bashing on Vortex is not due to its age, at least not due to aging (you may have meant instead they've refined the way they make coasters over the years). The first time I rode it, over 20 years ago, it gave me a migraine and nearly pierced behind my ear with the post of my earrings. It's just like that, like a prize fight.

    And if you thought the effects break on Backlot was hot, just imagine when it used to have actual gas flames as well. Wait, I'm not imagining that am I? That happened, right?

  9. Since you brought this up but nobody mentioned it, the International Restaurant actually closed a couple decades ago.

    Stop making me feel old! Ok, so this year is my 20th high school reunion, so what!

    I noticed today the mysterious door and stairs were still there (there's some advertising for the new circus show on the entrance side of the stairs if anyone wants to check it out) and that I could see something at least was up behind the windows. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

    I wonder if they'd rent it out for a wedding reception or even wedding itself. That would be cool.

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  10. FUNTV gave me some trivia that makes me have to find an old movie and watch it. Apparently there was a movie in the 80s called Fresh Horses, that I've never heard of, that was filmed in part at King's Island. I'm amazed the first I've heard of it was on FUNTV in passing through a walk-on line. I could have sworn I once heard in the 90s that the last thing filmed in the park was the Brady Bunch episode.

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  11. May 12: First time on WindSeeker. Appropriately, the music was Harry Potter, because it felt truly magical. I expected some thrilling terror, but it was just beautiful and smooth and wonderful. There is no impression of forceful lifting, just magical levitation. And rather than feeling like it was so high, it felt like I could just see really far. I may be able to get my fear-of-heights husband on this ride, if he trusts my assessment enough.

    Being able to nearly walk on The Beast three times in a row (today I'm gonna do five!), the final time in the front seat, was pretty darn cool too! And my first ride of the day (first ride of the season) was the front seat of an otherwise empty train on Backlot Stunt Coaster. Like I was a VIP or something.

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  12. Must have been Corkscrew at Cedar Point the summer of 1989, when I turned 13. I don't think there were any other coasters with inversions there yet. The only coaster I ever rode prior to that year was The Beastie and I was terrified (hence why I hadn't ridden any others).

    That summer, I went with a group of girls who loved coasters, and I rode every one they had at the park at that time. And thus an obsession was born!

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  13. I really enjoyed your report :)

    I'll be going a lot alone this summer too, and like you, I tend toward shyness (although, at my age, I'm getting over my fear: I can talk to people if I need to and often enjoy it, I just tend to keep to myself mostly). I think there is something about a place where most people are there to have fun that makes it easier to break out of my shell.

    Amusement parks were the first places where I went "alone" when I was growing up. I was there with my family, but was allowed to go off for periods of time unchaperoned by my parents or sister. It was a little scary, but also liberating.

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  14. There's also a large number (41 I think?) painted on the cement below you as you return to the station at the end, which I'm pretty sure has something to do with military flight.

    I am sure they (eventually) are going to do something with the remaining older theming, but just haven't gotten to it yet (weather was cold, then rainy most days). When I saw how much the ride had seemed abandoned by park and fans alike when I went a couple years ago, I actually would have predicted removal rather than revamp. I'm happy to have been wrong, and I really don't believe they'd have put this much money and work into it then say "screw it" about the things easily fixed by new paint. The length of the hike back there is ripe with possibilities, especially for the fall. I haven't actually ever been to a Haunt at KI yet (they didn't have them yet or I would have been all over it as a teen) so I can't really speculate beyond imagining what I would do if it was up to me, but a spooky long walk into the woods seems to me to be an exciting possibility to play with.

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