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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. In that case, next should be a resurfaced parking lot followed by the return of the backwards Racer. I do also feel that since Mike Koontz became general manager, the park has been paying a lot more attention to guest feedback, though. Especially on the little things that make a big difference.
  2. RCDB can only settle that score if you accept them as a governing authority
  3. Definitely agree. Someone willing to flout the rules in a way that is as clearly obvious to those nearby as a lit cigarette or plume of vape is not someone who believes the rules (or other people) are important. They are going to do what they want when they want, whatever that might be.
  4. Yesterday there was a guy in front of the cashier for Slingshot smoking. There is a smoking section within clear sight of there. One of the major problems with making the park smoke free is that it isn’t going to make jerks like that stay away, or even change their behavior unless they are kicked out, and I really don’t see that happening (although I have heard of a few occasions of people being kicked out for the safety hazard of a phone on the ride, personally the worst I’ve seen is it being removed on the lift hill and handed back by security after a “stern lecture” of about ten secon
  5. Me, I’m mostly here for Gravity today. But the crowds are quite a bit larger than I expected
  6. The number is 69050 and is meant for “safety or security concerns”, I’m not certain that smoking outside the designated areas is really that. I’ve only tried to use it once, and wasn’t particularly satisfied with the response. Someone in front of me on Mystic Timbers’ very first train of the day had his phone out in his raised hand for the whole ride (after I asked him to put it away on the lift hill because I was worried the ride ops would actually stop us). I took a pic of him at the bottom of the exit stairs and sent it with a description of what happened to the number. I got an immed
  7. Said it before and I’ll say it again: if you want to be pedantic and set yourself as the judge of the only “acceptable” definition for a term that is actually defined by how people use it, not any sort of governing body, then fine. It’s not the shortest Giga. It’s the tallest Hyper. Now, go find someone who is actually impressed by your “superior knowledge.”
  8. It wasn’t the Brewhouse, because it is new this year. It was Red’s Hall of Fame Grill
  9. There’s some sort of infestation in the construction fence box. Not sure what to make of it...
  10. This is making me think of the audio before the Gravity shows
  11. Said it before and I’ll say it again: want to be pedantic and insist one definition is “the” definition of something that has no definition outside of usage? Fine, it’s not the shortest Giga. It’s the tallest Hyper. Maybe you can find someone to tell about that who will be impressed by your “knowledge.”
  12. Aha, but WHY is the Blue Racer going backwards in the ONLY cgi version they have?! *conspiracy intensifies*
  13. Thank heavens. We can use fewer overly-entitled passholders at the park. (Not my creation but spot on)
  14. Hope springs eternal for me when it comes to sdrawkcaB recaR because it is something I would like so much. I had pretty much convinced myself that this year, with the strong emphasis on nostalgia (International Street, Antique Cars), would be the year even though there were absolutely no indications from the park. It wasn’t until a pic and a video had been released by the park in the week before opening day, showing each side was still running forward, that I accepted the truth. So, while I have zero doubt that Don Helbig believes it is NOT coming back, after I asked him last night (he a
  15. I was too wiped out emotionally by the time I got home I couldn’t even get through reading the threads much less writing anything. It really was a rollercoaster of emotion starting at 10. The announcement itself was nearly exactly as expected, awesome, with the mild surprise they actually did use Orion, and the stronger surprise about Area 72, but the stats most of us already were counting on. Then the wild ride truly began. I waited for a bit as the crowd, which I had been avoiding by standing on one of the curbs under Racer rather than in the plaza, now flowed out past me into Con
  16. It was ten minutes or so standing in AC, definitely not difficult to sell me on during a hot afternoon I also don’t remember many of the audio things in the outdoor queue and had noted that some seemed new earlier in the season. But, I almost never hang out in that area so it’s hard to say for sure. It’s possible they are just playing them louder or more clearly. I don’t think the person who mentioned it was necessarily trolling. Also, about FoF, I noticed the week after I mentioned that memo on the printer, it was no longer there. No idea if the park removed it, but if it wasn’t t
  17. Thanks @WailsLikeABanshee
  18. Btw, I stood in the fastlane queue and watched the entire FoF video and it is the exact same as it has been.
  19. The park itself is streaming the announcement, and I know Don is setting up to record for it in a primo location. Theirs will most likely be the best.
  20. I dropped off some more presents in the teaser fence box
  21. Me and @exscream team almost made it in the background of WXIX’s live newscast at one point. They wrapped up about 15 seconds too soon
  22. Well, the reporter on Fox19 described what she sees behind the fence and didn’t mention seeing any track :/
  23. One of the guys in the Local12 studio (the station who sent the one who went up the tower yesterday) was actually mocking last year’s big announcement of the Antique Cars. I think he was trying to contrast how cool it is we’re getting a Giga vs the cars not being that big of a deal, but It didn’t come off very well. “But I mean, you go from Antique Cars, this you know” (starts miming holding a steering wheel in a goofy way) “you know, crotchety old ‘doot doo doot do doo’ to tossing people off the Eiffel Tower! But not really tho!”
  24. “Fox19 Now” goes from 4:30-9:00AM and then Fox19 Morning News Extra runs from 9-11. So a lot? At least on this channel. I set up to record John Matarese’s station this morning before I went back to sleep, in expectation/hopes they’d be there today. The woman who went up in the tower yesterday was so disappointing because she wasn’t into it, I was hoping for someone who actually seems interested. But so far all they (WCPO) keep doing is showing a few pics from the story so far while saying the announcement is coming tonight. This one is fun tho
  25. Heh, the Dorothy card was actually my friend’s addition to the box, apparently. Enjoy your spoils!
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