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  1. I went to Kings Island for the first time Monday, and had a great time! Banshee was awesome! Is it weird that the line was only about 10 minutes for a new ride? The line also moved quick.
  2. I went on Monday 6/30, and crowds were light early morning and got a little heavier as people were getting off work. The longest line we waited for was 45min.
  3. Pbmcd


    Ok I wasn't planning on meeting up with anyone.
  4. Pbmcd


    Are you going Monday? I'm going Monday for the first time.
  5. Pbmcd


    I'm assuming all of those rides are still closed?
  6. Pbmcd


    I'm just worried about a lot of rides being closed Monday. I've seen reviews saying many attractions were closed while they were there. We have never been and won't be able to go again this summer, and are hoping most rides are up and running Monday.
  7. Pbmcd


    Which rides were closed for most of the day today?
  8. Pbmcd

    2 park passes

    So we bought a two park pass online and it only gave us one piece of paper with one bar code to print. Is it only supposed one sheet or two? I'm confused.
  9. Has there been much dt in the past after weekends like the 4th? Never been to KI and we are going Monday.
  10. The name is Tropical Twisters, but I (and I'm sure BB1) still refer to all the slides at Boomerang Bay Soak City by their previous Boomerang Bay names, so it's Awesome Ausssie Twister to me. Sorry for off topic but if this weekend is busy, will there be more downtime for rides Monday?
  11. Will the fact that it's really busy cause downtime for rides on Monday?
  12. Pbmcd


    How big are the lockers and how much do they cost? Where is the best location?
  13. Pbmcd


    Sorry this is random, but does the weather for Monday look good? I can't tell or not because I've seen a few different sites.
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