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  1. freaks76

    Current wait times

    Vortex bein evacuated?
  2. freaks76

    Camden Park 06/25/16

    ........And it rotted to the ground.
  3. freaks76

    wv needs a real amusement park

    I still love me some Camden
  4. freaks76

    Coasterstock 2017

    The closer it gets, the more it looks like I may miss CS this year. Need more of me to spread around.
  5. freaks76

    Preferred parking upgrade

    Yes. It's usually 12-14 miles according to the little handy-dandy app on a phone. Yes saving the 300 feet at the end of a long day is great. Yes I'm sure a lot of us around here knew all that. Thanks though.
  6. freaks76

    Preferred parking upgrade

    Interesting enough you cannot upgrade parking at Carowinds. I was hoping that had not changed at KI this year. I most always upgrade. After a long day at the park, or If I've been with Malem, the closer parking spot is music to my feet.
  7. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3352564/four-reckless-teens-risk-lives-climbing-200ft-stealth-ride-thorpe-park/
  8. freaks76

    Season drink plan questions

    Yes. I bought mine through the KI website. Used it at both KD and Carowinds. As I said it was a great investment. It has already more than paid for itself.
  9. freaks76

    Season drink plan questions

    ^ Question answered. http://ki.parkhacks.com/blog/refillableCupUpdate/
  10. freaks76

    Season drink plan questions

    Are the souvenir cup smaller this year than in seasons past? Carowinds for sure look like it. I bought the paper cup plan. After a day and a half at KD and two at Carowinds, it has more than paid for itself. Absolutely a great investment.
  11. Oh man. That would be some scary stuff. Wonder if it was a ride malfunction or operator error. Either way, wow.
  12. freaks76

    FYI on Mystic Timbers

    Haha. I don't think I can get so lucky.
  13. http://www.wkbw.com/news/darien-lake-theme-park-sold-parks-operator-remains-the-same
  14. freaks76

    Meal Deals, and meal deals

    I figured you'd have an answer for me, and real quicklike, too. Thank ya!