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  1. I think this is why they go the subdomain route for this. Much less prone to snooping. I decided to check after I looked back and saw Mystic Timbers' initial page was mystictimbers.visitkingsisland.com
  2. I'm leaning Polaris too, with additional reasons. Attempting to load these 2 pages has a different result, though they both error: https://polaris.visitkingsisland.com/ https://orion.kingsisland.com/
  3. Kings Island passes now available New Passholders: Receive Unlimited Visits and Free Parking for the remainder of the 2019 season including The Great Pumpkin Fest, Halloween Haunt, and WinterFest. Plus, buy between August 15-18, 2019 and receive one free Fast Lane Plus valid through October 27, 2019 (excludes Saturdays and Sunday, September 1, 2019). Renewing Passholders: Receive one free Fast Lane Plus and one free Bring-A-Friend ticket valid through October 27, 2019 (excludes Saturdays and Sunday September 1, 2019). Renewing Passholders may also purchase up to four additional Bring-A-Friend tickets for just $15 each, valid Sundays only September 22 - October 27, 2019. Also of note: Cedar Point now has a gold pass.
  4. I mean... it would have to be. Wouldn't it?
  5. Whatever B&M shipped to Kings Island was unloaded from the container this morning.
  6. Tracking says the container was emptied at the Charlotte port yesterday.
  7. Not post? This thread is hard to follow with all the constant derailing.
  8. Apparently some big equipment is moving in...
  9. That Little Dipper drawing is bogus. Shooting Star wasn't even in Kings Island.
  10. Is anyone there? The park opened at 10.
  11. Just ask Hershey.
  12. Put that Vortex in my Cortex
  13. Looking at the cams, the park looks quite busy today. Banshee is using several switchbacks, as well as Backlot Stunt Coaster.
  14. I’m leaning towards the graph and words on the Invertigo poster pointing towards the feeling of “vertigo”.
  15. I don't think many realize that it is the last of its kind in North America.
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