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  1. Oktoberfest. Adventure Express queue entrance is there now.
  2. It's probable that they have some sort of local PVR system for the cams that do not require them to be online. Think security.
  3. I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon. It's the newest Arrow Suspended coaster built, has decent popularity, and seems reliable. The location is not ideal, but it works.
  4. Do they though? Webcams are not their first priority.
  5. Taken from Reddit. The trains saying goodbye before they go wherever they’re going.
  6. The blueprints did note that the food stand would be removed, but nothing about what would replace it.
  7. With Tower of Terror II closed, Orion will now open as the tenth tallest coaster in the world.
  8. How do we even know Orion is real?
  9. Invertigo is the last (non-giant) Inverted Boomerang model in operation in North America. A few are still in operation elsewhere in the world.
  10. My long torso makes Drop Tower a very tight fit. I have tons of room on every other ride, but Drop is very tight.
  11. That would require doubling its current ridership. Adventure Express, though, wouldn't take a lot.
  12. Comparing just 2018 figures, Vortex would be the second most ridden ride at Kings Dominion. Having said that, here's another stat nugget: Kings Island had 8 attractions in 2018 that had more ridership than any ride at Kings Dominion.
  13. With the way gigas are supported, they need to complete the drop before they can top the lift. See Fury for example:
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