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  1. Looking over the document, I don't think it signifies much except for possible additional track work on Racer from GCI. I read this as more of a modification of the document submitted last year, possibly to include the removal of Vortex. 

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  2. 15 minutes ago, WoodVengeance said:

    I could see it being Invertigo or The Bat. Invertigo is an inverted boomerang model, which has been getting removed from other parks in recent years. (I believe Invertigo at Kings Island is the last inverted boomerang model still operating that isn't a giant model) Same situation with The Bat, however, that coaster sits on a very good spot in the park for expansion. It could go either way in my opinion. I think the other coasters in this poll are safe for now.

    Invertigo is the last (non-giant) Inverted Boomerang model in operation in North America. A few are still in operation elsewhere in the world.

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  3. Comparing just 2018 figures, Vortex would be the second most ridden ride at Kings Dominion.

    Having said that, here's another stat nugget: Kings Island had 8 attractions in 2018 that had more ridership than any ride at Kings Dominion.

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  4. 43 minutes ago, Pagoda Gift Shop said:

    We can certainly hope so.  It wasn't until this year that any B&M coaster anywhere has been dismantled/removed.  Next year will be the 30th anniversary for B&M's first coaster I believe.

    2017, you mean.

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  5. 13 minutes ago, ethancoaster said:

    I feel like they’re going to build down rather than up today. So they’ll complete the track that’s on the drop spine, and the lift will be topped between Friday and the beginning of next week.

    With the way gigas are supported, they need to complete the drop before they can top the lift. 

    See Fury for example:


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