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  1. It might be helpful to read up on Fury 325’s construction timeline. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fury_325
  2. That would make sense if they had a central warehouse for merchandise which to my understanding is not the case
  3. There’s also Intamin but fat chance of that.
  4. All I’m going to say is to watch our friends up north and south closely.
  5. Shed issue is lightning related, Diamondback issue is of another nature.
  6. WCPO's article. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-starts-construction-on-new-coaster
  7. To be fair, it is an ADDITIONAL 10% off food. But I have all season dining.
  8. I just received my first Pass Perk. 10% off food! Which, considering I have All Season Dining...
  9. The sign is on its side next to the Test Your Strength game. It was that way last week, at least.
  10. I understand. Just pointing out that the long food lines coupled with the closed stalls didn't leave a good impression. Perception isn't always reality but that is the perception anyway.
  11. Food lines were atrocious today. Waited 30 minutes just to order food at the Brewhouse. One cashier. Food came quickly however, and was tasty enough. It looked as though many places were not open, though given the lines they probably should've been.
  12. These are the locations I am aware of: - 2 or 3 by the front entrance lockers - One in the Coaster Connection shop next to Banshee - One in the Planet Snoopy store by one of the entrances - One in the Diamondback shop in Rivertown
  13. I will also take the bet that Kentucky fried chicken will not get Firehawk
  14. KDFans has an internal Cedar Fair source that also says it is Firehawk.
  15. Scheid’s tombstone is just to the left of the funeral site...
  16. No it does not. Hence me calling it essentially a 2018 season pass that happens to include parking. It also includes Haunt and Winterfest. No other benefits.
  17. The “rest of 2018” pass as has been communicated to me is the same as a regular season pass with free parking. No other gold or platinum perks are provided. Funpix purchased for your 2019 pass may be used for the remainder of the 2018 season.
  18. Had Gold Passes for ‘14, ‘15, and ‘16. Skipped ‘17 and ‘18. The “rest of 2018” promotion just got me to get a new pass. Platinum + Dining + Drinks. Platinum since I plan on going to many CF parks next year. The free FLP specifically says that “passholder must be present” to use. So I don’t think you can give it to a friend that easily.
  19. I gather that document is not relevant to 2019 and is related to THE G I G A
  20. If Racer was to be retrofitted with RMC topper track, I do wonder if it would need new trains.
  21. They were removed after the 2004 season to make room for Italian Job Stunt Track/Backlot Stunt Coaster.
  22. I do believe it will be Antique Cars after seeing the WCPO instagram story.
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