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    Decoding 2020

    That was probably me. I was there for work.
  2. Kings Island calls it a coaster. Hence the big smiley face I put on the post. RCDB has KI with 15 coaster but KI said one of their 16 coasters.
  3. My wife is not a fan of most amusement parks. I know I know. One thing she points out is places like Dollywood are nice because the music is nice throughout the park. If KI went to better themed music throughout the park it would appeal to people like her who only go to take the kids. It would be a better experience and get more repeat business.
  4. Thanks it helps to actually read everything. Obviously I had not clicked on the skating one because that answer all my questions. So I would say the website is very clear on the subject. What if I cry? You think they will leave the trains on the track for me? It never worked as a kid but I kept trying.
  5. It's been needed for awhile now. I have had many kids trip and scrape their knees on holes and such because they get excited and don't mind their step.
  6. So I was looking over the attractions for Winterfest and had some questions. Are certain attraction going to cost money or is it included in admission? For example, Snow Works (sledding) sounds fun for the kids but is it free? Also Snowflake Lake Ice Skating sounds like an attraction that would be an add on also. The park's website doesn't really make it clear what will be included in the price of admission. Lastly, KI should close Sally Seaplane and Snoopy vs Red Baron to free up those two employees to open up Woodstock Express because my youngest daughter was 39 15/16 inches on closing day and I can't wait until next year for her to ride.
  7. Wasn't the height limit 44" at one point? I know Adventure Express was 44" but wasn't Racer? I think that was a kick in the nuts when they raised that. It was before Flying Ace so when they raised it after riding Beastie you had to grow 8 inches to get another coaster. I just don't understand why some parks like Camden in WV has a low limit for Big Dipper that has a huge air time drop and Racer and Adventure Express are so restrictive. I know its insurance and manufacturer but the rides used to be lower. (at least Adventure Express was)
  8. Really your complaining about showers while camping? How about you take a shower before you get there. Are you going to get that dirty in a few hours before bed? An earlier poster commented he is an Eagle Scout but doesn't like not being able to shower. Really?!? Did you always shower while camping with BSA. I do agree it seems expensive and think tents out by Beast would be cool.
  9. Simmer down now. That is the stage for the music this weekend during the food truck event. I was there today and the trucks smelled awesome. I wish they did this every weekend. The food variety was great. This event was a great idea. Also the parking lot is getting pretty darn close to edge near Great Wolf Lodge.
  10. It is sad to see Diamondback with such long lines. It used to be such the people eater and weekday lines were never this long. I just went to Candad's Wonderland and they are not having these issues on their B&Ms They didn't stack at all because the employees really had it going on. I normally say KI has the best ride ops out there but CW but them to shame.
  11. Check ride hopper to see crowd for today.
  12. All very valid points on not using the app. Selfishly I hoped that if the app could get more users there would be some of us going to other parks and then we could see how things were in parks we are not familiar with. For example I used it at SFOG and was glad I could plan my day accordingly because they don't have a forum like this. If we used it at KI so more people got used to inputting times that when going to HW or CP or anywhere, times would be input so others would see that and maybe make the app more popular. I have selfish motives because I travel for a living and like to know how crowded a park will be before going to great lengths to go to some parks. I guess I am fighting a losing battle. I tried. By the way Silver Comet and Crazy Mouse at Martin's Fantasy Island were walk ons today.
  13. Why doesn't anyone report times to Ride Hopper App? It would be a lot easier than posting on a forum. Of course you should continue to post on here in other topics now there is free wifi but the Ride Hopper app would be great if people just used it.
  14. Who Dey


    I would like to know your source on annual maintenance because usually they don't have a hug crane near the lift hill in the offseason like they have today.
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