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  1. Also don't forget that Beech Bend in Bowling Green, Kentucky is hosting its first Holiday Lights Spectacular. Kentucky Rumbler is for sure to be open and it looks like a lot of other rides will be open as well. http://www.beechbend.com/Holiday%20Lights.htm -Jake
  2. It is like an animation where it has people being stabbed. It is abstract in a way and wierd. But cool at the same time. -Jake
  3. What is the video that they play that is like an animation. It is wierd but I thought it was interesting, I know when it came on it said what it was but I couldn't remember it. Thanks, Jake
  4. I think Cedar Fair closed it because of attendence and losing money yearly. I think they also thought this will be easy adds to other parks since we don't have a lot of money to work with for new rides for next year. I wish we would get Dominator, I hope that the rumours are false for Kings Dominion to get it. -Jake
  5. Next Sunday the 27th I am going to the park and will be getting just the Kings Island season pass. Does the park still do where I can take my regular ticket and get the 44.95 to go towards the season pass. I will be getting two passes and was wondering cause we will both have a regular 44.95 ticket. Thanks, Jake
  6. The Phantom Saloon idea is similar to what I was thinking. A more scarier version of it in Rivertown beside that smothie place by the floral clock. -Jake
  7. They could make the "I" in both parks names the Eiffel Tower. -Jake
  8. That article made it sound like Firehawk will have a milatray theme, yay. I really like themeing and I am glad that Cedar Fair has hopefully decided to stick to themeing. I wish they would take the Flight of Fear sign down and replace it with a sign that says "Fort Cooper Milatary Base". Make it a whole new area and build on it the next couple of years. -Jake
  9. I wonder what they will do to the big movie studio sign in front of the park. -Jake
  10. On coasterbuzz someone said it will have dark red track. Imagine, Cedar Fair painting it red ; Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Iron Dragon use to be that color.
  11. I think it looks stupid. The should replace it with the new Cedar Fair style Kings Island logo. -Jake
  12. Ia think the park should open up a sacrier version of Phantom Theatre in Rivertown next to the Paradise smoothie place. -Jake
  13. I don't think that GCI wants to put Millenium Flyers on coasters they didn't build. That is kind of there way of saying that this coaster is built by GCI. -Jake
  14. I have a feeling that the 50's area is on its way out of Geauga Lake. I heard Steel Venom is being moved to Dorney Park for 2008. However I guess they could work fast enough and it could opne this season at Dorney Park. I think Head Spin will go to Michigans Adventure next year and maybe there Sky Tower. Or both of those rides will be sold to toher parks like the Chaos rides. -Jake
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