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  1. Personally I do not want them to sell beer at all in the park.
  2. Stop by? Have fun with that one.... You'll never find him.
  3. Yea, crowds pick up around 12 or so...depending on weather...etc.
  4. OK, overall is TR:SS worth the time of seeing or is it that bad? I am debating wether I should see it after reading all of this stuff.
  5. Well Cedar Point is known as the "Coaster Capital" of the world. And PKI is known as the "Kiddie Coaster Capital" of the world...
  6. This is off topic but the Spellbound show in my opinion wasn't that good... sure it was decent for a magic show but come on... that wasn't worth the time of seeing. The tomb raider one I have not seen yet, I do plan on seeing it some day but have not clue when... Do they have two or three shows a day?
  7. That's something I never knew... Why did they do that? Just to do it?
  8. They have a set program playing and then when it is done with the cycle it repeats itself... I hear it all the time but it doesn't come on that often, once an hour or so.
  9. There is nothing that says they can not theme two rides with the same idea... Scooby has two and um.... SOB, Beast, and Beastie. So I see nothing wrong with it.
  10. We should get a B&M. Every other park seems to have one so we need to get something from them.
  11. matt3224


    Every once in a while you will find that the park seems empty. It depends on the weather, the day, and the time you go. Also, other areas of the park may seem empty but then you go to other areas and it is pretty normal... rainy weather is the best time to go if you don't like lines.
  12. You guys should come out and try it...
  13. Yea, sometimes you can get really good deals. I know some people who have gotten great deals cause they buy in bulk, like 10 or more people i think and you get a better deal, i am not sure.
  14. If it was 9:50 then why does it say your post went up at 8:38??? Actually it says 9:38 and deal with it...who cares.
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