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  1. Why are ride ops allowed to disparage other rides like that? I don’t get it. It seems like disparaging a new coaster would be a huge no-no. I don’t know, I guess I find that stuff, along with saying things like “Enjoy your day at Cedar Point”, childish and annoying. I understand having fun, but not at the expense of acting unprofessional. It is a business, after all.
  2. That’s how it was yesterday. I got a total of 6 rides in, but also rode everything else in the park. Fast Lane is awesome for Orion.
  3. That’s because Jimmie has only ever drove for Hendrick. The racing teams decide which manufacturer they race with. If a driver changes teams, they can drive another manufacturer if that team does.
  4. So I rode Orion several times today, and talked a couple of times with a young guy who was a First Rider, that had ridden 30+ times today alone with a Fast Lane pass. Are you a member here? I have a feeling he is. Nice chatting with you, sir.
  5. I can agree on the trims - it slowed us down way too much. The ejector there would be ridiculous if it wasn’t trimmed so much. And when it did trim excessively, it almost felt like we crawled to the top of the helix.
  6. I got 6 awesome rides in today. I love it. My favorite part of the whole ride is just after the headchopper, just as you’re cresting the hill. It almost feels like the coaster is trying to throw you off, sideways!
  7. Orion is the better of the two for me. Orion just feels so much more massive, and so much faster. And that element at the end after the headchopper and going into the final dip is the best. Lots of sideways airtime.
  8. I never saw a wait longer than 5 trains. I think they cut it off at 5.
  9. Orion looks good to go. Loading a train now.
  10. Ah okay. They have someone up here specifically looking for Fast Lane wristbands, so if they’re getting by them, I don’t know how.
  11. They’re about to do a test run of Orion. Fingers crossed.
  12. Do you mean Fast Lane? There’s not a single rider queue.
  13. Orion is having technical issues at the moment..
  14. I just walked past (single rider) and I definitely have a wristband.
  15. I was just told by a ride op that the regular queue for Orion is “probably more than 3 hours.” Fast Lane is a walk-on.
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