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  1. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I don’t know, the hanging upside down for half a minute seems worse to me.
  2. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I'm assuming the filling of sand happens at CSF, right? I've never seen a substantial quantity of sand around the factory when driving past. Perhaps in the back? Maybe I'll check Google Earth images..
  3. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    International street makeover

    It's funny that people want to give the drone guys/plane guys a hard time for taking photos of the park, and say Kings Island will keep up updated officially with progress pics, and then we see nothing. I'm on Team Drones/Airplanes, because the communication from KI staff is lacking.
  4. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    International street makeover

    Have any photos been posted lately on the progress of this project?
  5. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    The new KI Director of Food & Beverage is...

    So the guy over Food and Beverages was previously over HR and Admissions? Hmm. Maybe I should apply for some of their IT positions. I don't know IT, but that doesn't seem to matter.
  6. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Vortex is now what, 30 something years old? How much longer do we expect it to stay around?
  7. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    Season pass sale

    I don't understand the need for a processing fee for online orders. Just another way to make money. Online ordering, for the vast majority of industries, lowers overall cost. But I have a feeling someone will come to KI's/CF's rescue and defend it, as typical.
  8. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I saw cement trucks a couple of days ago on the Banshee cam, but they continued on past AE, and not in the general area of the area being excavated.
  9. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    So this may already be posted somewhere on these forums, and I apologize in advance if that is the case, but: When can we expect to start seeing track at CSF if we're getting a giga? This spring/summer?
  10. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    Coasterstock 2019 - May 17th & 18th

    For someone that has never attended CoasterStock (or any other behind-the-scenes events), how does one get ready/register for something like this? Are there prerequisites?
  11. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    Watch "Mystic Timbers at Kings Island POV" on YouTube

    Guys, I'm trying to be optimistic about this ride. I really am. But everything I've seen to this point just leaves me feeling quite disappointed. I guess you just have to have the tame coasters too, for the smaller kids. Ugh.
  12. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

    The Shed: You pull into it slowly, stop, then you are launched backward for the entire span of track to the station. LOL
  13. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

    If this turned out to be something as mundane as Antique Cars, I'd be highly, highly disappointed. I'd question whether I'd want to renew my season pass for next year..
  14. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

    Well they don't exactly use square or rectangular drills...
  15. LovinMeSomeBanshee

    Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

    Don couldn't care less what we request on a third-party site. Do you honestly think he feels compelled/obligated to do something based on what we post here? Come on.