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  1. Wasn’t the Happy Days Diner car blue?
  2. S could be a different type of coaster altogether, right? Does it have to be MCS, or could it also be DCS or any other type?
  3. Wait, there are new clearings being made? If anyone has photos that would like to show, please send them to me. I won't share to anyone else.
  4. They are testing Delirium on the Banshee cam. Getting excited!
  5. I would like to see any photos, if those that have them would like to share. Thanks.
  6. Then the park needs to adapt. Technology has permitted the human race to see everything that happens on this planet at any time - instantly. Kings Island does not own what a parcel of land looks like from above. If Kings Island doesn't want drones buzzing about (legally) and doesn't want planes flying overhead taking aerial photography, then they can stifle it by distributing their own, OFFICIAL photography. But the days of building structures outdoors and somehow surprising customers on opening day are gone. Kings Island needs to get with the times.
  7. I don't think anyone feels we are "owed" this information. We're not asking KI Central or Kings Island/Cedar Fair to provide any information whatsoever. But if a private member decides he wants to legally take aerial photos and post it here, what's the harm?
  8. You're the one misconstruing a disdain for inconsistency and censorship as disrespect for the admins. Don't put that on those of us that just want a fair application of the rules. This site is either fully independent, or directly managed by the park. There's no in-between.
  9. You are correct. They are fit to moderate how they want. But you know what ALWAYS kills a good thing? Inconsistency.
  10. So in other words, this IS NOT truly an "independent" site. As of now, if Kings Island says jump, you guys say "how high?" That's NOT what the average person here wants. The small bones the park throws to this site is not enough for the type of censorship we see here. It's ridiculous.
  11. When did the first teasers for Fury get released at Carowinds? Edit: I guess what I mean is, when did the public first get any indication that a major attraction was coming? Land clearing, footer work, park teasers, etc.
  12. I don’t know, the hanging upside down for half a minute seems worse to me.
  13. I'm assuming the filling of sand happens at CSF, right? I've never seen a substantial quantity of sand around the factory when driving past. Perhaps in the back? Maybe I'll check Google Earth images..
  14. It's funny that people want to give the drone guys/plane guys a hard time for taking photos of the park, and say Kings Island will keep up updated officially with progress pics, and then we see nothing. I'm on Team Drones/Airplanes, because the communication from KI staff is lacking.
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