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  1. Wow, they're really coming along with the footer holes for the brake run, turnaround, storage shed and station area.
  2. Sounds like two good colors, if you’re a fan of the University of Kentucky
  3. So Blue with white supports? Would any other color for supports go with it?
  4. Thanks Beast Girl and Collin, we appreciate it.
  5. There it is! Close to the same color as that truck, huh?
  6. Absolutely cannot wait until that first photo of painted track is posted. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.
  7. It'll come eventually. Just not as quickly as we'd like.
  8. Really wish someone could put up a construction cam
  9. Some have said it looks like a hangar, but it could sort of look like an observatory building if they have a telescope mock-up, and with the star names, it could fit.
  10. That’s a nearly 200-feet decrease in elevation from the top of the reverse treble clef to the bottom. It’s going to be exhilarating.
  11. Really hope we get something close to that color scheme. I love the dark blue.
  12. I think this coaster is going to be a lot more fun than some of the naysayers think. I for one am stoked about it.
  13. Footers will take quite a bit of time to cure, right? Don't they give them 3 months?
  14. Have any footers been poured yet?
  15. For me, I'd love some sort of terrain-hugging blitz coaster like Maverick, or some type of RMC creation.
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