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  1. Are they actually working this morning? I haven’t seen any activity at all, other than the fact they left the boom up on the crane.
  2. It almost seems like it starts an almost slight left bank as it’s going up into the turnaround, then the very sharp right bank. That’s going to have a very interesting feel to it..
  3. It looks like they’re actually working this morning. Has to be awful conditions with the wind and rain.
  4. There should be a good discussion about how unsafe and unreliable Intamin has been in the past
  5. Is that a support they're building for the helix that has been erected?
  6. Yep, it was like that in the render videos. I was wondering when they would start on it..
  7. It'll look a lot better than that. That looks like something a teenager could make in Microsoft Paint in 15 minutes. Another piece going in now.
  8. It’s not just a noise. Sometimes you can feel it in your bones.
  9. Yeah, looking at my edit, I think I put it too far to the left. I think it would be slightly to the left, but not as much as I put it. And we'd probably be looking at the hill straight-on, so you may not be able to see both sides of the hill. Probably something like this.
  10. It would probably be just to the left of the wave hill from your photo's perspective. Something roughly like this.
  11. True, but the coaster would be tiiiiiny on that lift hill.
  12. There are only 8 rows per train on Orion, just like on Banshee. The trains aren’t long with many rows like Diamondback (16), The Beast (18), Mystic Timbers (12), Vortex (14) and The Racer (15). Simply put, it doesn’t need a long station. Edit: And to add to this, the smaller station and smaller trains are going to give the perception that this ride is bigger than it already is. The trains on the lift hill will look tiny, and the brake run will look massive compared to the station (lol)
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