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  1. Air traffic control can tell with radar.
  2. That is station track, so the train will be parked on it quite a bit.
  3. I know they'll do whatever they can to appease the homeowners on the other side of the river, but I wish this thing could be heard from all across the park. Just as a reminder that it's there, no matter where you're at.
  4. I'm with you - people are hating on this ride because of its length. I don't want the length to be so much that the ride becomes a plodding cow by the end of the run. I want SPEED.
  5. Do we even have any supports on site yet?
  6. Okay, so decoding is over and construction is in full swing. When did Banshee and Mystic Timbers get their construction cams? Didn't we have them up and running before vertical construction began? Should we expect that very soon?
  7. I think even Clifford the big red crane is too small for this project, right?
  8. THAT is a proper crane for building a giga coaster.
  9. This would be amazing. There's so much you could do with Flight of Fear's indoor queue area to fit the theme.
  10. It's basically the symbol for Polaris. Edit: Seems too obvious. I think someone's trolling and it'll be something else. No way they'd let the cat out of the bag with THAT.
  11. I don't think so - that doesn't appear to be a functional part of the truss (or whatever that is called) - good call!
  12. The blue track's identification numbers matched the identification numbers found on Kings Island's blueprints for each section of track. It's without a doubt ours.
  13. People already camped out for their spot? lol
  14. Today is the day that we could REALLY use some aerial photos. I'm guessing that trailer with track on it is sitting out of view of any vantage point in the park.
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