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  1. If Don said we'll know by fall, I don't think that necessarily means it's for Halloween Haunt. I mean, in the past years, we've known about the next season's new attraction by the fall months. (Except last year, which was even earlier in August)
  2. Never mind. It's fixed as of 11:42pm EST. I'm not sure why it was down for as long as it was. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Ummm just noticed this but what's wrong with Cedar Fair's website? It looks as though the domain name is available or something, but the favicon is still present in the title bar. Have a look... http://cedarfair.com/
  4. ya like *coughcoughstuntcoastereffectscough*
  5. While I was in Branson, I took some time to head over to Silver Dollar City. On the Wednesday before (7-2-14), I took a trip on the Showboat Branson Belle, which was an awesome show. The guy at the ticket window asked us if we needed tickets to some other Branson attractions besides the showboat, and he mention Silver Dollar City. And obviously I inquired about Silver Dollar City seeing as I'd be going there the next day. He said that he could get us season passes (not just any old ticket) for $52 or we could pay the one-day ticket at the gate tomorrow for $63. That was a ridiculous deal, so we took him up on the offer. The park in general was beautiful. It was very frontier-ish and reminded me of the Magic Kingdom's frontier land section. It was very very clean. Here's what I thought about the rides: PowderKeg®: My favorite ride in the park. I think it was an air-launched ride, it was smooth, and had lots of airtime. The part where the track moves horizontally was an interesting mechanism, but the way it was set up makes me wonder why the two track pieces weren't just connected as opposed to separate. The restraints were a different, lap-bar type restraint, and it was comfortable. WildFire®: A B&M sit-down coaster, rows sat four people, five inversions, very very smooth. I would have liked a second lift hill. Lost River of the Ozarks: Pretty much White Water Canyon, except it had a lot of scenic views of the park. The indoor section added excitement to the ride, because who doesn't get scared in pitch-black darkness. Grandfather's Mansion: Reminded me of EnterTRAINment Junction's Clown College but perhaps smaller The Flooded Mine: Pirates of the Caribbean (Magic Kingdom) + Boo Blasters = Flooded Mine Thunderation: An Arrow Dynamics mine train ride, with the same trains as Adventure Express, but faster, taller, and longer than Adventure Express. I loved the speed of this ride, and how it went through the woods and underground tunnels. The last hill was even anti-climatic like Adventure Express. My sister next to me even said, "Wait what?" as we sped into the final brake run. The GIANT Barn Swing: It was a nice break from the spiny-ness of Delirium, but I definitely still like Delirium better. McHaffie's Homestead: I had fun walking around this area, and especially liked the petting zoo. Outlaw Run®: What a wild ride! This ride had some steep drops and unexpected jerks, and I personally loved it as a wooden coaster. Your head definitely gets whipped around on this ride! For me, though, the ride was way too short, but then again, this isn't The Beast. The one ride I really was looking forward to was Fire in the Hole, but it was closed all day, and the guy by the front entrance said they were waiting on a part to be shipped in. (isn't that always the reason) Also while I was there I saw the new show called Flying Ace All Stars. I didn't really like the show because all you did was sit there and watch people jump and do tricks on trampolines, which could be replaced by a YouTube video. The food there was amazing. There were many unique dishes there that you wouldn't expect to see at a theme park (chip ca-bobs, fresh stir-frys, to name a few). They made everything fresh and you could see them making it fresh. And it wasn't way overpriced like it is at Kings Island. I did purchase a souvenir mug, which set you back $11.99 and $1.99 per refill, which is more than at Kings Island. I was disappointed that the park was only open until 7:00pm on the day I went. All in all, a great experience, and I'd definitely would've used that season pass again and again if I lived in Branson.
  6. Let's say Paramount still owned the park, and Viacom and CBS were still the same company. Do you think they'd put in the effort and money to fix and maintain the broken effects, rusting track, etc.? I mean Paramount was big on themes.
  7. Think about how much cooler a ride it BLSC would be if it had all effects in complete working condition, including the bump effect and the swerve effects. Also, did Top Gun have water effects that were removed?
  8. You can barely feel it spinning. It basically feels like a giant swing, but you might go upside-down on it.
  9. I've heard that effect was there but it didn't pan out the way they said it would. The cars just kind of shook as if it was a rough part of the track and no one really noticed it. I thought that was part of the in-car audio, where the speakers still are today.
  10. It worked for me on April 26th -- My last visit. I need to get back to that place. Maybe they took it out due to the Flight of Fear incidents?
  11. Has anyone else noticed that the fire effects on Backlot Stunt Coaster have been removed? I used to always go on that ride after White Water Canyon and loved the heat of the fire in my face. I loved the ride a lot more when all the water and fire effects were there, including the exploding gas tanks and the splashdown ending. Does anyone have a guess as to why they have slowly removed all of these effects?
  12. Are there different rides that are grouped together to close at the same time based on the severeness of the storm? I was at the park yesterday and after the storm had passed I noticed that Banshee, Drop Tower, and WindSeeker seemed to just have been reopened while The Racer and Adventure Express were already running.
  13. maybe the extra security is due to the Flight of Fear incidents that have occurred in the past two weeks...maybe someone was playing with matches or somtin lolol
  14. Does anyone else find it a bit suspicious that there have been three fires in three different places (one with the motor being overheated, one with the panel, and one with a pump house) and they're all supposedly unrelated, but yet they have all been in the same place (near or in Flight of Fear) and occurred within two weeks?
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