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  1. Darn i pick today to switch phone carriers and get a bum phone and have missed everything! Im not disappointed in the least, i love my home park. I used to say that Cedar Point was the only park because they do have cool cossters but hands down the employees and atmosphere at KI is bettwr than CP any day. I am so thankful for how wonderful KI employees are in helping me have a fantastic day even with my limitations. I have no doubt however this coaster comes out it will be awesome.
  2. harmony29


    Has anyone heard if they will have three performances on Fri for the opening? I know last year they only had one performance and I can't seem to find anything that actually lists it except for the generic days/times on KI's website.
  3. I think more people do this than we realize. I don't have a computer so I only am able to use Google sheets on my phone, but I've started tracking everything for meals, drinks, merchandise, money found. I'm anxious to see at the end of the year how it turns out. I don't live nearly as close to the park as some of you do but I'm already seeing I'm saving quite a bit with the dining and drink plans.
  4. Absolutely not a trick, it's what I ride every time and I hate being bounced around. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.
  5. harmony29


    We are also anxiously waiting for it to open and will be there on the 24th. We are excited to see who's in it this year, last year was so good I hope it's as good this year.
  6. For us the dining plan is a great value since we put everything on our passes in the Fall, we never have to worry about not having money to go to the park. We live almost 2 hours away but did 47 trips last year and probably had both meals most days except for maybe a couple. We also love that we can take a trip up to CP and the same thing, we just need gas in the car. We aren't always 100% pleased with the food but for the most part it's decent. The biggest issues I see this season is we used to eat at reds all the time, getting salads when it was hot. Yes Brewhouse has entree salads but they are about half the size of last year's, kind of disappointing.
  7. You nailed it, but this site is much more friendly than another that acts like everything is a dictatorship, I'm glad we are allowed to have opinions here and the admin are great in my opinion
  8. Same thing here, we are in Kentucky and drive further to go to KI than the closer park Kentucky Kingdom. Takes just a little over half a tank to get up there and back.
  9. I love being able to put everything on the payment plan, quite honestly we would never be able to afford it if we had to put it all down at once. This is pretty much our only entertainment and knowing we only need gas to go to the park is amazing.
  10. Let me know how it is, I'm anxious to hear about your experience.
  11. Yeah I only like it crispy as well, but I know a lot of people prefer it chewy. For me it was just difficult to eat with the bacon being chewy and the crust on the bread. And I agree, hopefully they will listen to customer comments and tweak things a bit, then I would probably love it.
  12. Oopps, I forgot, so sorry!!! Lol I actually met a friend this weekend that hated The Beast until I took her in that row!
  13. Have you tried row 17? I like that row the best and it does not shake you, super smooth for beast. My husband still insists on front row, which like as it's a very different perspective, but I will take 17 over any other row.
  14. We tried Brew House on Friday. The line was pretty long to get in but went quickly, which was a huge improvement over last year. BUT, with them having both lines now for food orders, it took my husband 20 minutes of standing back in the line just to get a soda refill, I don't know what the solution is to that but it sucked having to wait that long for another soda. I like some of the menu but I'm also disappointed. Everything that sounded amazing was pretty much not on the dining plan, which means for us we won't ever have it. We do the season dining plan specifically so we don't have to have money in the park. I wasn't a fan of them taking a decent regular hamburger and making into a double patty McDonald's like burger. I knew going in there were changes but what I used to order the most are both gone. . Grilled chicken sandwich and grilled chicken salad. Yes they have a salad with grilled chicken but it's Caesar which I do not care for. I asked about just having a plain mixed greens with chicken nope can't do it. The new KI house salad sounds yummy but it has no protein on it, only time I will want that is if it is really hot and I'm not very hungry. I saw a salad come out yesterday and it was small. The double bacon burger sounded amazing, only $1 more than the burger on the dining plan, but yep you guessed it, can't have that either even asking if I could pay more for it was a no. Then asked can I get Munster on the order, nope can't do that either. Now the chicken tenders dinner only comes with honey mustard, no other choice. So I settled on the three little pigs, this wasn't bad, as others have said, the pulled pork in the park has gotten good in the last couple of years. My husband had the fish sandwich and he said it was good. We both liked the tater tots but agreed this is something we will get tired of quickly. I loved the sweet pickles, for me that was a great addition. We went back on Saturday because just like others said, we wanted to warm up. Friday service staff was excellent, checking to make sure everything was good, taking plates away, etc. This wasn't so much the case for us on Saturday. I ordered the bblt and my husband ordered the pub burger. When it came out the server gave him an impossible burger, quite a difference from beef. I told her no that's not right and her response....well that's what was on the ticket. No I was right there when he ordered, it was a pub burger. She looked like she didn't want to be bothered, so out came a supervisor. Tried to explain the same thing to him, just wanted the burger on the dining plan. So he took it away finally and few minutes later comes out and gives my husband a PLAIN cheeseburger with nothing on it but cheese, again that's not what he ordered. I had to take care of this as he was in line for a drink refill. So again they took it back and finally came out with the correct item. He said it was ok but not like what it used to be. Again, I know this is just personal preference, not saying it was bad. My bblt I honestly was not impressed with. The bread was so chewy hard like that I had a hard time biting into it. The bacon I liked the thickness but it was also chewy and not the way I like it, way undercooked. I could definitely have been ok with this but the HOT spread they used instead of mayo was way too hot for me. I'm not sure if you can get just plain mayo or not. My tater tots were not nearly as good as the day before, they weren't as fresh. Our friend that we sat with had a pub burger and wasn't all that impressed either. I understand that things change but it's frustrating that what seemed like all the good items were not on the dining plan. This won't be my go to place anymore due to this. I do have to say that the grilled sausage sandwich sounded good so I may try that sometime. I was quite impressed that there was a manager type person walking around asking how things were. I told him some of my observations like the house salad not having any meat on it. He seemed genuinely interested and actually wrote down my comments. So do I think this is a bad place? No, but it's just not really my preference. I realize this was only opening weekend so I won't say I won't ever go back because I know it's going to take time to get running fully. So my thoughts are it's ok but not somewhere I'm going to rush to every time I'm at the park. Luckily there are a good variety of options to choose from and not get bored with. We did go to Coney for lunch on Saturday and I like that they have actual food scales to weigh the meat, that was always a frustration in getting too little or too much depending on who was working. I am interested to see how things with food in general go as the year progresses.
  15. It sounds like it is changing, there's an article on the Kings Island blog, says there will be a brewhouse directly across from Mytic and also says it will be on the dining plan.
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