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  1. It sounds like it is changing, there's an article on the Kings Island blog, says there will be a brewhouse directly across from Mytic and also says it will be on the dining plan.
  2. You're right the burgers were much better at the beginning of the season, reason being they hired an outside food services company to staff until Memorial Day, after that I didn't step foot in that place but one time, after I saw how filthy it was I immediately left. They were not even busy, just very uninterested workers standing around talking. I also liked the mushroom swiss burger they had during Winterfest.
  3. I'm going to just say one thing, THANK YOU to the moderators on this page, to me they are great with this group unlike other groups out there that oh you can't say anything bad about the park, you will get scolded or removed. I'm sorry I absolutely love KI and Cedar Fair but especially in today's day and age, nothing is going to be absolutely 100% perfect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a healthy discussion, especially if it can help to get an issue rectified. I'm not that stupid to think that higher ups of KI don't read this board. What better feedback than from the parks biggest fans? I haven't been on here in a while but now I remember why I love this group so much, we are not monitored like school children. I'm ok with whatever the mods think is best for the group photo wise, as long as we still have a voice!
  4. Up until Wed we loved the reds buffet. Something was really off that night. The green beans were awful, my husband said something to an employee and their response was they had a different crew. And yes, no dessert, I asked and they just shrugged their shoulders. But when we were leaving the park we were in the trim a tree shop and they had the cookies for sale at the cash register, I couldn't believe it. We stopped at guest services just to let them know we were disappointed and we were told they didn't expect the crowds, that was not an answer as we were the second people in the restaurant. I was looking forward to having it NYE but now I'm not so sure.
  5. Ended up being crazy busy but we had a great time. I told my husband just watch it will clear out around 8-830 and it did, we had the best time rvere! We did reds buffet again and it was awesome. I don't know where they get those cookies from but I'm absolutely hooked on them. Can't wait to be back up on Friday.
  6. It was nice seeing you tonight and yes it was awesome doing the last ride. My husband got a kick hearing you during the ride! Lol
  7. It's a $5 per person upgrade for season dining passes
  8. We absolutely loved the buffet. I was really talking it up on Facebook and I guess I was in the minority, must people were saying it's not worth it, they ran out of everything, food was cold, and for us it was completely opposite, we went early which I think is what we will do anytime we go because it was fantastic for us, I'm so glad there are some new options and that they finally did something for dining plan guests.
  9. That's so weird, last night they were using the bigger bowls, I hate the inconsistency. They had a new person on the line yesterday and they were out of so many items, she had no clue sadly, I felt bad for her.
  10. I'm glad someone else feels the same I do, there's no place for alcohol at Haunt, just an accident waiting to happen.
  11. It wouldn't be haunt without the flames. I'm sorry, my opinion, if you don't like it then sit somewhere else, it adds to the spookiness of the park.
  12. I'm so glad you mentioned the coleslaw, I didn't eat mine yesterday as it tasted like it was about to go sour, I wasn't sure and didn't want to take a chance. My husband has always loved this place, I have been on the fence about it, sometimes good, sometimes not. Now if they had smoked turkey all the time I would be in heaven.
  13. Last year was my first Haunt. In 2015 I did Halloweekends at CP and enjoyed it. So my comments are comparing last year to this year. Last year my husband and both absolutely loved haunt and went on and on about it and quite honestly this past Friday we were disappointed. I know some of it had to do with the weather. Last year I loved the show they had prior to opening the park and how the monsters were released, this year there was nothing. We did cavern first and I like that it was dark and giving the flash lights. Planet Snoopy having nothing just seemed odd. Loved pumpkin eaters, best addition they had. As always loved slaughter house. Urgent scare was eh, no one really trying to scare. Loved field of screams and kill Mart was ok just not many scares. Now chaos on the other hand I thought was awful, hardly any actors in there and they weren't even trying. Coney maul has potential but I saw no clowns really trying to scare and basically saw them standing around talking. Makeup seemed really good this year. Hardly any scare actors walking around in other places. We didn't do would pack or blackout. Just the overall vibe wasn't there this year and our multiple attempts to eat that night were all not good. I'm not giving up, I love KI and hope in weeks to come it will get better.
  14. I'm so glad to hear that, we ate one our way and BBQ beef sandwich sounds yummy right now.
  15. I wondered about the rain too. I guess the Mac and cheese bar never opened yesterday, somehow that doesn't make sense to me, should they have not been prepared since they announced that would be an option?
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