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  1. I had issues last year in Mystic, I didn't care exactly which row, I just requested towards the front because I don't care for the ride in the back, the separator insisted the last row and there was just no way. I was in the regular line because it was dead and did not use the alternate line due to no wait. I ended up walking back down the stairs and back up to the alternate entrance. I did get a supervisor because it was beyond ridiculous when they weren't busy and she was just doing it because she could. Since then I don't ever go to the regular lines, even on non busy days, I just don't want that hassle.
  2. I'm sorry I do not agree. I would not come to the park nearly as much as I do if I didn't have the dining plan. This is our only entertainment and we pay for it and not worry further along in the season. Yes food consistency is a problem but u would much rather deal with that than having to leave the park, always have money on me, not to mention I have to use handicap parking and would never get a spot back. This would be a huge issue for me not to have the plan.
  3. Darn i pick today to switch phone carriers and get a bum phone and have missed everything! Im not disappointed in the least, i love my home park. I used to say that Cedar Point was the only park because they do have cool cossters but hands down the employees and atmosphere at KI is bettwr than CP any day. I am so thankful for how wonderful KI employees are in helping me have a fantastic day even with my limitations. I have no doubt however this coaster comes out it will be awesome.
  4. harmony29


    Has anyone heard if they will have three performances on Fri for the opening? I know last year they only had one performance and I can't seem to find anything that actually lists it except for the generic days/times on KI's website.
  5. I think more people do this than we realize. I don't have a computer so I only am able to use Google sheets on my phone, but I've started tracking everything for meals, drinks, merchandise, money found. I'm anxious to see at the end of the year how it turns out. I don't live nearly as close to the park as some of you do but I'm already seeing I'm saving quite a bit with the dining and drink plans.
  6. Absolutely not a trick, it's what I ride every time and I hate being bounced around. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.
  7. harmony29


    We are also anxiously waiting for it to open and will be there on the 24th. We are excited to see who's in it this year, last year was so good I hope it's as good this year.
  8. For us the dining plan is a great value since we put everything on our passes in the Fall, we never have to worry about not having money to go to the park. We live almost 2 hours away but did 47 trips last year and probably had both meals most days except for maybe a couple. We also love that we can take a trip up to CP and the same thing, we just need gas in the car. We aren't always 100% pleased with the food but for the most part it's decent. The biggest issues I see this season is we used to eat at reds all the time, getting salads when it was hot. Yes Brewhouse has entree salads but they are about half the size of last year's, kind of disappointing.
  9. You nailed it, but this site is much more friendly than another that acts like everything is a dictatorship, I'm glad we are allowed to have opinions here and the admin are great in my opinion
  10. Same thing here, we are in Kentucky and drive further to go to KI than the closer park Kentucky Kingdom. Takes just a little over half a tank to get up there and back.
  11. I love being able to put everything on the payment plan, quite honestly we would never be able to afford it if we had to put it all down at once. This is pretty much our only entertainment and knowing we only need gas to go to the park is amazing.
  12. Let me know how it is, I'm anxious to hear about your experience.
  13. Yeah I only like it crispy as well, but I know a lot of people prefer it chewy. For me it was just difficult to eat with the bacon being chewy and the crust on the bread. And I agree, hopefully they will listen to customer comments and tweak things a bit, then I would probably love it.
  14. Oopps, I forgot, so sorry!!! Lol I actually met a friend this weekend that hated The Beast until I took her in that row!
  15. Have you tried row 17? I like that row the best and it does not shake you, super smooth for beast. My husband still insists on front row, which like as it's a very different perspective, but I will take 17 over any other row.
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