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  1. Sorry, but I'm actually asking someone that has been to KI in the past couple days to answer my question but thanks
  2. Will Firehawk be open this thursday?
  3. Thank you guys so much, you guys helped me out. I will go, but wait on the Fast Lane, haha! -thanks
  4. I'm new to KIC and I'm wondering if rides will close down due to isolated thunderstorms (in a specific area), I'm planning on going this thursday. I need a recommendation on wether I should go or not. Is it fun in the rain? Also, is there a lot of stuff to do if it rains partly. Also, I was planning on getting a fast pass, should I still get one in the rain? Weather on Thursday: http://www.weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/graph/USOH0566?pagenum=3&nextbeginIndex=24
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