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  1. LMAO! Yep, I definately should have been compensated for my distress at watching two ops pour cups of water on vomit on Vortex last summer while squealing and gagging, and then be told told to hop on in it's clean. Really though... everyone needs to lighten up. My 7 year old daughter only ever goes to KI alone with myself or her grandmother who doesn't ride rides for medical reasons. Her grandmother doesn't want her to ride alone and asks the ops to pair her with someone and if she has to wait a little longer for another single rider who is willing, no big deal. I took her myself on Thursday and was sick so I didn't feel like riding anything and I let her ride Diamondback by herself and I even let her go through the Banshee line by herself while I watched from the fence until she went up the stairs (couldn't go in line because of stupid souvenier bucket I would never have bought on a normal day). Point being, I am a good mom and I care for the safety of my kid, but there is no reason to overly worry about everything. The vast majority of people do not have evil intentions and I don't think she is going to be emotionally scarred from having to ride next to a stranger or from riding alone.
  2. Those stupid plastic fish drive me nuts! They are only one ticket at the arcade and my daughter has a ton of them. I keep finding them in my car, in the house, in my purse, sucked up in the vaccuum, etc.
  3. This happened a week and a half ago but I have been too busy to post, but still wanted to share. My daughter and I were there Monday before last and rode FOF and were in front seat. It launched us through the tunnel but right before it started to go up to the first loop it came to a dead stop. Wacked my head pretty good on the seat when it stopped and got stuck there for like 20 minutes while our feet were going numb from the restraints, but turned out to be a really cool experience. They turned the lights while we were waiting and it was amazing seeing what it looks like with the lights on. One of the ride ops walked through the tunnel and hung out with us and she said she had worked that ride for 3 years and had never gotten to walk down the tunnel before. She was so jazzed about it and was going on and on about how it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see what the ride actually looks like that everyone on the train was excited too. She was even taking pics of people with their cell phones with the track in the background. They eventually drug the train back to the station and had us get off and then we got to get back on and ride a little while later. It was way cool and I was very inpressed with the op and how she made an uncomfortable 20 minutes seem like fun.
  4. I had a similar experience with a food truck festival in Milford. Most of the trucks were sold out after an hour and shut down and left early. I decided on the slim pickings that were left and waited forever in line for them to take my money then after I already paid waited another hour to get my medicre quesadilla with half the ingredients missing from it because they were out. Not sure if it will be at this one or not but it was that Turophilia food truck in the airstream trailer that is always at the local festivals. Not good.
  5. We thought about going to a few of these last summer but I couldn't shake the feeling it was going to be rediculously crowded and that we wouldn't be able to get in the pool during the movie due to the limited space. Did anyone here actually go to one that can tell me if it was fun and worth the effort?
  6. I'm also 5'10 and my daughter doesn't like me hogging all the leg room by sitting sideways so she usually sits in the seat in front of me and I sit by myself and cross my ankles and tuck my feet back a bit and it helps considerably with the knee banging.
  7. Just wanted to share... Took the day off yesterday and took my kiddo to KI and she finally just barely hit the 54 inch mark! After putting on the coveted orange bracelet and lots of high fives and victory dancing all around, we practically ran all the way to Diamondback. Once we got there though she just about had herself talked into being scared of it and kept trying to talk me in leaving the line because she was too hungry to ride / she had to pee / her stomach was hurting and she might have to go home / etc. but we finally made it on and by the time we hit the bottom of the first hill she was holding her arms in the air like a pro screaming about how awesome it was. I had been holding off riding the 54 inch coasters (except Diamondback) for the past two summers waiting for her to be tall enough, so we had a really fun day only riding rides we had never ridden before She liked Diamondback, Invertigo, and FoF but she thought Firehawk was not very exciting. I remembered hating FoF the last time I rode it in like the late 90's but I really like it now... the different harnesses made a world of difference! All in all good day!
  8. We went to Soak City Saturday. The water in both wave pools wasn't too cold at all but the one waterslide I rode (the big funnel thingy) was FREEZING!
  9. Delirium is my favorite ride at KI! I think it feels like you are on a giant tire swing. The seats are definately different in regards to experience. I prefer ones where you are facing up at the top of the upswing rather than down, but I can never remember from trip to trip which seat numbers do what. Most of the time unless they are really slow, you don't get to pick your seat anyway so it doesn't matter.
  10. This was exactly my point when I was telling the story about him throwing a tantrum and jumping off the train. They had in fact had KI passes two years prior and he rode the little kid rides just fine, but suddenly decided he wasn't riding anything at all now. I'm sure some of it was fear of the unknown and I think he was a little embarassed that my daughter wanted to ride bigger rides and he secretly just wanted to ride the little kid rides (even though she said she would ride them if he wanted), but instead of telling us what he wanted to ride or just trying ANYTHING, he has learned how to manuipulate situations where he gets his way and no one gets to have any fun and he is fine with that. It's not necessarily about amusement park rides, it's the bigger picture. Just last weekend, the same kid had a bunch of relatives coming to watch him play baseball and when they all got there he refused to get out of the car and play because "it's hot and I don't want to" so instead of getting a pep talk about not letting your family who drove all this way or your team down and not being rude, the mom lied and told everyone he had a stomach ach and took him home. Like I said, drives me nuts, but the mom has been my friend for almost 30 years, so I mostly keep my opinions to myself rather than hurting her feelings, but geez... Sometimes you have to make kids do stuff because it's the right thing to do.
  11. This thread struck a nerve with me... I have a friend who totally coddles and babies her 7 year old son and they got gold passes last year at his request then only went twice and he rode exactly one ride the whole season. Over and over, he would get into line for something, wait until he got almost to the front of the line then say "I'm not riding that and neither are you" and she would just say to my daughter and I, we'll wait for you at the exit, and lead him calmly away. The kid even jumped off the train after we had been on it and waiting for 5 minutes, AFTER it was cleared to go, freaking the poor girl working there out, and declared he wasn't riding it and neither were we, so we were forced to get off to get him then walk all the way to the waterpark. This drives me nuts! I can see not making a screaming crying toddler go on a ride, however a whiney older kid can be reasoned with and needs a push to try new things or they are going to miss out on everything fun in life and be afraid of everything forever. I kind of feel like if just once she had stood up to the kid and said, no suck it up and get on the ride, he would have gotten over it and enjoyed coming to the park the rest of the summer. I have always made my 7 year old daughter at least try something before she makes judgement and now she's one awesome independant kid. She had never been to an amusement park prior to last summer and she rode everything she was tall enough for from day one. She's like a hair from being tall enough for Diamond Back this summer and she told me she is kind of afraid because of how steep the first hill looks but that she would try it anyway if I hold her hand. Love her .
  12. I kind of like those purple hang gliders things (Linus Launchers?) over in that area too. Big enough for adults and its like taking a time out to lay down for a minute and let them create a breeze for you to cool you off. If only they would go a tad bit longer I bet I could take a nap!.
  13. On of my first memories ever was being around 2 or 3 years old (1980 or 81?) and riding the log flume at KI with my dad and him holding me up in the air in front of him going down the hill to make sure I got a full splash in the face. It must have traumatized me for life, because I can still remember it vividly and how freaked out I was, lol. I can also remember riding around in the blue plastic rental stollers and crying when the giant pink Snagglepuss character tried to hug me.
  14. I think I am more excited about the petting zoo than anything else... just for something different to do. We had so much fun visiting the animals in the fall. The camel was our favorite so I hope he's coming back... he had lots of personality!
  15. I bought a pair of men's cargo shorts at a thrift store last summer to wear to the park just to give it try and I had the same problem. Very saggy in unfortunate places and my god, they felt like they weighed 10lbs. My 6 year old asked me to please never wear those man pants again because they were embarassing, lol.
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