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  1. Drop Tower is one of my favorite rides at KI! It is a huge stress reliever and as the ride drops, I feel my stress melting away - it's a beautiful thing! With my niece and nephews, I like to relate new/challenging rides to ones they like....maybe it will help here? Think of the slow rise to the top as one of the best ways to view the park. You get to see the park from a completely different vantage point. And you see everything! Unlike the Eiffel Tower, you don't feel the slight sway from the wind (which is normal and necessary from an engineering standpoint). The drop as you you are lifted out of your seat is kinda like Diamondback's air time...just longer. Now, as I love that sensation, I stick my legs out and don't hold on. I know others that try to limit that feeling and will hold on and keep their legs tight against the seat. Do whatever makes you comfortable. Edited to add...try to enjoy the ride but it's okay if you don't. The beauty of KI is there is something for everyone and maybe this just isn't your cup of tea.
  2. My name is Devin White.  I want to take my son to Kings Island tomorrow for the first time for Father's Day.  Can we use your send a friend.  Please reply at 3176292460.  Thanks!

  3. I visited Knott's on Sunday, October 27, 2013 (yay for FB pictures to provide the actual date!). The park didn't feel busy. Most rides were a walk on or a few cycle wait. Sierra Sidewinder was the longest wait later in the day. The park did close early because of their Haunt - or rather their hours are abreivated. Everyone has to leave the park in between the park closing and reopening for the evening scary activities. Personally, I really enjoyed KBF and want to go back again soon. I've mentioned it in another thread but don't under estimate some of the "family" rides. The train ride is a great interactive experience. Calico Mine Ride is unlike anything I've ever experienced...before and since! If you don't like being snug with your group...the ride can be a bit offputting at first but is absolute worth the slight awkwardness. My biggest regret is not doing their log ride. I hear it's great. Lastly, carve out a bit of time to check out their live shows. The ones I saw were top notch and worth seeing. I hope you enjoy your visit to all the parks!
  4. This is the sign on the door. We didn't notice it on Sunday as we entered. When I asked, I was told it was one meat and one side.
  5. I thought it would be fun to share some of the unique park souvenirs that people have collected over the years. My friend's MIL just passed away and as we were walking through her house, we found two souvenirs from Carowinds. The pictures aren't the best but I combined them into one so you could see all sides. The top one is a glass ashtray....you don't see many of those in gift shops anymore! The second is a glass with a melted candle inside. What awesome (or quirky) souvenirs have you found along your journeys?
  6. I'm pretty sure my map sent me up 23/75 all the way up into MI, and then it had me take a wide berth to the west to avoid Detroit. The drive was really easy and not like the previous crazy stacked Detroit traffic I've experienced.
  7. @Gannersdaddy I don't think @IndyGuy4KI and I have seen you tonight! @malem and @acole5292 are here as well as well as a few others. Hope to see you tomorrow!
  8. Are they all visiting Soak City?
  9. Thanks Magenta Lizard for such a great review! I'm excited to see it soon, especially to see the new acts and how they tie in with the show.
  10. You really won't need ERT at MIA. I think I only waited a few trains/cycles for most rides. And if I remember correctly, most of the coasters were running 1 train. I would bazaars a guess that the wild mouse ride will be your longest wait of the day. It is a fun one but takes forever to load.
  11. I think the threat of rain later this afternoon is keeping people away today. We're at the park and there aren't many people here. Mystic Timbers wait is at the stairs. Indyguy4KI and I skipped doing ERT in the rain last night to come this morning.
  12. I personally like Carowinds more than KD. It isn't the size of Kings Island or Cedar Point but there are lots to enjoy at this park. I will ride everything at least once so give all the rides a chance...even if it looks "boring". Ricochet is one of my favorite Wild Mouse rides. Peanuts Pirates in Planet Snoopy is a suprisingly fun ride! Don't skip it - I'm so glad @chugh43 had us ride it! The park has charming decorations and theming in different areas. On some spring days they have both Music in the Park and Education Days happening - there may higher than normal weekday crowds. After that though, weekday crowds are really light. The food options at Harmony Hall are impressive and worth a visit. If you like taking pictures, Dinosaurs Alive gives you great sight lines for Intimidator and a different view of After Burn. Carolina Harbor looked amazing when I walked through last season. The upgrades and redesign really makes their water park stand out. Finally, I would say to just go and have fun. If you go and expect to have a fun day experiencing a new park, you'll be fine.
  13. I did that and was happy I did. It was a great way to stretch my legs after such a long drive! There weren't many people the days I visited. Yet, the evening visit gave me just enough rides that I didn't feel like I had to rush around to get to everything. I was able to leisurely enjoy the park. I will also add that for me, I did leave before close on the second day as I had to drive to Sandusky to set-up my camp site. I know that isn't a concern for you but, I would still recommend getting a few hours in the night before if you have the time/energy.
  14. There is a hunting season for Canada Geese. However, in the US they are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. More info at ODNR - http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/species-and-habitats/nuisance-wildlife This is from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: https://www.fws.gov/birds/faqs.php "However, if you are a landowner, homeowner’s association, public land manager, or local government in the lower 48 states or the District of Columbia, you may be able to register for federal authorization to destroy resident Canada Goose nests and eggs on property under your jurisdiction."
  15. I don't know if there are policies at MIA to close early if there aren't a lot of guests. The night I visited and the next day didn't have a ton of people and they didn't close. That was right about the same time that you are visiting. I had the impression that most people were there for the water park. I would expect KI Sunday morning level crowds and waiting a train or two for rides.