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  1. I don't think I could have said it better than Magenta Lizard! I also don't agree with the idea of everyone has to ride even if they don't like it. When I chaperoned trips to KI and CP, we would wait in line together and if someone didn't want to ride, we'd walk through and wait for those that did ride. Easy peasy, and everyone was happy and safe. But...big kudos to you for being willing to give it another chance! I like to cross my arms on top of the restraint and keep my head back as soon as I see the rides ops move into position. Keep an eye on them and once they give the thumbs up, that is a sign that you will soon be launching. I hope your visit is far more fun than the last time!
  2. Meal Deals, and meal deals

    Previously, passes couldn't be used for meal/drink plan if they didn't scan through the turnstiles. My co-worker and I discovered that when we tried to use our plans while working (not KI employees). Also, depending on the register, the cashier has to confirm if the picture matches the purchaser. I liken it to, image if someone steals/or picks up a dropped passes. Do you want them to be to use your pass for or for it to be able to flagged so it can't used? Similar to how the drink cups are linked to a pass. It adds a bit of security.
  3. Soak city

    I would agree with BB1. That is what I would assume. When I was there two Wednesday's ago, both were open.
  4. This is just heartbreaking for the person who died,the injured people, and the witnesses. They expected to have a fun day at the fair and it ended in tragedy. The Ohio Department of Agriculture (http://www.agri.ohio.gov/rides/) inspects all rides before, during and after set-up. There is an article from The Dispatch explaining a small bit of the process - http://www.dispatch.com/news/20170725/ohio-state-fair--rides-will-be-ready-despite-set-up-delays Indyguy4ki and I have both talked with ride inspectors at a fair industry event. The people I've talked with seem to take their job very seriously. Knowing several fair managers, this is the last thing they would want to happen at their fair and to their fair goers.
  5. This is a video of the ride at the OSF in 2015 - There are 6 sets of 4 seats and one of the sets of seats detached. There is supposed to be a press briefing soon. The State Fair has said that all rides will be shut down until further notice pending the investigation and further inspections.
  6. Plus size riders

    If you can't ride Drop Tower, Wicked Twister is a no go as they are even more unforgiving. If you can ride Delrium, MaxAir should be good. I would assume that with your list of rides, most of the rides will be okay. I think the coasters that may give you the biggest challenge will be Millinium Force and TTD. The seat belts hit right below the stomach and across the hips. I've seen people much larger than me ride while I struggled with securing the seatbelt because of my hips. I know it doesn't help, but it really depends on where the weight is carried. If you have larger hips and thighs, rides generally are a bit less forgiving.
  7. Cedar Point 2017 Talk

    Ehh...for Wicked Twister I don't think it's so much there are different seatbelt lengths. The harness and seatbelt is not very forgiving for this ride. If you have a larger chest or stomach, it's a struggle. I have to do some adjusting of my upper body in order to ride. MF and TTD seatbelts can be a challenge if you have larger hips because of where the seatbelt hits.
  8. KI opening weekdays in 2018?

    IIRC, the last several years, first week of Monday-Thursday operations has been the 3rd week of May. However, what has happened in the past may not happen in the future.
  9. Current wait times

    Delirium is a 40 minute wait.
  10. Kings Island 2017 Discussion Thread

    Drop Tower is one of my favorite rides at KI! It is a huge stress reliever and as the ride drops, I feel my stress melting away - it's a beautiful thing! With my niece and nephews, I like to relate new/challenging rides to ones they like....maybe it will help here? Think of the slow rise to the top as one of the best ways to view the park. You get to see the park from a completely different vantage point. And you see everything! Unlike the Eiffel Tower, you don't feel the slight sway from the wind (which is normal and necessary from an engineering standpoint). The drop as you you are lifted out of your seat is kinda like Diamondback's air time...just longer. Now, as I love that sensation, I stick my legs out and don't hold on. I know others that try to limit that feeling and will hold on and keep their legs tight against the seat. Do whatever makes you comfortable. Edited to add...try to enjoy the ride but it's okay if you don't. The beauty of KI is there is something for everyone and maybe this just isn't your cup of tea.
  11. My name is Devin White.  I want to take my son to Kings Island tomorrow for the first time for Father's Day.  Can we use your send a friend.  Please reply at 3176292460.  Thanks!

  12. I visited Knott's on Sunday, October 27, 2013 (yay for FB pictures to provide the actual date!). The park didn't feel busy. Most rides were a walk on or a few cycle wait. Sierra Sidewinder was the longest wait later in the day. The park did close early because of their Haunt - or rather their hours are abreivated. Everyone has to leave the park in between the park closing and reopening for the evening scary activities. Personally, I really enjoyed KBF and want to go back again soon. I've mentioned it in another thread but don't under estimate some of the "family" rides. The train ride is a great interactive experience. Calico Mine Ride is unlike anything I've ever experienced...before and since! If you don't like being snug with your group...the ride can be a bit offputting at first but is absolute worth the slight awkwardness. My biggest regret is not doing their log ride. I hear it's great. Lastly, carve out a bit of time to check out their live shows. The ones I saw were top notch and worth seeing. I hope you enjoy your visit to all the parks!
  13. This is the sign on the door. We didn't notice it on Sunday as we entered. When I asked, I was told it was one meat and one side.
  14. I thought it would be fun to share some of the unique park souvenirs that people have collected over the years. My friend's MIL just passed away and as we were walking through her house, we found two souvenirs from Carowinds. The pictures aren't the best but I combined them into one so you could see all sides. The top one is a glass ashtray....you don't see many of those in gift shops anymore! The second is a glass with a melted candle inside. What awesome (or quirky) souvenirs have you found along your journeys?
  15. I'm pretty sure my map sent me up 23/75 all the way up into MI, and then it had me take a wide berth to the west to avoid Detroit. The drive was really easy and not like the previous crazy stacked Detroit traffic I've experienced.