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  1. Wow......amazing. Was the theater scene the peppers ghost effect? Really interested in that aspect of the rides special effect.....any pictures or video of it?
  2. I recently inquired about the beer stein in International Street and was educated a bit. Is there record of what was created for Kings Island by him or other parks, venues which large scale would have been produced? Just throwing this out there....the puppet tree was probably years after and shipped in.
  3. I was looking at some 1972 footage of International Street and didnt notice it in place at that time. Does anyone know the origin of the stein and when installed?
  4. I am assuming the stein was produced to promote the beer sales and pretzels on the corner from what I recall working there, not for the park, but the vendor Mr. Pancero.
  5. I have not been this year, but their website still shows the attraction.
  6. I just now saw the response...thank you! Great pictures and info...
  7. Hope they find and install a flume ride!
  8. How did the relationship with Coney and the Krofft Brothers develop? I remember the old puppet theater at Coney and understand there still is a theater and puppet show at Six Flags in Georgia. Also, was the puppet show relocated to KI and performed in that Firestone inflatable structure?
  9. Worked at KI '79 through 2007 and remember there was a plaque out front of the showplace in the lawn reflecting the date and that Dick Van Dyke was present....wonder where it went?
  10. Thank you...always wondered. We did some exploring years ago when we opened the LaRosas in the old gift shop...never made it in the gate though.
  11. On the haunted houses, I wonder why they did not relocate the attraction with the other rides to KI?
  12. I was wondering what is upstairs of the two towers at the gate? Maybe just a faƧade,,,? I am referring to the Auto Entrance at Coney Island....
  13. Does anyone know much about this structure and was that a Sid and Marty Krofft production at Coney? I remember a blue building that housed a puppet show.
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