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  1. Never thought of that. That would be one amazing ride.
  2. No I come for any record holder, new or old. Now, that's not to say I don't enjoy non-record holders it's that, for me, there's about 4 coasters at KI that still have a kick to them. And I just what KI to get more extreme rides in like CP. But I guess it's all in due time. Also, I too have some sentiment when it comes to older rides. I don't want to see them go as long as they are thrilling. For example, I would be devasted if they got rid of Vortex, but I wouldn't care if they demolished Adventure Express.
  3. I come to parks exclusively for the thrill rides. You say people like me will get bored with them and move on. I ride The Beast as often as I can and I never get tired with it.
  4. You got me there, I'll give you that. But KI still has it listed under thrill rides
  5. Sorry I meant any thrill ride. 2007-Firehawk 2009-Diamondback 2011-WindSeeker 2014-Banshee Only two to three years difference
  6. Yes, if the past is a reference, then they'll get a new coaster in 2016 or 2017. Which isn't too far away.
  7. I hope KI decides to get a giga coaster in the next few years.
  8. Everyone has their own preferences with rollercoasters. To me, it seems that you like the intermidiate coasters. However, I will go on anything no matter what the size. That's why I hope KI gets a giga coaster or something bigger in the near future.
  9. In my perfect world, coasters would be added every year. But I realize the problems that would follow.
  10. They are already in financial disaster, do you know how much they are in debt? Alot. They weren't very smart with their money. Yes, they are in debt, financial disaster? No. If they were in financial disaster, they'd be selling off all but a few parks or the parks would be going into foreclosure. They may have taken on too much when they acquired Paramount Parks, but it was either all or none. They saw the potential for growth both in portfolio and in finances (yes even some loss helps gain). Only one at Kings Island? Diamondback (1), Banshee (2). You have seemed to miss the point that CP is part of the flagship, of course they're going to have major record breakers. Since Cedar Fair has acquired Paramount Parks, Cedar Point has gotten how many record breakers? 2006 Skyhawk (world's largest swinging thrill ride), 2007 Maverick and in 2013 Gatekeeper. So they're only 1 record breaker ahead of Kings Island. But remember just because a ride is a record breaker, doesn't mean that it's the best for a park. Those that push the limit also push the strain on operations. Maverick, how late did it open compared to it's scheduled opening day? I agree with you, there can be more added to the park, but to imply that they really don't care to add much to Kings Island isn't correct. Be thankful that they've done so much around the park when a major ride isn't added. How is Diamondback a world record breaker? And every ride, no matter what the size will have some problems of it's own, large or small. I guess I'm just ranting cause I want KI to be as good as possible.
  11. I'm just saying that CP has gotten alot of major record breakers and with Cedar Fair over Kings Island there's only been one. I'm not bashing KI, I love them, however I feel like they can definently do better.
  12. They are already in financial disaster, do you know how much they are in debt? Alot. They weren't very smart with their money.
  13. I am genuinely curious to know what land they have to work with unless something is destroyed. And Paramount Parks would have eventually gotten coasters just like or even bigger than the three you stated. Under them KI got Flight of Fear, Son of Beast and other world class rides. Obviously they had no problem testing the limits. Now don't get me wrong, Banshee and Diamondback are the two best rides in the park next to The Beast. But under Paramount, they didn't worry about if it would affect other parks because they didn't have favorites.
  14. I didn't know Kings Island was ever "off" the map. I'm just saying that when you put in things like WindSeeker although CP also put it in. Thrill seekers would rather go to Cedar Point than KI. I just don't see KI going anywhere with Cedar Fair owning them. CP is their top priority but sooner or later they'll run out of space unless they replace coasters. KI has space to create whole new sections.
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