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  1. Not sure if this will continue to be the case, but here is adding Sunday's info: Friday opened main gates 30 minutes early. (5pm posted time) Saturday they didn't open gates earlier than the 4pm posted time. Sunday opened main gates 30 minutes early (4:30pm instead of 5pm). (However, couldn't get to rides until 5pm.) My guess is that this has to do with ice skating, which has the first session starting at 5pm. It lets folks get started with the reservations so they can be on the ice at 5pm.
  2. I know they don't have ERT for Winterfest, but do they open the gates earlier than the posted opening time? I don't remember if it was last year or two years ago, they started scanning tickets at 430 (for a 5pm opening), and let people onto International Street. Then folks for Mystic Timbers were stopped at the end of IS and allowed back to MT at 5pm. Any experience with this this weekend?
  3. LOCKER: Rode Banshee in late July and noticed a ton of bags laying on the ground just outside the Banshee entrance. Has this become common this season or was this an atypical day? ORION RIDE CAPACITY: the stated ride capacity is 1650 riders/hour, which is identical to Banshee and slightly more than Diamondback (1620 r/h). This is comparison of stated/expected rider capacity at the time each was built. I cannot find updated actual stats on Diamondback. I find that Diamondback lines are "always" a longer wait the Banshee, and Banshee line seems to move faster and be a better people eater.
  4. I wonder how often someone comes back to the Banshee station to find their flip flops have been puked on?
  5. According to the article, KD's Drop Tower "rises up a 305 tower and drops 272 feet". KI's tower is 315 feet but the fall is only 264. If these figures are accurate, anyone here know the reason for that? Just different manufacturer or style of Drop Tower?
  6. FYI - this was not true on Saturday, December 8th. The park didn't open until 4pm AND international street was also not open until 4pm. I'm not sure what has happened other Saturdays this season. Twas also frustrating to then hike all the way back to MT...closed (weather/too cold). Then hike all the way over to Flight of Cheer....closed (technical difficulties). There was a note at the gate that generically stated "some rides may be closed due to weather". It would have been nice to state specific rides that are actually closed/delayed start. At least the walk warmed us up a little
  7. It's been a little challenging with our work schedules, but we are looking forward to one WinterFest visit this month! We went to WF twice last year. The first time we stood in a 30-45 minute line for the cinnamon bread, only to find out that it has been sold out. The second time we went, it wasn't crowded/no line. So, we went right up to the window, and there was no bread to be had in that visit either. I'd like to try it, but I'm not waiting in lines on any future visit since it's availability seems to be an issue. Does anyone have a short list of the places that serve good hot ch
  8. What is "extended ERT"? Do you simply mean that the park isn't open 30 minutes early for gold passholders on the 28th or is this something different?
  9. Is KD's 50' closed to the public, as well?
  10. The app says that it is closed again.
  11. The Beast is open for business. Banshee 15-20. Diamondback 30 Delirium 20. Great day to be here!
  12. Sorry, I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not? Are you saying that you think the unlimited drink plan should allow the purchaser of a single drink plan to ask the cashier to scan the drink pass 4 times, get four cups, and get a drink for each of the four members of their group?
  13. Thanks! This has been the case in the past. Our last two trips this year, they've been asking us to show that the # of passes we have match the # of people we have (six). We always have them, and show them...but they've actually counted them the last two trips. So, I'll just keep whatever ticket or receipt I get for my friend, and hopefully security agrees with the person responding on Facebook!
  14. Not sure if it's been stated, but unfortunately, the 15 minute rule isn't intended to be a "gotcha". The rule is in place to discourage people from sharing/abusing a single unlimited drink plan.
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