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  1. According to the article, KD's Drop Tower "rises up a 305 tower and drops 272 feet". KI's tower is 315 feet but the fall is only 264. If these figures are accurate, anyone here know the reason for that? Just different manufacturer or style of Drop Tower?
  2. FYI - this was not true on Saturday, December 8th. The park didn't open until 4pm AND international street was also not open until 4pm. I'm not sure what has happened other Saturdays this season. Twas also frustrating to then hike all the way back to MT...closed (weather/too cold). Then hike all the way over to Flight of Cheer....closed (technical difficulties). There was a note at the gate that generically stated "some rides may be closed due to weather". It would have been nice to state specific rides that are actually closed/delayed start. At least the walk warmed us up a little from standing at the unexpectedly closed entrance gate for so long. We did have fun ice skating in the 5pm time group. We were on the ice during the lighting ceremony...it was very beautiful!
  3. It's been a little challenging with our work schedules, but we are looking forward to one WinterFest visit this month! We went to WF twice last year. The first time we stood in a 30-45 minute line for the cinnamon bread, only to find out that it has been sold out. The second time we went, it wasn't crowded/no line. So, we went right up to the window, and there was no bread to be had in that visit either. I'd like to try it, but I'm not waiting in lines on any future visit since it's availability seems to be an issue. Does anyone have a short list of the places that serve good hot chocolate versus brown hot water? About the only positive comment I can provide about the hot chocolate last year was that it was (usually) hot. I'm trying to remember exactly what they had at the IS buffet last year, but it looks like last year's IS menu is more like what they are serving at Reds Grille this year?
  4. What is "extended ERT"? Do you simply mean that the park isn't open 30 minutes early for gold passholders on the 28th or is this something different?
  5. Is KD's 50' closed to the public, as well?
  6. The app says that it is closed again.
  7. The Beast is open for business. Banshee 15-20. Diamondback 30 Delirium 20. Great day to be here!
  8. Sorry, I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not? Are you saying that you think the unlimited drink plan should allow the purchaser of a single drink plan to ask the cashier to scan the drink pass 4 times, get four cups, and get a drink for each of the four members of their group?
  9. Thanks! This has been the case in the past. Our last two trips this year, they've been asking us to show that the # of passes we have match the # of people we have (six). We always have them, and show them...but they've actually counted them the last two trips. So, I'll just keep whatever ticket or receipt I get for my friend, and hopefully security agrees with the person responding on Facebook!
  10. Not sure if it's been stated, but unfortunately, the 15 minute rule isn't intended to be a "gotcha". The rule is in place to discourage people from sharing/abusing a single unlimited drink plan.
  11. Wow! Really low prices covering a lot of days. Typically with schools back in session, those have been great days to visit the park. They always have their lowest individual price entry of the season during this time, but I don't recall seeing it this low (relatively speaking). This is BAF only...not sure how the other standard "non-friend" online prices will change. Will it drop below $40? The first week of this deal is the final week of full operating (10am-10pm) days. The following two weeks is 10am-8pm before weekends only. Personally, I'd say next week is our final week of "core season". Some kids in the tri-state area are actually heading back to school this week! And each week, more and more schools start up. Personally, I'd consider Memorial Day through the last week of July as core season, and August is always "price drop, get more people in the park." Does my friend get in 30 minutes early along with me?
  12. This is my second year with the drink pass and knew there was a time gap between drinks...I haven't run into it this year, but I thought it was 8 minutes last year? Anywho, if a drink mix is out, I always tell one of the workers...not to complain but to let them know as it is usually their job to change it, too. If no one tells them, they wouldn't know unless they drink that particular drink themselves.
  13. For those of you that have been to BAF Wednesdays, how have the crowds compared to other non-Wednesday weekdays? Trying to figure out if we'd be crazy to plan a Wed trip vs a Tuesday/Thursday trip.
  14. We also start the day with a wristband. It lets us, our kids, and the ride ops know what they can ride. I always feel sorry for the kids who get off a ride crying (seen this several times at Woodstock Express) because their parents either tried to "sneak" them on, or were just completely oblivious to the height rule...or perhaps an upset kid and parent are actually correct. Perhaps they actually had been allowed to ride it before... Last fall was the first time my youngest was 54"...and right at the 54" mark. Since they can give wristbands at the ride itself, we got him measured at Diamondback. Last fall, he rode Diamondback on back-to-back trips....on his third time to the park after being 54", we do the exact same thing. He gets a wristband at the ride's entrance, and we proceed to get on the ride. We ride it once, then get back in line for a re-ride. They must have had a recent height-check issue just in that 5-10 minute period because the person at the ride gate, asked for his height and started to measure him, but saw his wristband and said "go ahead". After we got on the ride, the ride operator made him get off and get measured, while acknowledging that he had the wristband. He took a few seconds to do this because this stick seemed to be less favorable to my son's height than the stick out front. Feet together, stand up straight, back to the pole. I thought he wasn't going to let him ride. I had warned my son prior to going each subsequent trip that he might measure a little differently each time (either they have a measuring stick which is slightly different, or the height station is different than the ride entrance, or the ride greeter won't give a wristband for exactly 54", etc.) And I know ride operators have discretion to check and refuse rides regardless of wristband color worn...but that would have been pretty hard news to a 9-yr-old who legitimately rode what was becoming one of his favorite rides just 5 minutes earlier. The ride operator did look at me, which I took the opportunity to state that we received the wristband from the ride entrance, and this would be our second ride of the day. No reason to yell or make a big deal about it. I understand being upset or feeling like you (or your kid) is being treated "unfairly". However, it just usually makes those types of situations worse. The ride operator did deem him exactly 54" and we rode again. Still a toss-up between this and Banshee as his favorite rides. :-)
  15. How do you get to this? I'm not seeing it on the website and probably just not looking in the right place. I live in Indy (with gold pass) but we will take friends and family on a couple of occasions. I would be interested in the pricing.
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