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  1. BriTre

    Beast cars

    Whenever I go thru the tunnels I wish they would add glowing eyes inside.
  2. BriTre

    Beast cars

    The Beast is one of my favorite rides at Kings Island. Something I've always wonder was why they haven't made the cars more comfortable. I've learned how to sit in them to not be beat to death, riding in the front defiantly helps but that hard center separator is rough on the arms. Is this something that can't be done? The cars on Mystic Timbers are super comfy.
  3. I hope they do something more inside the Mystic Timbers shed. It seems like there is enough room to put scare actors inside though I guess it could be a safety hazard.
  4. Just curious if anyone has an update on wait times? I checked the live webcams and it looks like the park is still slow. Planning on heading up to the park in the next hour or so.
  5. I hope it stays slow, planning on heading over tonight when I get off work with the kiddo. Just crossing my fingers people are eating at home instead of eating out tonight.
  6. Guess I should have searched better, found another post about this. Tried to delete this topic but can't figure it out. Sorry. :- /
  7. Tonight was the first time my family walked through Dinosaurs Alive and I'll admit I was very dispointed. I'm just glad we didn't go last year when we didn't have gold passes because I wouldn't have been happy paying for that experience. I'm not sure if it is because they have been up for a number of years now and just need some maintnance? Most of the dinosaurs did not move or if they did it was after we were way past the dinosaurs. I'm not sure if they are on sensors and they just were not responding? Has anyone else had this issue before or is this just how it works. I did think the dig site was cool even though we didn't stop to play. I'll also admit the dinosaurs were very well done just not as affective without the movement. Just curious about everyone elses opinon.
  8. I'm thinking about heading to the park later with the kiddo. Anyone there today to give me an idea of how busy it is?
  9. I love the steampunk look. Hope it is a sign of things to come.
  10. Yeah it did seem faster. It was just the first time this season that I had seen them do that before.
  11. Not what I ment. They load two arms then run the ride. They are not loading it all the way full. In line for The Beast the wait is 15 minutes. We are in the line for the front with 3 pairs in front of us.
  12. The Racer only had the red train running so far today but there was only 2 people in front of us. Monster was slow only because they were only loading 2 of the arms at a time. Only one wait to get on Scrambler. Coney Island seems slow right now.
  13. Seems like most people are heading to the big rides. Back area is really light probably only a 5 min wait for Backlot Street Coaster. Heading to The Beast and The Racers next. Won't be gettin on Banshee or Diamondback but will check the lines.
  14. The kid and I are on the way to the park. If traffic is any sign of how busy the park is going to be I'd say pretty darn busy. We've been stuck on Western Row for a awhile now.
  15. Thanks. I already got my passes for next year. So bummed I didn't get gold this past season. I wonder if the free day visit is a coupon?
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