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  1. That tunnel was for years a longer s-shaped tunnel that was a nice part of the park for about 25 years. Then during a remodel of the Hanna-Barbera land in 1998, it was shortened to only about 40% of its original length, and mainly used for a shaded place to eat. (The other half of what used to be the tunnel was blocked off and used for storage..). Then around the time that Cedar Fair took over the park, the tunnel was removed completely, perhaps around 2007... (When Nick Universe first appeared, I think the shorter version of the tunnel was still there, for at least a year or so...)
  2. I would just be thrilled if maintenance would fix all the lights that were out at the park when I was there a few weeks ago. The Snoopy Startlight spectacular had about 30% of its lights not working, there were many lights out around the International Street buildings, and there have been some colored lights in the International Street fountain that have not worked for years... Kings Island is a great park and deserves better...
  3. And it would be nice if there was actual information about how to get Platinum passes, either at the Kings Island web site, on its Facebook page, or on KICentral. But unlike previous years, the sale of Platinum Passes seems vague and purposely not widely shared, and I find that to be really odd. Of course I called KI via phone and got the info I needed, but I wonder why Platinum Passes are so hush hush this fall online as far as KI is concerned. You can find out how to get them online at Kings Dominion's web site, Carowinds web site, and Cedar Point's but not Kings Island... Just politely
  4. Can anyone verify that they are selling Platinum Passes now as stated above? I have not heard or seen this anywhere else... I found it so odd that Platinum passes were readily available a few weeks ago at Kings Dominion, but they seem to be really delaying them at Kings Island...
  5. Prior to 2006, I would say most Six Flags parks. But Six Flags has really cleaned things up at most of their properties. Sadly, it is the Cedar Fair parks (except for Cedar Point) where I have most of my negative experiences now, and that sometimes includes Kings Island. (And I usually go to 30-35 parks a year.) Whether it was the line cutters at Dorney, Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland, and Kings Dominion, or the mediocre employess at most of their parks, or the Knott Berry Farm rule that says glasses can not be worn (even with straps) on Pony Express or Xcelerator, or the almost total l
  6. Great trip report! I was actually told by maintenace at Holiday World that Legend was majorly retracked last winter, and from what I could tell, it was running better than ever, at least from the front seat...
  7. And Monster Plantation at SFOG is better than ever since they remodeled the ride last year and now call it Monster Mansion. I went last year and rode it and was truly impressed with how they altered the ride, but kept the basic ride experience the same. (It helped that they hired the same person to revise the ride that originally created it.) RIding it does make me miss The Enchanted Voyage....
  8. I just found my Kings Island Fun Guides from 1982, 1983 and 1984, whicb include the park map and list of attractions and so on. The 1982 one refers to The Enchanted Voyage. The 1983 calls it The Enchanted Voyage sponsored by Crush. There is no mention of Smurfs at all. If this park guide (and my personal memories) are correct, the original Enchanted Voyage was still going during at least part of 1983. The 1984 guide calls it Smurf's Enchanted Voyage.
  9. 1982. And some of us were far less than amused at the time... Several online timelines give 1982 as being the date that the Enchanted Voyage was converted to the Smurfs, but an analysis of several old Kings Island maps and brochures reveals that 1984 was the actual date of the conversion to the Smurfs. Hanna Barbera land was revised in 1982, but the Smurfs came in 1984. (The history timeline on KICentral gives BOTH 1982 and 1984 as the date.)
  10. Looks to me like you had a ride op who did not know their park's own policy. If you look at the 09 Ride Guide PDF at the Carowinds web site: http://www.carowinds.com/images/attractions/09cc_rideguide.pdf it clearly states "Glasses must be secured on all rides. Carolina Cobra, Nighthawk, Afterburn. Vortex, Carolina Cyclone and Drop Tower require athletic straps to secure glasses or they cannot be worn." As someone who wears glasses, I hate when the ride ops try to make me remove mine, especially when the park's policy DOES allow it, but some ride ops take things to extremes and enforce rule
  11. You know, Ryan is right when he says it is important to focus on what you love about Kings Island and not let rule breakers ruin your day. I agree. However, I can say that I go to about 25 parks or so a year, and I always see more smoking at Kings Island than most anywhere else, and that includes this year. I will also say that during my last visit in July, we had to move THREE times during different parts of the day when we tried to eat outside because smokers were near us and refused to put them out when politely asked. It happened during the same day at the tables on International Str
  12. If I did not already have a Gold season pass for Dollywood, I would certainly take advantage of this offer. I love Dollywood!
  13. How crowded did you find the park to be on July 5th? We were thinking about going, but we feared it would be way too crowded...
  14. Simply pulse the line to keep the station from getting too crowded, and let people sit where they want. Assign someone else to look for empty seats and try to get people to sit there. I assure you, when you tell the crowd or the next person in line there is a seat with no waiting, it will not be hard to find someone to take it. I bet this would fill the train completely 98% of the time, and also allow those who really care where they sit to choose. Then the people working the line only have to work to fill empty seats and keep the station from getting too crowded. I think this is a good
  15. Anytime I have reported line jumpers to the ride ops, they shrug and do nothing, or the line jumpers have already ridden before I get up there. That policy is not adequate for addressing the problem. The busy or most complained about rides need to be monitored by security. I am sorry to hear of another bad experience in the park. Several people I know are starting to avoid KI because of what they see happening there. It is very unforunate, and I hope things get better soon.
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