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  1. Have they planted any flowers around the Eiffel Tower lately? It would look nice if they did.
  2. This is not good.. And they thought everything was fixed with the power last time.
  3. Wonderful pictures, love seeing the Eiffel Tower with its extra antenna still attached, the tree's below it, and small shrubs near the fountain.
  4. If it was that big and Kings Island was hiding whatever's going on, wouldn't people see it from the Eiffel Tower?
  5. New photo of Island Smokehouse!
  6. I was just watching CoasterBob62's new video, and noticed some lights flashing on BLSC, right where you sit and wait for the fire, its on the wall. I don't believe they was working last year, so that's neat those are fixed! Here's the video, its towards the end.
  7. Great interview KIC and nice pictures as well! I like the question with the LED light package! Lets hope they add some more in the future!
  8. This picture on the left is great so I had to share here! From @ScottFaisTV on Twitter
  9. Awesome trip report! It looks like the off-season is slowly becoming just a memory! From the reviews, people have really loved Mystic Timber's!
  10. I saw they added the hut by the Eiffel Tower, but I was hoping for more tree's near the tower since someone said they've added some back by BLSC. So more greenery and tree's have been removed but it looks nicer? Can't wait to see it in person to check it out!
  11. Mystic Timbers looks great! I'm glad they put vines on the shed as well. I don't think we could have asked for more in a new wooden roller coaster!
  12. Just wondering, what was some of the projects that was canceled for Kings Island, because of the recession in the 70s?
  13. How did you get to the new map on the new website? I can't find it anywhere.. Also there's a new blog on the KI Blog site, talking about celebrating 45 years of great Kings Island history! Here's the link! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2017/april/kings-island-celebrates-45-years-of-world-class-thrills-fun-and-family-entertainment
  14. Okay thanks, I don't have Snap Chat so just making sure. It looks like it'll be pretty dark in the tunnel!
  15. How did that person get permission to take that photo and put it on their Instagram? I think this might be against the rules on KICentral if its not from the park.