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  1. It looks like they’re lifting the next piece right now! Woo hoo!
  2. Had to share this pic, another beautiful Orion construction morning, looks like workers are just arriving!
  3. Has anyone done the carriage ride yet this WinterFest? It would be a nice ride to go all the way to International Street, around the Eiffel Tower and back to Coney Mall. People would be lining up for it more if it was a 20 minute ride I bet.
  4. I would try to help if I could, but I won't be back to the park till next year. That is a long drive, 9 hours! I was looking around on Friday at some of the models, and was just thinking "I can't wait till they make an Orion model", and here we are a few days later! I will be buying that and the Son of Beast one as well on my next visit!
  5. Not sure, someone else might know.
  6. The support is now finished it seems. Hopefully tomorrow they will add another piece of track to the 2nd hill. Since KI opens at 5 on Friday, I would go back to Orion first thing if anyone wants to take a look at it, we won't have long to see it, since the sun is going down fast. Btw Coney Mall looks great!
  7. Wow I just caught it too! Just in time I just clicked right on it and a few seconds later, they began changing the view! Behold our new view of Orion construction!
  8. It looks like they might be adding another piece of track on the 2nd hill right now! Edit: Doesn't look like any new pieces was added yet.
  9. Happy Orion Monday everyone! Here's a few beautiful pics of Orion with the sun poking through the clouds! Had to share!
  10. Looks like they're working on the handrailing on the stairs. The station roof also seems to be done now!
  11. I think this piece is new. It's kind of hard to see, since the sun is at a weird angle.
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