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  1. Wow this event is going to be great! So happy that Winterfest was a success, that they expanded and we was able to get a new event for the summer as well! The dragon float and the Eiffel Tower float looks amazing, well done KI!
  2. Of the drop area where the clearing is and an overall view of it as well! Is there clearing happening in just the drop ravine area or back by the end of The Racer, or both?
  3. Neat! Can you get more pics for us? Thanks
  4. I think what happened was the park said it was going back to what it used to be, and everyone knows how it used to be, it got people excited to see it like it hasn’t been seen in decades. Thats not what happened though. They brought a lot back, then took some things away that was sentimental as well. International Street is the most important part of the park, it’s the first thing everyone sees, so it means a lot. I’m happy for all they have done, I’m sure it was hard work. Can’t wait to see how it looks in person. I wonder if a few of the pedestals will be put back in for WinterFest? At least we would get to see them in some form if that’s I hope still possible.
  5. I think people should just focus on 2019 and what is coming in 2020, not something way out there. Don't wish away time, we have a lot of fun to look forward too, this year and next!!!
  6. Just saw the Midwest Coaster Fans video of the fountain, during the fireworks show, and it looks like they are still having trouble with it. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  7. There is more to come then? I admit it looks nice, but I wish they would have kept the pedestals still and added to the fountain, just not take anything away like Brent said They was the centerpiece of the Royal Fountain for 47 season. The fountain just looks empty without them, so they'll always be missed.
  8. I saw someone say its going to have chaser lights, can someone show where that is? Thanks. I think blue would look nice, Fury's looks nice!
  9. Oh that’s right. So I wonder what they’re going to have as a selling point? The theming, and other elements of the coaster? Sounds like this coaster is a giga/hyper hybrid. I have a feeling if it’s not at least 300ft high (which it looks like it’s not) when they announce it at the announcement it won’t go over very well. But they might surprise us.
  10. I think anyone can say they don’t like something if any company didn't their best, it’s natural. It’s like going to a restaurant, you want good service and good food. You’re not spoiled if you complain about it, you’re paying money and spending your time there. Ever since I rode MF at CP in 2000, I always wanted KI to get something big like that, yeah SOB was really big news back then as well, got people talking in Ohio. I think we’ll be happy with this, but I hope it’s at least 300ft height, something with a code name like ‘Project X’, makes it sound it’s going to be something worth talking about! The height is a selling point.
  11. Yeah, but I'm talking about the little empty area to the left, its like near the back part of the clearing. I checked Google Earth, it looks like where they set the fireworks off at. This coaster is going to be close to them, my guess is they'll have to close it like they do for The Beast. Btw, the pilot should take as much time as he needs, for his family, its nice to see pictures and videos of this, but family is first.
  12. Is that part new clearing, on the left side? Wasn’t it straight before all the way back?
  13. I think it could be 305 ft and a drop of 310. I'd be happy with that.
  14. Thats what it seems like to me as well.
  15. Yeah. So maybe this means it will be 25 ft high? Whatever it is supporting? https://www.ldoceonline.com/Construction-topic/pier
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