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  1. Imperial79

    International street makeover

    I'd love to see a smaller Ferris Wheel brought back and put there in that spot (blue). International Street hasn't had a new ride ever since the park opened! I think it would fit well with the International Street theme, with Eiffel Tower and Grand Carousel also there.
  2. Stinger was also closed in 2017.
  3. Imperial79

    International street makeover

    If the trees really get removed, we won’t have the Christmas lights on them either. That will be very different, and I wonder what they will use for lights if anything, around the fountain during WinterFest? Smaller trees with lights instead maybe?
  4. The park really is getting a lot of new stuff this year, even more so then last year!
  5. New construction update from the KI Blog. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/january/construction-on-kings-mills-antique-autos-moves-forward-in-cold-and-snow
  6. Imperial79

    Renovation Predictions

    Anyone remember what year the Oktoberfest sign was removed?
  7. Imperial79

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    A Twitter post from @KingsIslandPR. Looks like Woodstock Express is having some work done as well. The park really stays busy in the off season!
  8. Imperial79

    Renovation Predictions

    ^What other area's had their own signs? I think the only one that now has one is Planet Snoopy.
  9. Imperial79

    Renovation Predictions

    Hope to see the Coney Mall sign return, I think there is a chance for it too, since KI is bringing back the theming.
  10. Imperial79

    International street makeover

    Keep the fountains and pedestals, its an iconic look for KI when you walk into the park. Not every park should be the same. I like the way the Royal Fountain is better then what KD or CW has, they all look great in their own way though!
  11. Imperial79

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    This is great news, but I'm still kind of nervous about the tree's, and hope they're not being cut down. if they have to cut them down it sounds like more landscaping will be added then taken away. They already cut a lot of the branches off last year.. Just noticed from the 3rd picture, it looks like one of the tree's is almost ready to be taken out, in front of the Sweet Spot.
  12. Oh that's the covered bridge? Nice to know! Things are beginning to take shape!
  13. Imperial79

    My current project (Warning: Nerd Alert)

    That looks great, wonderful job!
  14. Imperial79

    New Years Eve 2018 @ Kings Island video

    Looked like a great time! No I didn't go but maybe this year I will! I was thinking what else could they add that would make the NYE event even better, and noticed there was no confetti.. I'm sure the park would probably say no, but an alternative is to use the bubble machines from Halloween Haunt, and time them to go off right at 12. Happy New Year everyone!
  15. ^Yeah it is. I wonder if our cars are going to have cover tops on them like the old ones did, or they will be like what Valleyfair has? The advertisement where you can ‘pretend’ to be riding in one, shows our cars will have a top on them.