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  1. Here's a video from WCPO talking about Kings Island's new Orion Giga coaster. Looks like KI beat Mystic Timbers announcement of people there, they say 2,000 people was there! Awesome!
  2. I keep seeing some people saying that MF's drop is really 299 ft.. I've never heard that before, has anyone else?
  3. Don just posted in the KI Blog about Orion. He say's construction crews will begin in September erecting our new Giga! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/august/orion-giga-coaster-to-debut-spring-2020-at-kings-island
  4. Orion's first hill is going to look like Fury 325's first hill. My guess is its going to be a light blue color.
  5. I saw someone on YouTube said that Orion is going to have DMX lighting on the first hill and the second hill from the blueprints they saw. I hope that is true!
  6. What a great announcement! Can’t wait to see main construction start!
  7. Here’s a nice pic I took of the sun going down and in front is the Eiffel Tower, and The Racer! Getting real busy now!
  8. I heard there was over 1000 people at Mystic Timber's announcement, it looks like the X-Base announcement area for this is about the same size. This is an even bigger announcement, I would get there early if you want a good spot! I want a good spot, so I'll be there early!
  9. Awesome! What a great time to be a KI fan!
  10. Is it me or is there something in the #? A lot of squares with something in it (a planet or star) we can’t make out, because it’s to fuzzy.
  11. Hope there is a new one as well, how many more posters can they fit on the wall?
  12. Can anyone at the park go up to the Eiffel Tower and take some pics of the Project X area? Thanks
  13. I went to the Mystic Timbers announcement, that was fun! I hope this announcement is August 16th, that's the day I put in for having off just in case to be there. AZ means 'Beginning and End', like when Firehawk first opened at KI in 2007 -2018.
  14. I hope we get to see Coney Mall get some more love, I know they've been updating it the past few years, and it looks great, but the area between the Dodgem and KMAA is pretty dark, if they would put some new fancy light poles in that area, it would really brighten it up, when the sun goes down, it seems like a place people don't stay, its just a walk through area, and its a missed chance to just sit relax, and take in the new landscaping that the KI team has done for the area.
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