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  1. It sounds like Chad is talking to someone, and says "We plan to do a couple more ????? in December", hope he is talking about tours!
  2. I saw people talking on the Kings Island Seasonal Pass Holder Facebook page, about how busy it was last night, and someone said it was a record at 62,000! Was anyone there last night?
  3. Could Six Flags get a loan or something to help push another offer up, if they really wanted too (I hope not)? Would any bank be willing to give them, that much money? I like how Cedar Fair is run a lot better then Six Flags, and how SF does ride announcements just seems cheap to me, announcing everything all together in a video online..... Screams cheap!
  4. Happy Orion 1st of October Construction Morning KIC! Here's a picture I just took, I saw a truck delivering something, so I took a quick screenshot!
  5. Sad to see it go, but I stopped riding it a few years ago, its just so rough... These past few years has seen some big changes in the park, some that people have loved, and some have not. I hope they keep as many tree's as possible when the demolishing of Vortex begins.
  6. This is sad to hear, I went there in 2016, it is a nice little park. I saw a few people are asking KI to save some of the rides, I hope they do but I don't count on it. Some people are asking CF/KI to buy the large Ferris Wheel, but isn't the large Ferris Wheel not owned by CI? It is just there for a few weeks I believe. I know they have a smaller one, Eli Bridge one, maybe KI can buy it. The large Ferris Wheel is really nice, and would look beautiful added to the KI skyline.
  7. New pic from @KingsIslandPR on Twitter!
  8. Here's a video from WCPO talking about Kings Island's new Orion Giga coaster. Looks like KI beat Mystic Timbers announcement of people there, they say 2,000 people was there! Awesome!
  9. Does anyone have a link to the blueprints?
  10. I keep seeing some people saying that MF's drop is really 299 ft.. I've never heard that before, has anyone else?
  11. Don just posted in the KI Blog about Orion. He say's construction crews will begin in September erecting our new Giga! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/august/orion-giga-coaster-to-debut-spring-2020-at-kings-island
  12. Orion's first hill is going to look like Fury 325's first hill. My guess is its going to be a light blue color.
  13. I saw someone on YouTube said that Orion is going to have DMX lighting on the first hill and the second hill from the blueprints they saw. I hope that is true!
  14. What a great announcement! Can’t wait to see main construction start!
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