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  1. Imperial79

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    Coney Mall sign and if its ever going to return and where its at?
  2. Going through the forum and I found this thread about attendance, and @Shaggy and other's talking about the 1998 attendance for the park and how good it was, and the Amusement Business Magazine estimated it to be at 3.6, and KI had one of their best years in 2017 and compared it to the record of 1998. Here's the thread. So was 2017 a lot better then what TEA numbers estimated?
  3. No new ride/s this year, they could have announced the new Lights and Fireworks show along with Coney BBQ and might have generated excitement with that but it didn't happen so we'll never know.. Would it be better to try and announce something, even if its no new ride and have guests say, "Well I wanted a ride this year"! We just came off of 4 years of always having something new, and the parks attendance has continued to go up for the past 10 years. How many years can it go up and then finally guests take a little break? This year maybe? Maybe it's the heat, and more parks around the nation are staying open longer, leading some to wait till later in the year since they have more time to visit the parks?
  4. Oh no they're back!!! We try to answer a few questions within one post, if you want to post again shortly after you just posted, just hit edit Fye.
  5. Imperial79

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Glad to hear nothing bad happened.
  6. Imperial79

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    1. Can we possibly see more of the classic rides return someday (Skyride, Les Taxis, Trabant type ride, etc? 2. Can we see the floral style bushes along the Royal Fountain brought back? This looked very nice! 3. What happened to the antenna that was on the Eiffel Tower, is it in storage at the park somewhere? 4. Can The Racer get repainted back to its original colors?
  7. Imperial79

    The Flat Ride Speculation Thread

    I would like to see a Trabant or Whipout return to the park, and the Skyride as well. Keep updating International Street and add the floral style bushes along the fountain again.
  8. Imperial79

    Policies and Subsequent Discipline

    Could have they done it the way you said Rooh? Yes, but that's hard to believe, but I don't know, I'm sure whoever saw it wasn't to happy with guests chalking up the park as if that's normal... Could have the park decided they needed to make an example out of someone whos doing it the first time, to make sure if other's saw you (your kids) drawing on the sidewalk and it got around, that anyone can do that without being punished, what started out as 1 time, turns into 5 then 10 and up and up... Maybe you can explain more what happened? (If your are still here lol).
  9. Imperial79

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    Chef Nate just posted this from his Twitter @KICHEFNATE, this looks delicious! Anyone going to go and try it?
  10. Imperial79

    KI Merchandice

    I like the Coca-Cola red shirt and the white green one with the Starbucks look the best, I'm going to pick them up when I visit!
  11. Imperial79

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I do not want to see the entrance messed with, it works the way it was designed. No coaster in front of the park, not every Cedar Fair park needs to be the same and be like Cedar Point. Would the Magic Kingdom put a roller coaster in the front entrance of Magic Kingdom? No.. I would be walking up to the front of the park asking myself "Where am I?? This isn't Kings Island"...
  12. Imperial79

    Kings Island 20th Anniversary Special Poster

    I've never heard that before, wonder if the pilot ever got into trouble, flying so close to the tower like that? , Maybe Kings Island can someday buy a new antenna from Intamin?
  13. Imperial79

    Kings Island 20th Anniversary Special Poster

    That would be nice to see! Maybe someone can ask them this question and about restoring the antenna at next year's Coasterstock.
  14. Imperial79

    2018 Kings Island Bucket List

    Oh gosh, this is hard to keep in!
  15. Imperial79

    Dorms maybe coming to Dorney

    This is good news, show's KI is working on the staffing issues, so they could be open during the last 2 weeks in August. I haven't heard anything about the school bill.