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  1. Imperial79

    Kings Island Nominated for Favorite Holiday Park

    One of the Six Flags parks was #1 for what a day or two? And then I never saw it again in the list at all. That was kind of weird. Wonder if it was a glitch?
  2. Imperial79

    Is Kings Island getting a Parade?

    I'd like to see the outside of the Festhaus brought back to what it used to look like. It looked very nice.
  3. Imperial79

    Would a new skyride work?

    I'd love to see the Skyride return, either in the front of the Eiffel Tower or behind it for my choices, but it doesn't have to be there.
  4. New construction photo from @KingsIslandPR on Twitter.
  5. Imperial79

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    Great ideas. Would be nice to see the Festhaus go back to what it looked like, the detail just draws you to the building! Bringing back the Ferris Wheel there (or on IS behind the Eiffel Tower), the Skyride, and a new Keggers ride, it would bring people to the area. It seems like it’s just a area you pass though right now, if you’re hungry you stop and eat.
  6. Imperial79

    International Street Discussion

    Does anyone know when the tree’s were added on International Street?
  7. Imperial79

    My photos of WinterFest 2018 (and some past ones as well)

    Awesome photo! Imagine having the Star like that on the KI Christmas tree, and if KI brought the floral shrubs back, they could add some lights on them as well. International Street would be even more amazing!
  8. Anyone going to WinterFest tonight or the next few days? Hope someone can get some updated photos.
  9. Imperial79

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Anyone get any pics of the new lighting package for The Racer?
  10. Imperial79

    Kings Island Nominated for Favorite Holiday Park

    Voted, KI is now at 2nd place.
  11. Imperial79

    Winterfest vs Christmas Town

    Was KI's WinterFest 4 million lights last year or 5 million? If its 5 million or close to 7 million this year, that is a bunch of lights!
  12. Imperial79

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    The WinterFest 2018 map is now up! From Kings Island website under WinterFest 2018. And from @CPFoodBlog Twiiter page.
  13. Construction has started on Kings Mills Antique Autos. From @KingsIslandPR Twitter page
  14. Imperial79

    Kentucky Kingdom

    So it sounds like from that interview Mr. Hart did with the radio show, he wasn’t 100% correct when he told everyone the other day, that the Fair Board has everything they needed (paper work) to green light the coaster project.
  15. Everything looks great! They’ve really took a lot of effort in this, I can’t wait to see construction begin, and the pics everybody will be posting from Halloween Haunt and Winterfest.