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  1. ^^ Anyone notice the vines on the sign?
  2. Work continues on Island Smokehouse! From Chef Nathan @KICHEFNATE Twitter
  3. The new banner looks great! Good job!
  4. If anyone hasn't seen yet, there's a vintage video of Kings Island on Facebook under the Old Photos of Cincinnati page! It is a real treat for those looking for that, and its about 9 minutes long!
  5. Here's a nice picture of the sun setting on Mystic Timbers! 35 days to go! Picture taken from Mystic Timbers webcam. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/webcams-7315_34349
  6. New pictures of the construction of Island Smokehouse! Chef Nathan @KICHEFNATE Twitter
  7. I liked the announcement, it went well. I like the theme Sunlite Water Adventures, it goes together good and nice to market with. I wish the new logo had a ride behind it like CoastersRZ one has, its more exciting and feeling of fun.
  8. Talking about The Beast, I think we'll be able to see Mystic Timbers from the second lift hill, then going down like we see Diamondback and the Eiffel Tower! That will look great at night!
  9. I've read before on here, I think it was one of Terp's posts that they can't use the land near the Little Miami River, its protected by the state. So that could be a reason why nothing is back that far. Don was asked this sort of question and he said they have hundreds of acres still to use, if they wanted to expand. It would have been nice if CF bought the old camp ground area, so they could save it for future development. But it sounds like they have a lot of land so that's good! Here's the interview, that question starts at 5:10 mark.
  10. Pretty neat! I never knew there was 2 bridges over those area's. Its fun looking at old KI pictures!
  11. Here's a pic of the lights on the lift hill! Link for webcam pic: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/webcams-7315_34349
  12. Here's a pic of them putting the chain on the lift hill! Link http://pixelcaster.com/live/kingsisland/mystic.html
  13. Yeah, Don was asked about it like a month ago I think when a news station was out there covering Mystic Timbers, he said sort of the same thing, that we'll have to ride it during the daytime and nighttime to tell a difference about what's in the shed. Some kind of lighting effects, or is it something that shows up like glowing on the train car's at night that doesn't show up during the daytime. Maybe have some vines painted on the train car's glowing in the dark? Hmmm Going to watch the podcast now!
  14. New pic of Island Smokehouse from Chef Nathan @KICHEFNATE Twitter.
  15. Hours have just been added to WinterFest 2017. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/hours-directions/winterfest