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  1. New KI blog from Don! I put this here since it shows, they've now finished the Kings Mills Antique Autos sign!! It looks great! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/april/top-storylines-as-kings-island-begins-2019-season
  2. New post from @KingsIslandPR on Twitter. The KMAA is ready for test drives!!
  3. I know the park is kinda busy right now, getting things ready for 2019 opening day, but is there anything left from King Cobra in the park? I heard there was some trains in the Flight of Fear building, I wonder if that's true?
  4. What time does employees start showing up? And when do they turn the fountains on?
  5. Yeah I think this is chain wide, maybe its more noticeable at Ki, because the park used to be more of a theme park then an amusement park. It probably also has to do with Matt Ouimet and his vision for Cedar Fair, and they're continuing his vision. I like it!!!!
  6. This is really something! Stuff we’ve been talking about for years, hoping to see come back, is coming back! Thank you to everyone at KI for all you do!
  7. I believe someone said the top observation deck, and the 50 ft observation deck was painted the last off season.
  8. Here is the page from the Kings Island site. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/events/grand-carnivale
  9. This is awesome! This season is going to be one to remember for sure!
  10. I hope they aren't taken out, they're iconic to the Royal Fountain, the park said they wanted to restore International Street to what it used to look like, removing them is the opposite of what they said... Sad to see them go if it is true.
  11. I wonder if they're doing the area around the Eiffel Tower as well? Hope so!
  12. I don't see the pedestals or water bowls anywhere.. Losing a part of IS history it looks like it.. Other then that, it looking nice.
  13. The fountains at KD and CW look kind of boring to me, nothing to give it character. The pedestals do that at the KI fountains, and makes you feel like you at KI, fits perfectly for the theme of International Street.
  14. Looks like this is going to be a fun season! 37 days to go!
  15. I like the way KICentral and KI itself is doing the International Street renovation reveal. This is not a every year thing, so this helps build excitement to walk inside the park, and we can experience the "not knowing what's on the other side", just like when it first opened back in 1972! Relax, and realize it won't be that long till the park is open again.
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