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  1. I am too! That would be a dream come true! If we get anything else, I’d like to see the Bayern Kurve, that would be icing on the cake, but I doubt it, since other parks in the chain might be asking for it as well.
  2. Hopefully Mike/Kings Island can move quick and ask for the Skyride, so we could have one again. Would love to see that brought back.
  3. My guess is they probably will relocate some of them, that’s what happened with Geauga Lake.
  4. I just read this, just came out a few minutes ago! Cedar Fair to close California’s Great America in up to 11 years! What is everyone’s thoughts? This is very unexpected. https://markets.financialcontent.com/stocks/article/bizwire-2022-6-27-cedar-fair-capitalizes-on-opportunity-to-sell-its-land-at-californias-great-america-amusement-park#:~:text=Cedar Fair%2C L.P. (NYSE%3A FUN)%2C a leader in,amusement park and plans to close the park. https://ir.cedarfair.com/news/news-details/2022/Cedar-Fair-Capitalizes-on-Opportunity-to-Sell-Its-Land-at-Californias-Great-America-Amusement-Park/default.aspx
  5. Maybe if they added some things from Soak City to it, it would entice more people to buy it.
  6. Yes, it has a balcony, or rather the room next to the IR has a balcony. I remember one time walking around IS and looking up, seeing Don on the balcony taking pictures a few years ago. Btw the show is great, good job KI and the company doing it!
  7. I don’t think it will be in 2023, Cedar Point hasn’t had their new coaster yet, I think they will receive one first. Either Planet Snoopy and Soak City is next up I feel.
  8. I doubt Shaggy was trolling, he's known for what he's talking about with KI. I think we will see something new here in 2024. These last few years for KI have really been something!
  9. Hopefully they add some flowers around the tower, that would help hide the wires, and look great!
  10. I hope it doesn’t get removed, I was planning on riding it this year, for the first time. Hopefully they’re just moving it, this does seem out of the blue, so maybe they’re going to do something here? We’ll see in a few months I guess.
  11. Hopefully charges are not dropped, and banned from the park for the maximum time. Since these troublemakers are hanging around in groups outside the park, the next step should be some management needs to be outside, and determine if they should be kicked off the property, if they think the group is just hanging around to cause trouble. These people doing this need to know, the park will not put up with none of their misbehavior, or taunts to security.
  12. And if something does happen in the park, they are on it (not stuff like line jumping) very quick! This happened in the parking lot, maybe they thought they could get away with fighting outside the park, but security was on it fast! Anyone caught starting fights needs to have the maximum penalty!
  13. I’d like to see mainly some little things that would add to the park, bring back more if it’s charm. More landscaping like flowers around the Eiffel Tower would be nice, the post office across the train station to return, lights on the log flumes drop, and the Skyride to make a comeback. They’ve done a great job on bringing things back fans have asked for over the last few years.
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