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  1. Just a few minutes left till the park opens, I wonder if they will have something for the first Cargo Loco rider!
  2. This is not my video, just wanted to show it to everyone. The area looks great, and it looks like they planted some new trees behind Cargo Loco, so I am happy to see that as well.
  3. Anyone have pics today of AP from the Eiffel Tower?
  4. I hope they still add the gazebos to the Mercado deck, this new area will look great if we get everything that was in the details.
  5. Hope so, it’s been quite awhile for something new at Soak City. Something new can go there and add some new bathrooms near Tidal Wave Bay, so guests won’t have to walk as far.
  6. The 1 chaperone per 10 guests seems like a lot of for 1 chaperone to be responsible for, maybe 5 or 6 would more controllable. I would have also put the age to at least 16 and even 17. Hopefully this cuts down on the issues, but if it continues, I expect the age limit to go up.
  7. As much as I didn’t want to say it, I think a chaperone policy is coming, or should, this needs to happen before something worse happens.
  8. I'm not into construction, but maybe why they're just started building the VIP Lounge is because, it's one of the easier things to do, they worked on the harder stuff first.
  9. I think they're doing pretty good at the time they had to get ready, only 3 months and 13 days, that's not a lot of time, taking down Winterfest and especially with how much the park is working on for this year, Adventure Port is going to look really nice when it's done, with the greenery still to be added.
  10. I hope it’s a regular fountain too, Worlds of Fun added a new fountain, looks like this but ours is bigger, and it’s a regular water fountain, so this gives me hope ours is as well.
  11. Can’t wait for the park to be open! Just saw there was some problems at Worlds of Fun yesterday at their opening day, hopefully the park is ready for any unruly visitors, with enough security.
  12. The Flying Eagles and Les Taxis removals is up there, after that you have Kenton Cove Keelboat Canal and Phantom Theater, never got to ride the Skyride, it would be great to see it return somehow, changing the Royal Fountain is probably the biggest mistake I agree.
  13. Is the water effect at the end something they could possibly bring back? Doesn’t look like the track gets wet from the pov they posted.
  14. Hopefully we can see Cedar Fair build KI a hotel like Carowinds in the area next to Soak City, that would be perfect, next to the water park, and you would have nice views of the park during the main season and WinterFest, it would make the park more money as well. Kings Island is open 2 more months now, for WinterFest, so that would help the hotel getting stays.
  15. I wonder how long they’re going to wait till they announce the new ride, and what is being taken out. The sooner the better!
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