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  1. Yeah, but I'm talking about the little empty area to the left, its like near the back part of the clearing. I checked Google Earth, it looks like where they set the fireworks off at. This coaster is going to be close to them, my guess is they'll have to close it like they do for The Beast. Btw, the pilot should take as much time as he needs, for his family, its nice to see pictures and videos of this, but family is first.
  2. Is that part new clearing, on the left side? Wasn’t it straight before all the way back?
  3. I think it could be 305 ft and a drop of 310. I'd be happy with that.
  4. Thats what it seems like to me as well.
  5. Yeah. So maybe this means it will be 25 ft high? Whatever it is supporting? https://www.ldoceonline.com/Construction-topic/pier
  6. A pier is a bridge, and ctr means center from some searches I did.
  7. If they were taking down a maintenance shed, if it was in the way, they'll have to start taking it down here soon, and taking things out as well, so that would be a sign its a maintenance shed. We don't see anything like that yet though.
  8. I don't remember them there last season either. I saw a pic of the Dodgem on Twitter, can't find it now, but it was from yesterday at Coasterstock. Looked like a new sign, maybe someone can take a pic and post it if its new?
  9. Is it normal to put gravel down like that, and then build a new building on top of it?
  10. I just clicked the link, its working for me. Yeah, The Racer returning to its original colors would be great! Glad that's on one of their to do lists!
  11. Shocked that nobody has posted this yet, but Don just posted a new Readers Mailbag blog, and its a very interesting one, especially about The Racer! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2019/may/readers’-mailbag-what’s-happening-in-2020-gold-pass-ride-nights-and-more
  12. BandingBanshee already went today at 8 am, and said there was nothing new. Edit: someone beat me to it!
  13. It could be legit, but someone also said (maybe it was you fryoj, can't remember), it might be a early version of the ride. if there's more clearing, which doesn't look likely right now, it seems like this is the true layout plan.
  14. Has there been any new flowers or shrubs planted near the fountain yet? Since the park has started work on the floral clock and other things, just wondering what it looks like and anyone can take pics.
  15. I think Cedar Fair has done pretty good with the park, overall. I don't think the park would be anywhere near the level its at right now, if it was owned by someone like Six Flags. If we want Cedar Fair to give us a little bigger coasters, they need to see more roi, that means we need to buy more of everything that what they're selling, and help them anyway we can.
  16. I wonder, where does Leviathan rank at in the 4 Giga coasters in North America? If this is Leviathan 2.0, then it would hopefully be better, and if its some people's #2, our new coaster might be able to take that spot, right below Fury!
  17. Wasn't there a teaser or poster during Winterfest that had something with 355 in it?
  18. Since the old ones was rusted, couldn't they have just bought new ones? What was the company that made them?
  19. I think once it gets warmer in the Spring and then Summer comes, International Street will look even more amazing, the flags are a nice touch, with I'm pretty sure more flowers being planted by the Royal Fountain. The tables with umbrellas look really nice, and very colorful!
  20. Wasn't there an entire thread created to complain about the food, and Chad was asked about it in a video last season? lol. As if there is certain things you can complain about, then other things you aren't. I've seen posts from the GP online talking about the fountains, some in a good way, some not good. If you're in business serving the public, you can't make everyone happy.. After seeing more pictures and videos of the new Royal Fountain running more, I can now say I do like them nearly as much as the old pedestals.
  21. That is great! Looks like its going to be a packed event! Hope everyone has fun! Missed it the last 2 years, thinking about going back next year!
  22. Okay, so what is everyone's favorite building now? Hard to choose since I haven't been there in person yet. They all look really amazing!
  23. Looks like Jukebox Diner got some new signage this year!
  24. A lot of you guys are right, the park is not done yet with the fountain, so to judge based on what it is now is not right. I think everybody wants the best for the park.. I can't wait to see what it looks like by Memorial Day, if its anything as superb as the rest of what they've done this year, my guess is we'll all be very happy.
  25. The classic look is 100x better then what is there now. The Royal Fountain is a part of International Street, and it had its own character, the pedestals/water bowls was what made it give off that international feel, having a Las Vegas style fountain does not fit with what the Royal Fountain, and International Street as a whole is about. Now we have thanks to Paramount, they removed the Les Taxis classic car ride right behind the Eiffel Tower, and Cedar Fair removed the Royal Fountains pedestals in front of the Eiffel Tower, now the only thing giving off an international feel is the European style buildings, they got that part right, but now thanks to trying to be ‘modern’ is half of it is surrounded by less charm, and modern entertainment. Missed the mark by a mile!
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