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  1. Congratulations to KI, they’ve done a wonderful job this year. Hope to see many more things return in the future to keep bringing the charm back.
  2. Hope to also see some new pavers in and around the Eiffel Tower area, replacing the blacktop.
  3. Kings Island could play on its history with the newest coaster for this area, and add a B&M Surf Coaster, this will remind guests of King Kobra which was closed in 2001. This would be the world's 2nd Surf Coaster, the one at SeaWorld Orlando looks awesome! It would take up the place of Invertigo, Congo Falls and cut through the trees turn around in the parking lot and come back, it could run through the Congo Falls area for some nice water effects as well. This would help give KI more variety and not copy something CP already has.
  4. Since we have a Rivertown thread, I think we need one for Action Zone also. What would your idea be of updating that area of the park? After The Vortex's plot is used for the park's new coaster, which is the most likely option, Action Zone is probably the next area to see a new roller coaster, since nothing has really been done since Banshee was added in 2014. I think we could see them remove Invertigo and Congo Falls to put a new coaster here. This will help even out the park, with 3 of the park's big rides already on the Rivertown side, and then 3 would be this side.
  5. Hope to see a new restroom, shade and seating in Soak City. The new restrooms could go between the wave pools, since there isn't one near Tidel Wave Bay.
  6. Here are the boundaries of the new area, for the lake, new restaurant and the new Ferris Wheel. A restaurant is already in the area, so it fits, it would be the same size it takes up now, only thing different is the tables outside where most of the new part of the building would be, that would be where you sit for views, and expand the front of the building some.
  7. I don’t think a coaster is needed there, just because it has been a home of 2 coasters doesn’t mean it can’t change to something else. I think a lake with a new restaurant, with outside views of the lake, new trees and a new flat ride, or a 16 seat Ferris Wheel in Coney Mall would be perfect. The light package would look great, and having WindSeeker nearby with its is another win, it would also give another family ride for Winterfest! I know it’s a big area, but the park already has a lot of land that’s not used, and this would bring some of the old Rivertown feel back. Fingers crossed.
  8. I would take this over a roller coaster going there, this would be the one chance to bring back a lake to Rivertown, they could name it Lake Wachs as a dedication to Gary or use someone else's last name that has been at the park a long time. Hopefully the park will see this and rethink their plans if they have any for this area.
  9. Oh okay, those are good memories! Yeah I thought that was the waterfall in Rivertown you were talking about, hopefully Kings Island cleans it out, and turns it back on. I don’t believe I’ve seen it working since I first started going again in 2014.
  10. Do you have any pics of the waterfall in Rivertown working, and of the Coney fountains?
  11. Really nice ideas brenthodge. The new restaurant would definitely be a popular spot to enjoy the scenery. I agree, if it would make the park money, they will do it. Having a lake or a water ride there, with some new trees, pays tribute to Rivertowns history, plus it fills in the area, so it makes it not feel empty. They could also add a flat ride right across WindSeeker.
  12. I found this site and it talks and shows the history of Kings Island up to 2019, and things they wish the park would bring back, some of the things the park has brought back. I have never seen some of these pictures, so this was a real treat! Kings Island - Part 1: It's Good to Be the King. — Themerica
  13. I would like to see water return under the footbridge in Rivertown, hopefully soon it can happen.
  14. I know if I was a paying customer to one of their parks, and I bought a ticket that is more than last year, and I come in and see an entire section of the park closed off, I wouldn’t be coming back. They need to work on doing anything they can to hire, do what Cedar Fair has done, start trying to bring in internationals, build facility’s for them to stay, do they already do that though? I haven’t heard of them doing it. Edit: I just saw that Great Adventure is putting some of their broken down, old dirty rides in the middle of the park, doesn’t scream premium experience to me, making the place look like a dump.
  15. Same here, I didn’t know the cars had a poster! Just bought that, the Son of Beast poster, and the Kings Island 50th blanket!
  16. It seems like it just gets worse for Six Flags, the more people look into what is happening in the company. Screamscape now saying that the park Presidents of St. Louis and Great Adventure are confirmed to be retiring here soon.
  17. Sad to see nothing in terms of rides being added for next year, that will make it 3 years (the longest ever I think someone posted) nothing is added, hopefully the park brings some of the small things back we’ve asked about here lately next year, and some new paint for Diamondback.
  18. This is a wonderful idea! I really hope the park takes your idea and goes with it! Does anyone remember what the KillMart building use to be, before it became that?
  19. If they would take a year off of adding rides and just planted more tree's that would be fine with me, the park needs more shade/greenery. California's Great America has a nice Ivy tunnel that would look really nice at Kings Island, when they start taking things out at CGA. A nice spot would be in between BLSC and Diamondback, along with the tree's already there, it would be a nice place to cool down, as you walk through, and would be very picturesque.
  20. I was on the Facebook KI season pass page, and read that they are no longer taking guests up to the top level of the Eiffel Tower, due to that elevator being more bouncy. Is that true? I noticed when I was there the other day, we didn’t visit the top level, but thought nothing of it, since that is normal. I hope they will still take guests to the top sometimes.
  21. Congratulations to Don and KI! They are always fun to read! On to 2,000!
  22. Just got back from the park, what a great day! The fireworks were amazing, there is no substitute for being in person. First ride of the day was on Orion and it was great, then did The Beast, I like it even more now than I did before! Probably bought the most things I ever did, they just have so much now that I like it is hard to choose what to get. I like the Orion stuff the best, so that and the 50th anniversary stuff was the main things I got. I saw the Street Party and it was great too, everyone was having a blast! Awesome job KI!
  23. Same here, I’d like to see it in that spot again. Do you think there’s enough room for it though with Woodstock Whirlybirds so close? They might have to take it out, if they did, maybe we could see KI taking a ride from CGA Planet Snoopy, to help fill in its place. It would be nice to see Peanuts Pirates be added to our Planet Snoopy, this would give Kings Island the most rides again for a kids area, adding the Skyride and the Peanuts Pirates breakdance ride. This may help KI retake the Best Kids Area at the GTA, from Dollywood if Kings Island is interested in doing that.
  24. “Through the July 4th holiday weekend, we have continued to generate new highs for in-park per capita spending, as well as drive growth in our out-of-park revenue channels, most notably through our resort properties,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Richard A. Zimmerman. Looks like things are going very well, and probably will have a record year this year. I can’t to visit the park in July, I will definitely be buying some 50th anniversary items! https://www.cedarfair.com/blog/2022/cedar-fair-reports-record-revenues-through-the-july-4th-weekend https://www.cedarfair.com/blog/2022/cedar-fair-to-announce-2022-second-quarter-results-on-august-3rd-earnings-call-starts-at-10-am-edt
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