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  1. I just noticed that when I posted and tried to quote someone the 'quote button' right under the 'like this' button did not work.... It sent me down to begin typing my message like it worked but did not quote at all... Did I do it wrong? I'm pretty sure I did this before and it worked.
  2. I hope so too, I watched the history of Kings Island video on Youtube again a few days ago to see if they talked about it and yup they did! They said the reason they took it down was because it got stuck one time when it was a very cold day for a few hours... In today's time period they would just not run it instead of taking it down, I guess they didn't think of that back then...
  3. I think it was a great season! I haven't been to Kings Island since 2001, and Banshee was the main reason me and my family went back. All of the news and people talking about it. You went to a grocery store and there it was a display with the cards/tickets to buy in the front and says 'new this year Banshee, only at Kings Island'! Last time I went me and some friends went and stayed a day and night there, and we did everything, went all around the park road all the main coasters, then went on a few family rides (Phantom Theater, Les Taxi, Viking boat and others). And spent some of the day at Waterworks. This time with my family we didn't get to go to the water park, we was busy riding all the new rides that we never road before that's been added since 01. The year started off with a huge bang (Banshee) and ended with another bang (Flying Scooters return for 2015), I would say for the Kings Island enthusiast's. I am defiantly going back for the 2015 season! Best season I have ever been there, but I did miss the Phantom Theater and Les Taxi. Fun 2014!
  4. I was thinking the same thing homestar92, if someone does not want to ride it just because it is in Planet Snoopy that's fine, there is plenty of other's that will venture over just to ride the new Flying Scooters. Now I can't wait to see the pictures of it next year when it is complete and almost ready for us to ride!
  5. Yeah it is, it shows they listen to their customers and fans. Gives me hope for more other rides we would love to see come back.
  6. After nearly 10 years they are finally bringing back the Flying Eagles, thanks Kings Island and Cedar Fair!
  7. Oh yup you are correct! I totally forgot about that. From how the KIfansite posted on Facebook it seemed that this what the place they was talking about...
  8. Looks like from Google Earth and the picture from Coaster Crew's Kings Island page, the work is being done in between The Beast and Diamondback. By this time tomorrow we will know what it is (I hope).
  9. Dang wish I was there! Bring it on Kings Island! 2015!
  10. Yeah we have but we don't have a poll thread for it. Good choice Voicetek! I have decided to update the polls and have added it to the choices. Also I added a dark boat ride as well.
  11. If you could pick which one would you choose? I would choose the Ferris Wheel. Awesome to see it in Oktoberfest again.
  12. I don't think I have ever ridden the Flying Eagles while they was at Kings Island, but that is where they belong! This is great news, I hope it means Kings Island will see some Flying Eagles back here soon!
  13. Wow those are some awesome pictures! Looks great!
  14. Cool, hope you guys have fun! Let us know how it goes!
  15. Sounds like a good trip, for the time you was there! fun fun!
  16. I kinda understand him being a little upset about the lawsuit, someone could be faking. Getting Kentucky Kingdom cleaned up and making it a nice park is a huge challenge for anyone and then to have someone come around and try to get money off it is wrong. But then to be this upset about it to file a lawsuit on the woman, to make sure everyone knows he won't take it, and shove it right back in her face is just ehh mmm I don't know....
  17. That's what I was thinking too shark! Nobody knows what she is going through today but her and her family. She may have not went to the hospital like the lady said on Facebook the same day it happened, but it doesn't mean that is lying about everything she is going through. People are so eager to jump on the bandwagon when they don't know the whole story!! Out of over a 100 comment's, nobody said anything about maybe she is right, or felt bad for her. I sure hope she gets the help she needs, if she does indeed need help.
  18. Anyone see the pic Kings Island put up on their Facebook page on the 9th? Its a nice pic of the Sky Ride.
  19. That is terrible, praying for the families. Enjoy every moment of your life, anything can happen.
  20. Sure I'll do that Spectrum. Nice guide from 1981
  21. The park has had two Hampton rides, one which I believe was removed in the 1980s, the other which remains today. The picture is one of these two: -Autocat, which underwent a couple name changes. Titles included Huck's Hot Rods, Go Diego Go, and Peanuts' Off-Road Rally. It was relocated within the area in 2006. -Motor Mouse, which *may* have also been Boo Boo's Buggies and Peeway Raceway (if not, then Autocat went by those names for a while). I'm fairly confident it was removed in the mid-1980s. Here's a couple I've spotted over the years. None are mine. Notice how it was repainted a darker brown at some point. The Ferris Wheel opened in 1978 and last operated in 1990 or 1991 (I'm learning towards 1990). Despite being at the park for well over a decade, there is very little information on it. It was manufactured by Eli Bridge though, who also manufactured Scrambler. Wow that is awesome! Thanks a lot! I went to Kings Island when I was little 3 time's if I remember right in the early 90's, I don't remember it being there. But I was young so it could have been there and I just forgot, everything is so much bigger when you are a kid! lol. I checked on Wikipedia on former rides and it say's 1991 was year it closed. I hope they add one to the park again!
  22. A lot of nice older pictures! Brings back a lot of good memories! I was looking for pictures of the old Kings Island Ferris Wheel, does anyone have any? I seen a few pic's on Youtube in someone's video but nothing really here. Thanks
  23. I like walking through the Tower Gardens. Right next to the Oktoberfest lake for the Ferris Wheel would be nice like upstop said.
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