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  1. I'm not really familiar with the cemetery, but from the Warren County Genealogical Society:
  2. Oh I wasn't questioning any of the story. I'm sure it was overgrown and the markers were difficult to find. I was just surprised that the cemetery as a whole was difficult to find (or at least it was reported that way in Cincinnati Enquirer). I guess they didn't have Google Maps or whatever at their disposal though to help pinpoint its location Here's a 1964 aerial, also from ODOT (cemetery on right). It does look like the little square is grown in a bit more: The next photo from ODOT is 1972, where it's been nicely cleaned up. And here's a 1970 photo from ground lev
  3. I was surprised to see that the cemetery was initially hard to find (quoting Woolsey from the 1970 Cincinnati Enquirer article referenced in the blog post: "We had some difficulty finding it, though, because it is so overgrown.") Before Kings Island, the cemetery was literally at a corner of a field and wasn't buried deep in the woods or anything. Seems clear that the landowner had to grow his field around it. The cemetery is the square at center. For reference, the big "corner" in the trees at the upper right is where Timberwolf is now today. Photo courtesy Ohio Department of Trans
  4. A few months ago I was actually trying to figure out when it was added... it appears to have been installed mid-1975. 1975, from KICentral/Reggie Zippo (notice it missing at bottom right): August 27, 1975, from an eBay auction (it's present on the right): I was talking with another KICentral user about it back in June and he speculated that it may have been a Farrell Coffey addition. Coffey created a lot of fiberglass figures and props around the park in the mid- to late-1970s, and this stein looks right up his alley.
  5. A week ago Cincinnati's Coney Island held a memorabilia sale and sold off a lot of the former amusement park's old pictures, artwork, ride vehicles, signage, etc. There wasn't too much posted about the sale ahead of time, but I recognized an old Kings Island map in one of the pictures shared on their Facebook about a week before the sale. After a little consideration, I booked a flight up to Cincinnati for a long weekend to visit family and hopefully score that map. And after an early Saturday morning (and a lot of stressing about getting to the sale early enough and finding the map before som
  6. I think you may be confused - here's an autumn 1972 photo from eBay user momthrewitaway that shows the four car trains. Something interesting I only recently learned though is that the ride appears to have opened for the 1973 season with still only four cars per a train... the fifth wasn't added until later that year. Here's a 1973 photo from eBay user rl67s, whereas most 1973 photos show 5 cars:
  7. Technically FearFest and not Halloween Haunt, but I always liked the coloring of this old photo from when they still had the hearses out in front of the fountains. And so much fog!
  8. Thank you for sharing! That's some fantastic footage of Enchanted Voyage, Cuddle Up, the Sky Ride, and more... especially Enchanted Voyage. Footage from that ride is usually really dark, but it's pretty bright and clear here. I also don't think I've ever seen video specifically of Kings Island's Rotor, so that's cool. Big thanks to your uncle too - I'm sure bringing a big, bulky video camera to an amusement park was a hassle, but I'm always grateful for those who did and have shared their footage decades later. For what it's worth, most of the video appears to be opening year (1972),
  9. Thank you for sharing this! Museum of Horrors has always been a Kings Island mystery for me so it's great to hear information from someone involved in the project. If you're open to answering a few additional questions, I'd love to hear more about the attraction. -Were the characters and props still turned on and part of the attraction, or were most turned off / covered in scrim and the actors were the focus? -Outside the actors, were there many props/scenes added to the ride? -How was guest reception to the attraction? I'm curious if it only lasted one season because of th
  10. I don't remember if I ever had an account and posted on Carowinds Connection, but it's sad to see an amusement park fansite close... I know the Kings Island ones were instrumental in helping me make some of my closest friends, and I imagine Carowinds Connection served the same purpose for many who call(ed) Carowinds their home park. It's also unfortunate how much history will be lost when the forums go offline - even if sites like archive.org save some of it, it'll now be far less accessible and easy to find.
  11. I don't question that that was the reason given by someone involved with the changes, but if their goal was to make the opening higher then it doesn't seem like they succeeded
  12. Maybe that's the official reason cited somewhere or by someone, but I have hesitations on believing that. You can see that the opening under The Racer remained unchanged before/after conversion (match-up the structure between photos to see it's at the same height). The fact that the conversion wasn't in a single off-season, but spanned between two, is also interesting. (Photo one source, photo two from Google Maps)
  13. After some further sleuthing, it looks like Nagashima Spa Land added one, called Sky Trainer, in 1990. I cannot find any information on its closure, but it sounds like it was for sure gone by 2007 (though I'd assume it was removed in the late 1990s when most of them were). Here's an old commercial of the ride: I edited my previous post to include this one in the list. Edit - After some further sleuthing, it looks like the ride was removed for the addition of the park's Giant Frisbee in 2004 (https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ナガシマスパーランド#かつて存在したアトラクション)
  14. I've always been interested in the Intamin Flight Trainers and have compiled a list of all of them. As far as I know, there are no remaining Flight Trainers anywhere in the world. Kings Dominion (1989 to 1998) - Removed California's Great America (1989 to 1999) - Removed Knott's Berry Farm (1990 to 1997) - Relocated to Seibuen Yuenchi in Japan Kings Island (1990 to 1995) - Relocated to Flamingoland Rye Playland (1991 to 1991) - Removed Flamingo Land (1996 to 2004) - Relocated from Kings Island. Removed. Seibuen Yuenchi (>=1997 to Unknown) - Relocat
  15. No it does not. The former Vortex Photo booth is gone. @PKIDelirium is correct that the shelter-like structure that remains only looked like the photo booth, and was actually a different structure. You can see it behind the photo booth (and with a different roof) in this photo.
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