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  1. Here's what the slides looked like back at Wyandot Lake, for anyone curious. Picture courtesy Derek Ruth: df
  2. That's... one way of disposing of your old rides. I'm pretty sure these are some slides they purchased from Wyandot Lake years and years ago... they've been sitting there since at least 2009, and those pictures on Craigslist show it. Here's an aerial shot of them, from 2009. More pictures from same flight here:
  3. Technically Sling Shot would qualify as an Oktoberfest addition; it opened in 2002. I was really excited to do the Plants vs. Zombies ride when I went to Carowinds last year and thought it may be a good fit for KI's theater. After riding, I'm not as open to the idea - in my opinion it was confusing and very underwhelming. 20+ people shooting at the same screen, even with little number identifiers, just felt very messy. Have they? I know all the chairs were removed from Side A in 2011 for Dinosaurs Alive! 3D, but I think most (if not all) remain in Side B. Maybe the bottom row of chairs were removed for Urgent Scare, but all the other ones should still be there.
  4. The original Arrow mine ride, Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas, is still running 53 years later. Adventure Express is 28, albeit arguably more intense and forceful than Texas'. I too hope it has years and years left in it though.
  5. @Maverick44, to clarify, it was at Kings Island in Oktoberfest from 1973-1990, in the spot depicted in the photo WindingSon shared. After 1990, it was relocated to Kentucky Kingdom and you can still ride it there.
  6. Yikes that page has a lot of errors... take most of that with a grain of salt. Regarding Boat Tag, it was added in 1992 (per an April 10, 1992 article in The Cincinnati Enquirer), but it was not included in the 1992 park guide. It was however included in the 1993-1995 park guides, but not the 1996. So it could be reasonable to assume Boat Tag was at the park 1992 through 1995, or four seasons. Edit - In terms of photo, probably but not what you had in mind, but here's Boat Tag (center) in a 1993 aerial, courtesy Ohio Department of Transportation.
  7. Each of those rides you listed has a height requirement higher than 42"... and at Kings Island, there are only two coasters below that level (Great Pumpkin Coaster and Woodstock Express). Did you mean 52"? If so, then wouldn't Copperhead Strike be a family coaster at that level?
  8. Which B&M flyer have you ridden? I'm surprised you rank Vekoma's above B&M's too - in my opinion, the B&M ones are far smoother, appear to have a much higher capacity, and just look a lot prettier.
  9. They could have easily thrown "steepest" into the list of park records. I see a lot of enthusiasts wanting a T-Rex track, but does RMC even offer that anymore? Unless I'm mistaken, they haven't brought that piece of track to IAAPA since 2016 and there's no mention of the ride on their website. Seems like the Raptor track may have replaced it.
  10. What about to ride a bad wooden coaster in Ohio?
  11. Unless things have changed, that's not how crews work... I'm sure some of Firehawk's old associates went to KMAA, but others were probably dispersed through-out the park. I imagine Orion will have some of Vortex's, but it's not a simple "move crew from one ride to another".
  12. Maybe it's a factor, but I'm still hesitant to believe it's solely Orion construction. Both of those are small items in the overall construction schedule, and realistically could even be done with FOF still open. Edit - Actually, if the park treats X-Base the same way they did Rivertown or Action Zone when Diamondback and Banshee debuted, respectively, then I could see that whole area getting overhauled with a new midway, infrastructure, etc. I could see that justifying closing Flight of Fear for the event.
  13. Has the park cited Orion's construction as the reason Flight of Fear won't be operational? Considering they maintained FOF's operation through closing day, and even had Field of Scream's queue and exit cut through the construction site, I'm inclined to believe there's other reason(s) for FOF not running. Maybe it was a challenge to run in the colder weather, or keeping it open through December negatively impacted off-season maintenance.
  14. For those unfamiliar, and to avoid confusion with any of Disney's Tower of Terror rides... this is the Intamin Reverse Freefall Coaster in Australia. It's similar to Superman: Escape from Krypton at Six Flags Magic Mountain. https://rcdb.com/1127.htm
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