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  1. @kimv1972 Thank you for sharing all those photos! I especially like the one with Fort McHale - I wish that the ride still had show scenes like that today. I don't think I've ever noticed the little white stars in the wheel hubs. I don't think those are on the cars anymore, but they look like a neat little detai.l
  2. One of Enchanted Voyage's few dozen animatronic characters is for sale on Facebook Marketplace, with an asking price of $950. Tagg is four feet tall and about four-and-a-half feet long. His head rocks side to side and his tail wags back and forth. He used to be holding a stick in his mouth with two little characters suspended from it. In the actual ride, he was located across the trough from Gary Gulliver, the largest character in the ride. Per the description, he still works! This is at least the second time that Tagg has been listed for sale... he was on e
  3. I figured you were trying to make some joke about that and assume you're referring to Shoot-the-Rapids at Cedar Point? Not to downplay the severity of that situation and how horrible it could have been, but are there any other flume rides that have had issues? I know they had an issue on their rapids ride at Six Flags Over Texas in 1999, but I'm not familiar with anything past that.
  4. Lots of ride manufacturers offer log flumes, including (in alphabetical order): ABC Rides Switzerland Hafema Intamin Mack Rides Ride Engineers Switzerland Sansei Technologies SBF Visa Group WhiteWater West Zamperla
  5. Just came to say how badass your profile picture/gif is :lol: Love it

    1. TombraiderTy


      Thank you! I made it about 10 years ago and haven't changed it since :lol:

  6. I could pore over this model for hours... so many great details, and such a great tool for visualizing how expansive and intricate Phantom Theater was... especially for a regional park. One interesting piece is this knight, shortly after the big show scene. I'm fairly confident that it was never included in the actual attraction - in its place was the floating white dress, which is in the next room in the model. I wonder if the knight ever made it into production and why it was ultimately cut.
  7. There's an excellent article on Coffey in the August 1977 issue of Cincinnati Magazine. It references a lot of the things he had created up until that point. The article starts on page 64. https://books.google.com/books?id=jR0DAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PA64&ots=Jj22UkFj2t&dq=cincinnati magazine farrell coffey&pg=PA64#v=onepage&q&f=false Regarding the puppet tree, that was created in 1982 and near-identical versions were added to other parks around the same time (including California's Great America and Wonderland Sydney). I don't know how long Coffey stayed with Kings Isla
  8. Coaster Cutouts is a really cool concept and I hope to see more Kings Island rides added. I wonder if we'll get an Orion one soon - there's already the Hersheypark equivalent with Candymonium: https://www.instagram.com/p/CG_YfZ-hqNc/
  9. Unfortunately, I definitely think that this will be the case. Six Flags already announced that they're removing 15 rides across the chain, Disney has permanently shuttered some of their attractions, and now Kennywood announced this... I expect that the next few years in the theme park industry will be grim.
  10. Sad news out of Pittsburgh today - Kennywood is retiring the following four ride: Bayern Kurve (Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve) Kangaroo (Bartlett Flying Coaster) Paratrooper (Hrubetz Paratrooper) Volcano (HUSS Enterprise) Details: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHI7m1SF9Y6/?igshid=1i0qg7ixpkg0p Especially sad considering Bayern Kurve was one of only two of its kind in the country (albeit Knoebels appears to possibly be opening one next season) and Kangaroo was the last of its kind. Edit - @TombRaiderFTW beat me to the punch -
  11. Brass Ring was a really cool concept - it was themed to look like a merry-go-round, and all the food was originally on a large revolving platform, akin to a carousel. No indoor seating, just a covered open-air patio to the side (similar to today's Juke Box Diner). Here's a better picture of it, from KICentral's photo gallery / Reggie Zippo: Based off park guides, articles, and photos, it was added with the Coney Island expansion in 1975 and its last year was 1981. In 1982 it became Cafe Mexicana, though it retained its carousel appearance.
  12. I don't think it's unreasonable for users to ask for evidence and more information, especially when there's been a lot of content created without any evidence / sources provided whatsoever. I also don't see any benefits for users to be coy or super secretive with the information they share. Regarding what @Oldschool75 is referencing, there are blueprints for the original Bat tucked into the Orion queue. You can see them in the below screenshot, from this video. It's a little hard to tell, but there are are corkscrews overlaid where the two helices are.
  13. @KI Master It's two years later, but I think this is what you're looking for: Source As an aside, the ride was previously Motor Mouse and located near the center of the area. Based off photos and videos, looks like the vehicles between it and the other Hampton were interchangeable... including motorcycles at some point (absent from the above photo).
  14. The bridge over Oktoberfest's lake was added 1983 and the one over Swan Lake was present when the park opened in 1972. I believe that they were both removed after the 1994 season (at least that's the last time they were depicted on park guides). Regarding @gforce1994's recreation, I think it's important to show what he seems to be modeling it off of. Some of the earlier Kings Island concept art released to the public / Taft shareholders featured some minor changes in park layout. As scanned and shared by Steve Frazier, the 1970 Taft Broadcasting annual report:
  15. I'm not really familiar with the cemetery, but from the Warren County Genealogical Society:
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