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  1. No it does not. The former Vortex Photo booth is gone. @PKIDelirium is correct that the shelter-like structure that remains only looked like the photo booth, and was actually a different structure. You can see it behind the photo booth (and with a different roof) in this photo.
  2. Cincinnati's Coney Island had a version of this known as Twister. It opened in 1926 but parts of the ride were already un-enclosed by 1929. It opened the same year as Wildcat but was never as popular and was ultimately scrapped after the 1936 season. Regarding the original question, I think tunnels practically make any coaster better. I think underground ones are especially fun (especially that sudden drop in temperature as you dive into one). I wish more coasters were designed and built to incorporate them.
  3. Well I was primarily talking about how I've always thought the demand was there, including for the past 15 years that the campground has been gone. Likewise, I'm surprised it took 15 years for someone else to decide to invest in a new campground. And I don't think it'd be pointless - Kings Island's own campground would be closer than the aforementioned one, plus it could offer visitors exclusive perks like a tram service to the entrance, discounted admission, early ride time, etc. I don't personally think it'll happen, but I don't think the idea should be dismissed because another campground is being built nearby.
  4. That's really interesting... I wonder if the park just planned on using the small annex of the old campground that wasn't removed for Great Wolf Lodge (center of this photo), or if there were plans to clear some of the old safari land and build a new campground out there. I've always thought the demand for a campground was there, and it seems like that land would be ideal to build one on.
  5. Knoebels is introducing a drive-through Christmas light display, "Joy Through the Grove":
  6. The park could have easily auctioned off or sold tiny pieces of the ride and donated the proceeds to a charity they've worked with in the past, like Give Kids the World or A Kid Again. It would've been for a great cause, would've been great publicity for the park, and would've satisfied all the enthusiasts who would've loved to own a piece of history. Could've been a win-win-win. I'm amazed that the park (at least as of yet) hasn't done anything with the ride's remnants.
  7. I don't believe that the ACE Landmark status works that way... perhaps you're thinking of the ACE Coaster Classic, which can be rescinded (as happened to Kings Island's own Woodstock Express)?
  8. There is very little information on any of Bruce Bushman's concept art, but every news story or blog post I can find suggest it was for a never-built Hanna-Barbera park... not for Kings Island. I'd imagine that some of the ideas dreamed-up for this Hanna-Barbera Land made their way into Kings Island several years later, but (based off everything I can find and that I've read) it was not made for Kings Island. And, again, saying that the Moby Dick ride was "proposed for Kings Island" or that the concept art was for "a boat attraction in the spot of land that eventually became the site of Enchanted Voyage" - unless you have additional information you're not sharing - is misleading at best. For what it's worth, the first instance of the concept art I can find online was an April 2007 blog post. There isn't much information attached to the images there, but it notes that they were recently auctioned on eBay by Howard Lowery Gallery. And for posterity's sake (and because the page with the images linked earlier has a habit of publishing misleading articles, not to mention Facebook itself compresses the images), here are all of Bruce Bushman's Hanna-Barbera Land concepts:
  9. So... you’re saying I’m right and the Bushman concept art was not for Kings Island, and it’s therefore misleading to say it was and that the Moby Dick ride was intended for Enchanted Voyage’s space?
  10. Bouncing off this, I’ve always been under the impression that the Bushman concept art was not necessarily for Kings Island, but for a Hanna-Barbera park... Taft saw the success that Disney had with injecting its characters into a theme park and wanted to do the same with the newly-acquired Hanna-Barbera characters. It just worked out that Coney Island wanted to partner with Taft and Kings Island ultimately replaced that stand alone park idea. @gforce1994 Unless you have additional information and/or photos you’re not sharing, then I think it’s misleading to say that the Moby Dick ride was planned for Kings Island, or that it was set for where Enchanted Voyage ultimately went.
  11. If we’re sharing our original logo souvenirs, I’ve had this for a few years now. I don’t remember if it came from an antique shop or eBay though.
  12. ^Thanks for sharing! I think I own the same glass with International Street somewhere in my collection. The Coney Island brochure scan is especially interesting - the map of the park at the bottom left has some drastic differences compared to what was actually built: pond outside park entrance, Turnpike in place of Scooby-Doo, a bridge over Royal Fountain (!!!)... I wonder if there's a full sized version of that map floating around somewhere... @kimv1972 is this the map that you were asking about here?
  13. Not to go off topic too much, but regarding the different logos... does anyone remember in 2007 when the park just removed the Paramount's part of the fountain marquee and left the bottom half in place? I'm assuming @BeeastFarmer is referring to souvenirs with a similar set-up, which I think I saw a few of last year. Regarding the tiki mugs... @TikiDan151 thanks for sharing! I don't have anything to add that others didn't already cover - that logo wasn't used on park publications 1972 onward, but it's on some early merchandise. As @standbyme put it - it was "like the park just bought an item from a wholesaler and slapped their logo on it."
  14. I think it's the first time recently, but not the first... when the ride opened there used to be a small souvenir stand outside the exit, Adventure Supplies, with a whole collection of totally 90s souvenirs... including this gem: In 2017 there was a four-pack shotglass set with the wooden coasters - Beast, Racer, Mystic Timbers, and... Adventure Express But before that, the best I could ever find was when the ride's logo was on a shirt with all the other coasters.
  15. As much as I'd love a collection of Adventure Express pins with Bubba, another tiki god, etc., I'm always happy to see any Adventure Express merchandise
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