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  1. I'm pretty sure I voiced that opinion in a trip report years and years ago. That was 2008, when CornSTALKERS was relocated to Action Zone due to Diamondback construction. The queue started near Invertigo and you approached Drop Tower, so you'd see the big tower while walking through. For 2009 though, the trail was reversed so you now entered near Drop Tower and exited by Invertigo. I assume the shift was more operations than anything else though - the trail probably drew more people in a more centralized location, plus they could use Congo Falls' queue to accommodate the guests. I'm fairly confident Kings Island has never used White Water Canyon's trough as part of the trail. The secondary queue used WWC's overlook (including a large portion that was unused the remainder of the season), and the trail itself was the exit pathway. It never took advantage of the trough though. Perhaps you're thinking of Cedar Point's Thunder Canyon? They used it for their CornSTALKERS at one point (and maybe still do? I haven't been to their event in years and don't know its history as well).
  2. Just curious, did you ever ride Python? In my opinion it's the last ride I'd want relocated from Coney to Kings Island
  3. For some reason I missed the Flying Bobs - I could see that type of ride fitting nicely at Kings Island. It doesn't appear the park currently has a Musik Express though (did they previously?), and the Trabant and Super Round Up were unfortunately removed a few years ago. And just 2 were previous models at Kings Island - Halley's Comet was a Round Up and Wheel of Fortune was a Trabant.
  4. I agree with @Gordon Bombay - it'd be neat, but I'd be surprised. Most are low-capacity, and those with moderate through-puts Kings Island already has versions of (swinging ship, Scrambler, etc.). The exception is the Tilt-A-Whirl, which would fit beautifully in Coney Mall... if only. I hope they find homes elsewhere though, especially the classics like the Rock-O-Plane. You don't see too many of those around anymore.
  5. Link to an article: https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/hamilton-county/cincinnati/coney-island-removing-all-rides-at-the-end-of-the-season?fbclid=IwAR3uQTHLt9nYGCcLZMLc6-lL6XP6KRc_omfZFMleq53nglD0wt4J6ZrmjkI I was always hoping the park would get a small wooden roller coaster, like Kentucky Flyer. It would've been reminiscent of the park's golden age. Oh well.
  6. ^Very cool! I've never seen that Bat souvenir before. Please don't ever throw that away - I guarantee plenty of Kings Island fans will be more than happy to take it off your hands once you decide to part with it
  7. Thanks for sharing! Your first set of pictures appear to be from 1973 - I don't believe the large snail was added to the front of Enchanted Voyage until the 1974 season, and he's absent from your shots. You also have a few Cedar Point and (maybe?) Geauga Lake pictures mixed-in, which are cool to see. Are the pictures from your second and third post maybe the same year? The Enchanted Voyage ones appear to be from Winterfest, as Gary Gulliver is wearing a scarf (the park decorated the attraction with Christmas theming). Enchanted Voyage and Winterfest only overlapped in 1982 and 1983, so it'd have to be from one of those two years.
  8. Two years later, but the arch was actually added in 2010 with the addition of Planet Snoopy. It wasn't around during Nickelodeon's in-park existence.
  9. Jungle Jim's has a Kings Island snail, but not the Enchanted Voyage one. Here's a shot of it from December 2015 - you can compare it to the photo @Dreymeister posted and see they're different characters. To answer the original question, the Boo Blasters building also includes the former Enchanted Theater, dressing rooms and similar for said theater, and storage for the park's custodial department. I don't know how Enchanted Voyage's footprint compared, although finding a layout of that ride has been one of my Kings Island "white whales" for a few years now.
  10. Very cool; thanks for sharing! I think I remember seeing the same Vortex sticker, or at least a similar one, on eBay a few months ago. When you find The Bat frisbee I'd love to see a picture of it - I don't think I've seen that souvenir before.
  11. Little late, but Kings Island does track the exact number of cycles and riders for all its rides. Every hour, every day. Over 45+ years there'll obviously be some error, but I assume the numbers listed are the official counts.
  12. Minor nitpick, but Intamin did not manufacture Zodiac. Intamin was only the ride broker; it was manufactured by Waagner-Biro.
  13. Yes, I referenced that rumor two posts above the one you quoted. I have my doubts on that actually being the reason the house was kept, but it's possible.
  14. Wow! Thanks for sharing @Old_Bearcat, that's a really cool view. Do you have a link to a higher quality one? I'd love to zoom in on the details. (Edit - Just realized I wasn't expanding it all the way) The giant America flag in the parking lot is interesting - I had never heard about this, but looks like it was composed of 500 1976 Vega station wagons. Here's a short article about it from The Cincinnati Enquirer in April 1976: It's also really cool to see the size of Lion Country Safari, the original Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad layout, and the old houses near the railroad. Thanks again for sharing!
  15. ^Have you tried the CoasterDynamix models? I haven't had any issues with their quality compared to Lego, even when disassembling and reassembling the same sets.
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