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  1. I don’t think I’d consider either ride prototype/first-of-its-kind, like former additions such as Son of Beast, The Bat, King Cobra, etc. Both coaster models had proven true and tested before Kings Island added them. In terms of record breakers, Banshee has the title as the world’s longest inverted coaster, but what does Mystic have? Besides pushing the sum of all park (*wooden) track up to the highest in any park?
  2. You're correct on Enchanted Voyage boats, plus the Turnpike, Antique Cars, Gulliver's Rub-a-Dub, Kings Mill Log Flume, and even the parking lot trams. Arrow built a lot of the original Kings Island... and a lot of most 1970's amusement parks. Regarding the original post, I'm very curious where this supposed layout is coming from. Is CoasterNation taking the one line description of the proposed roller coaster from Cincinnati Enquirer, assuming the ride was comparable to the later Windjammer, and then making a custom layout? Or is it based on any blueprints or old concept art? If not (and if it's just from the mind of the creator), it seems a little misleading in my opinion to say that a long lost coaster has been "rediscovered".
  3. Interesting... and also odd. Sky Ride was added to Coney in 1964 1965, so replacing all the cars only eight seven years later seems strange. Is it possible that maybe just additional cars were purchased, considering the ride would be longer at Kings Island? @Shaggy is correct - from Charles J. Jacques, Jr.'s Cincinnati's Coney Island (a wonderful resource on the old park), "New ships were added to the Flying Scooter [in 1960], which made the ride more maneuverable." Here's a shot of the ride at Coney in June 1968, shared in some Facebook groups by Mark Bengel: You can see that the bases of the cars are more angular than they are in the photo @gforce1994 shared.
  4. I never knew that the gondolas changed between Coney Island and Kings Island - do you have any more information on this? And fun fact, Coney Island only had three Sky Ride towers. A fourth was added when it was relocated to Kings Island.
  5. Oh I don't question that Fury was used to (thankfully) keep Monster alive. At this point I'd be surprised if it wasn't a hybrid of the two, and big kudos to Kings Island (and Cedar Fair as a whole) for caring for these classic rides enough to keep them running. Also I like your reference to the Ship of Theseus - I think the "Coaster of Theseus" is a fascinating philosophical discussion to be had Anyhow, to push this more on topic... Here's some interesting shots of Monster I've stumbled on over the years with relevant information. Hopefully users find them enjoyable. Here's a rare June 1970 shot of Monster at Cincinnati's Coney Island, a couple years after it opened. The picture was shared by Mark Bengel in some Facebook groups about a year-and-a-half ago. Note the circular "skirt" around the base of the ride - I don't think that ever made it to Kings Island (but anyone please correct me if I'm wrong). A funny 1972 screengrab from The Partridge Family's I Left My Heart in Cincinnati episode (note the YouTube link is a cut version of the episode). I've always found it interesting that a keen eye could spot security, management, etc. lined-up against the fence watching. I'd be surprised if Kings Island allowed people in the ride area like such for any reason today. A 1974 shot, shared on this site in this incredible topic. I believe that spiral pattern was added in 1973 (or possibly mid-1972). I'd love to see that return someday. That infamous 1981 shot with the ride missing It was originally posted on fuse.net, but its page is long gone. (Hopefully without going too far into it, for anyone unfamiliar... the old rumor was that KI removed Monster for the 1981 season and shipped it up to Canada's Wonderland, where it opened as Shiva's Fury. In 1982, Monster re-opened at Kings Island but it was not the same ride - instead, it was the one that had been intended for Canada's Wonderland. Canada's Wonderland operated our "original" Monster through 2003, and in an ironic twist it was ultimately returned to Kings Island for spare parts usage. However, looking at a 1980 construction photo of Canada's Wonderland you'd see Shiva's Fury... which debunks that whole rumor, as Monster wasn't also gone from Kings Island in 1980. There's still the question of why Monster was missing in 1981 though, and the newspaper excerpt shared by @KIghostguy is worth discussing.) One more shot and much more recent (and from KICentral's own photo gallery). Those tube lights were removed from the top piece around 2005 I think... Cedar Point's still has them though, so hopefully someday Kings Island will return them to our ride.
  6. I pointed out a small error, as I think it's important to keep history accurate. Only had to put more effort in cause you kept commenting
  7. I never said or implied Chad made anything up. The ride closed in 2003 and was later relocated to Kings Island. Possibly Chad mistook those dates as "the ride was closed and relocated to Kings Island in 2003". Seems like a simple, easy mistake to me. And in terms of ride parts, the central unit on the ride, the individual pods, and the arms all appeared at Kings Island at the same time in 2008-2009. I don't know if there's much else from the ride that would've been shipped down separately from all that five or six years earlier. I had forgotten about this until now, but I actually have a personal picture of part of Canada's Wonderland's old ride at Kings Island. The picture was shot from Eiffel Tower on May 23, 2009. I wish my camera zoom had been better, but it's still identifiable. And the reason I took the picture was because the part was something new and hadn't previously been there. And you can compare it to the same part in our own Monster in this picture, as posted here in June 2015 when the ride was being refurbished.
  8. Believe what you want, but the pieces of The Fury / Shiva's Fury weren't at Kings Island in 2003... or 2004... or 2005... as stated, they first appeared around 2008 or 2009. They're visible in Google Earth in 2010, so for sure they were present by then. And to back-up the claim that the pieces were still at Canada's Wonderland during those earlier years... Here we have some posts from August 2007 with one user indicating where the ride pieces for The Fury were stored at Canada's Wonderland. Here is another forum, also August 2007, referencing another defunct ride and how it "would be in peices [sic] behind the park with Shiva's Fury" And the forum I cannot find on CWMania.com... sorry I can't provide a direct quote, but I remember a 2009 thread where it was discussed that, during an enthusiast event, it was shared that the pieces of The Fury had been sent down to Kings Island. The blog post is a great summary of the Eyerly Aircraft Company and its contributions to the amusement industry, but the wording suggesting Shiva's Fury was donated to Kings Island in 2003 isn't correct. Shiva's Fury was ultimately sent down to Kings Island, it just took a little bit longer.
  9. Kings Island has previously stated that our Monster is the one from Coney Island. I don't think anything new was shared in this blog post in terms of whether or not the ride was replaced at some point, and some of the evidence suggesting that the current Monster is not the original Monster still exists. Also, for what it's worth... Canada's Wonderland's Monster ride (Shiva's Fury) wasn't sent to Kings Island in 2003. The ride shuttered that year, but it then sat in storage at Canada's Wonderland until I think 2008 or 2009. I wish I could find the old posts about it on CWMania.com (an old Canada's Wonderland fansite), but their forums no longer exist and the Wayback Machine doesn't seem to have archived them.
  10. It was not repainted in 2014, although its opening was delayed like a month as it needed a replacement part. I don't think Drop Tower has been repainted since 2006... which sounds crazy long, but Baynum Painting's website backs that up (even if it has the wrong Drop Tower pictured - https://baynumpainting.com/projects/2019/10/14/drop-zone)
  11. I remember reading this in the old "Genesis of a Roller Coaster" article that ran in Cincinnati Enquirer when Vortex opened. Here's a clip of the paragraph mentioning the ride. I'm curious if you have a different document and what that one includes.
  12. Stumbled on this on Twitter... it appears that Kings Island may be selling a small sliver of land adjacent to Kings High School to the school district. The land is currently undeveloped (and much of it cannot be developed due to topography), but would be used by the school for its sports fields and storm water management. Area of interest on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/EHugudjSg3MqVpRt9 I cannot find any additional information on this, but thought it was interesting. Does anyone know more? Also, an interesting aside... the map appears to still show the park's former Monorail, which was removed after the 1993 season. That land is now vacant.
  13. Wow! I love how the first two pictures are a before-and-after... I wonder why Congo Curio wasn't adequate to turn into Ice Scream Zone, considering the two look very similar in size (and if it wasn't for these photos and your previous comment, I'd assume it was the same building). Thanks for sharing those shots!
  14. This quote from the article is interesting... I'm surprised it took ten years for them to find that solution, considering the (former) Dueling Dragons used sand in its track to dampen the noise since 1999... Part of me wonders if they "came across" the solution via this video - it came out last year and went viral with nearly three million views (and is definitely worth a watch):
  15. I've never seen a video of the ride from that angle - thanks for sharing!
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