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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Columbus Zoo has announced Redwood Falls' replacement, Tidal Twist. It's a Zamperla spinning coaster, and based off the ride stats it sounds like it'll specifically be a compact spinning mouse. Article: https://www.coaster101.com/2021/04/15/columbus-zoo-announces-tidal-twist/ Ride Model: https://rcdb.com/14399.htm
  2. I acknowledge the misinformation in the USA Today article, but "a man killed riding The Beast when he stood up and hit a tunnel wall" is an odd line to just insert without any facts attached... unless the author was being incredibly irresponsible and reciting a rumor he heard and was assuming as truth? The Colossus death he referenced is based on fact, and it's also odd that the following line in the article references the Consumer Products Safety Commission and its data... which is a factual, reliable source. I tried finding any additional information on CPSC's website, but it seems that
  3. @Eric FL This scan of an old newspaper article was just shared by Trace Eggers in the KIHistory Facebook group and appears to show one of the gazebos you're remembering.
  4. Yes, the Tilt-a-Whirl (Whirligigs) previously operated at Wyandot Lake and left the zoo after 2017. It thankfully still operates, now at Funtimes Fun Park in Alliance, Ohio. Their little teaser ("But stay tuned, as we have a whole new "twist" on fun coming this summer! [Upside-down face emoji]") makes it sound like a replacement is set for this summer. Given that's only a few months away, I imagine it'll be a flat ride of some kind.
  5. This seems unexpected - the Redwood Falls log flume at Columbus Zoo is currently being demolished, as shared by the zoo on Facebook The ride opened in 2008 and was manufactured by German company Hafema. Their post says "But stay tuned, as we have a whole new "twist" on fun coming this summer! [Upside-down face emoji]".
  6. I wonder what caused its delays... it wasn't the first Arrow hydro-flume, so I wouldn't think it'd have prototype problems. Maybe the 1972-1973 off-season was particularly rainy or snowy or something? Here's a summer 1973 construction shot of it, shared by @Sergeant Pepper in this thread. And here it is seemingly up and running in 1973, courtesy flickr user tshiverd. The specific date is unknown, but you can see the trees are starting to change colors. I wish I could've ridden Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal, but I'm grateful for the handful of Arrow hydro-flumes still
  7. Someone just shared this wonderful home video of Kings Island from 1973 in the KIHistory Facebook group and on YouTube. It's excellent footage of the park its second year, including Marathon Turnpike, actors and special effects on the Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad, views from the Eiffel Tower, and some of the storefronts on International Street. It's about six-and-a-half minutes and definitely worth watching.
  8. Well look where episode 106 of the Brady Bunch was filmed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Brady_Bunch_episodes#Season_5_(1973–74)
  9. Six Flags Over Georgia removing their sky ride would be a huge bummer. I'm not too surprised though - I visited the park in summer 2019 and was surprised to see how inefficient its operations were... there were so few buckets, it seemed to be running at maybe 10% a regular sky ride's capacity. I wish I rode it, but the crowds were absurd that day. To answer @CoastersRZ question, only Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Great Adventure still have their Von Roll sky rides. Outside the aforementioned Six Flags ones, I believe that the only other Von Roll sky rides still operating in t
  10. I'd love to see a medium- to large-sized Ferris Wheel added to the park. I think that you can have more than one ride that offers views of the park, and a Ferris Wheel is a great ride that's super inclusive... pretty much anyone can ride it. I'm also always a fan of adding more rides outside of Planet Snoopy that kids can ride.
  11. I never knew about that - thanks for sharing your memory! Here's an advert for it from July 14, 1995 in the Dayton Daily News.
  12. Thanks for sharing your visit! Sounds like a fun day. I'm impressed that you did Pirates and Mansion a cumulative nine times in one day... I feel like it may lose the magic for me after a couple This line really stood out: "...but one good piece of news is that everybody was following safety protocols and wearing masks which really put me at ease for the whole trip". I think Disney has done a phenomenal job at enforcing masks in their parks. I love the other Orlando parks, but there's definitely a difference when compared to Disney in the number of guests that opt to not properly wear mas
  13. You can see it behind the Floral Date in this 1977 picture (from an old eBay auction, unfortunately I don't have a name or anything attached for crediting) And here it is from Zodiac, screenshotted from the 1:30 mark of this YouTube video, from EFC 8MM Home Videos
  14. You're thinking of the Kings Island Theater (not to be confused with the current Kings Island Theater, which is the indoor theater near the park entrance that used to be The Paramount Theatre). The original Kings Island Theater opened with the park in 1972 and was a big red vinyl structure supported by air pressure. It collapsed due to a December 1974 snowfall and was replaced with a new version (now blue) for the 1975 season. Its last year was 1977, and it was replaced by Tower Gardens in 1978. Theater in August 1973 (courtesy gorillasdontblog.blogspot.com): Theater collapse i
  15. Cinema 180 (also referred to as Cinema 180 Theatre) opened in 1986 and had a different film every year. It appears to have last played a film in 1995, and was briefly re-purposed as an upcharge laser tag game in the early 2000s. It was then storage through its removal before the 2009 season. Here's a (I think) complete listing of its movies with brief descriptions, pulled or re-worded from old park guides, newspapers, etc. 1986 - Flight 747 - airline pilot landing a Boeing 747 when chaos ensues 1987 - Block-buster - clips from a helicopter ride around Seattle’s Space Needle, a mot
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