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  1. I don't know if I've heard about The Bat phone... I remember hearing about how FoF had to coordinate its launches with Drop Zone since they both required such a large power intake. And after the fire at FOF in 2014, they had to set-up a livestream of Drop Tower and concentrate all their launches to in-between Drop's cycles. Does that have anything to do with it? Regarding SOB, I've frequently heard that it never ran three trains with the public. I believe it, but don't have any concrete evidence or anything.
  2. The first few weeks would’ve had to of been after the grand opening then (and not the April 29 opening), based off the June 11, 1972 photo above
  3. I wasn’t alive for any of the modifications, but based off photos and videos I’ve seen it appears the tower opened with only the bottom rail in 1972 and by the time The Partridge Family filmed an episode at the park later that year they had extended the fencing upward. Someone recently shared a picture in Facebook group (I think the pass holder one) from the top of Tower in 1972, without the upper rail. I’ll try and find it to share it here, but just looking at it gives me acrophobia Edit - Here’s a screenshot of a photo of a picture of the original railing... unfortunately I don’t have the original contributor tied to it, but it’s a really cool shot. I’m thinking the railing is maybe 48”?
  4. Definitely during testing. It’s a black and white photo so it’s hard to tell, but it doesn’t appear to have the gradient paint job present when the ride opened. I doubt the ride ever operated to the public with only four cars .
  5. They were standard bleachers. You can see them bottom left in this 1978 photo from jade_41171 on flickr. I know I've seen a photo or two from ground level of the venue, but can't find them at the moment.
  6. As Shaggy said, Stadium of Stars (sometimes referred to as Stadium of the Stars). It repurposed some of the bleachers the park had purchased for the Evel Knievel motorcycle jump and was used for visiting celebrities. It was added in 1977 and was last used in 1981. Festhaus sits in its spot now.
  7. The second video I shared in my above post is actually the footage you're talking about... although the YouTube video title is confusingly in Spanish. Here's the full video, now with an English title. Screamin' Demon starts around the 21:20 mark:
  8. I was just responding to the park maps - as you stated, they were inconsistent elsewhere and didn't stick with only The Demon after the change. For what it's worth, I've also always wondered if (and assumed that) the name change was to make The Demon consistent with The Beast and later The Bat. The ride definitely waned in terms of marketability... while looking through old brochures, it was slowly mentioned less and less. Interestingly, it seems Viking Fury took its place in a lot of the ride descriptions. Regarding the ride's logo, I believe @jandyb79 previously shared some early drafts of the demon character... including one with a full body. I cannot find them in his post history, but it was very interesting to see how the concept evolved into the logo they ultimately used.
  9. The 1981 park guide is the last time it was referred to as Screamin' Demon in a typical park map. From 1982 through its closure all references in the typical park maps were just The Demon... yet the park was weirdly inconsistent elsewhere. Like the poster maps - it was referred to as The Demon on the 1982 poster map onward, up until its final season when the 1987 poster map called it Screamin' Demon again. Weirdly the 1987 park map still listed it as The Demon though. And a 1984 brochure also lists Screamin' Demon in a description of the park's rides, whereas the 1984 park map used The Demon. I wonder what the actual entrance sign said during these years. There's no audio, but here's some wonderful footage of the ride in action from its first year (featuring that six car train). Lots of other vintage Kings Island in the video too: And some more great footage, now with the five car train, starting at 2:37 in this video:
  10. October 23, 2009 (how was that 10 years ago?!)
  11. Lots of other additions in 1977... Boulder Bumpers, International Showplace, Stadium of the Stars, North American animals to the safari, Fascination, Kings Island Inn expansion, Pinball Attic, Flintstones subsection in the children's area... The sixth car actually appears to have been dropped during the ride's first year of operation. There's an interesting article in the Cincinnati Enquirer from September 11, 1977 where Director of Ride Operations Bill Reed is quoted as saying "We were able to adapt the new ride to our needs. The ride was designed with a four-car train. We wanted it changed to five cars, for capacity. The engineers changed the structure on the ride, tested it in our location, and decided it was safe.” However, several photos and videos from the 1977 season show a six car train... including this small news article from less than two weeks earlier: I don't know if the above malfunction had anything to do with the six car train, but based off Reed's quote they may have changed the train length shortly after. At the latest, it was five cars by 1978 based off photos. I think you answered your own question there. The gradient was present its first couple seasons but gone by 1981. It was a dull brown up until its removal from Kings Island. For what it's worth, your recreation shouldn't have the yellow going as far up both hills and doesn't use enough orange. Here's a great shot of the whole ride from 1978, courtesy jade_41171 on flickr: Regarding Screamin' Demon versus Demon... they were used interchangeably at points, but 1982 is the first year the ride was referenced exclusively as "The Demon" in the park guides.
  12. Well in 1983 the building was used as the roller coaster station for The Bat. The Bat was still operating in 1983 1984 it was dormant alongside the coaster. The Bat was demolished April 1985 and the station then sat empty for the 1985 and 1986 seasons. A fence was put in front of the queue entrance and a sign was placed between Shake, Rattle & Roll and the station, instructing guests to watch the area for a new ride.
  13. That video is a little misleading - it mixes the poster maps the park sold with the typical park map guests were provided. The poster maps were beautiful, whereas the typical park map was sometimes a simplistic map composed of shapes and lines. Like the video's transition from 1987 to 1988 makes it look like the park completely overhauled the map, but in reality that was just 1988's poster map. The 1988 standard map was near-identical to 1987's.
  14. Is it possible that you saw the TV edit of the episode? A good chunk of the footage has been cut to allow for more ad time, like shots of Antique Cars and I think The Racer. The full episode is available on iTunes and for streaming on Hulu (although even the full episode is still substantially Kings Island Inn versus the park)
  15. If memory serves me right, I believe that the bulk of the files were originally shared with ACE on a DVD produced for the park's 30th anniversary... or something like that. Some quick web searches aren't turning anything up, but hopefully someone with more knowledge can correct/clarify that. They were originally posted on the old PKIAsylum, and KIExtreme hosted them after the former website died.
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