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  1. If that is the section of the park I am thinking of, I believe that they still have a lot of land back there. Kings Island is about 50%-60% developed as far as land goes. At least according to my sources, aka a couple coworkers who worked at Kings Island as recently as this year.
  2. Ah ok, thanks for the clarification!! That helps a lot!
  3. Arrow has been out of business for close to 20 years. That makes this hard to find parts for. Cedar Fair is taking out their Arrow suspended coasters as well, so this is not too much of a stretch or a shock. Firehawk was not only a nightmare with capacity and plagued by issues, but Vekoma upgraded the model and probably made it harder to find parts for this model of Flying Dutchman. Arrow being completely out of business means that aftermarket parts can be found, but that it not always the best idea. I honestly think that if Arrow was still around, Vortex would have many years left. It is also probably not an easy decision. I do not think that this was out of the blue, and I am almost certain that they will be removing Top Gun/Bat/Flight Deck within the next 5 years due to it being an Arrow coaster. I am said and upset to see Vortex go, as it is in my top 10 favorite coasters, and will always be grateful for the credit. However, I think that the positive might be that this could be the site for an ground up RMC (timeline of an RMC build works out of about 1.5-2 years minimum). Kings Island has the next coaster at least in development after Orion, as it takes about 4-5 years from conception to completeion for a coaster, at least according to the research I have done.
  4. Can they install incandescent bulds or neon bulbs still? I was under the impression that the LEDs and CFLs were required by law, but it is very possible that I am misunderstanding and this only applies to individual households.
  5. So as far as BD goes, Drums of the Dead is KI's version of BD. Apparently the BD guys were actually contracted through another company and not employed by Cedar Fair. At least, that is what my co-worker said who still works shows for Carnivale, Haunt (not this year though), and Winterfest. This co-worker also informed me that other Cedar Fair parks are still running BD...
  6. DB is back and it looks like at least two trains. Mystic Timbers effects still out.
  7. Yeah but it’s slowing us down. I’ve got a lot of stuff to show them here still!!!
  8. I know! I’m here with some family from out town who are looking forward to it. Just shut the ride down and get at least one out...
  9. I just got an email that said that they are starting Pass perks for gold and platinum pass holders. It’s a rewards program for visiting KI!
  10. An inversion on a giga would be awesome! I love how our community of enthusiants think!
  11. Brewhouse croutons are amazing for the record! My boyfriend and I have meal plans and just finished another yummy meal at Brewhouse! And it wasn’t super crowded at the park today so we got our food in no time!
  12. When I worked at Kings Island, they would close food stands based off of attendance in the park. They would close stands and send people home on low attendance days. It is not necessarily based off of staffing 100%.
  13. It looks too small for a B&M train storage facility. It is probably just a storage facility or something, because it’s small.
  14. It’s definitely something. It looks too small for Haunt building. The bathrooms were a joke but it won’t let me post emojis from my phone!
  15. These are construction by FOF and Adventure Express today from The Racer exit. They have an area to pour concrete. Maybe it’s those rumored bathrooms! Construction is in full force...
  16. I have since seen them elsewhere in the park. They were also in Rivertown last time I saw them. I’m thinking it is unrelated now. They might just be investors or something.
  17. There is a full time park employee taking some executives or something around the park. I saw them near FOF and Congo Falls today (5-23-19). They’ve been roaming since I got here an hour ago...wonder if they are here about 2020 projects...
  18. I thought that it was a law. Any theme park I have been to offers it.
  19. As a female with a large chest size as well, I am going to forewarn you that Banshee's restraints can get extremely tight in the chest. This only tends to happen right as it returns to the brakes right before the station. This tends to happen when it is extremely hot out as well. Hope this helps out! According to your picture and descriptions, you are roughly the same body type as myself. I do not have any issues other than the restraints on Banshee tightening throughout the ride on extremely hot days! Hope this helps! Enjoy KI tomorrow!
  20. Love the space theme idea! I think it would be cool to keep with the testing base as well!
  21. 1. We do not know 100% which direction the coaster will go. It could go out toward AE and AZ in general, instead of towards The Beast. (Although toward The Beast is the most likely). 2. It might not be a giga coaster. (There are several others that would be cool as well!) 3. They could be doing something never seen on a giga or hyper (to my knowledge) such as a loop.
  22. I would love to see an adult Whip and a tilt a whirl (purely for nostalgia rides, I loved that style of ride as a kid). Also, a Tumble Bug. I would also like to see an Enterprise ride (like the Witches' Wheel), a Musik Express like ride, also with a ferris wheel, a rotor, and a round up ride. Those are all things that I think that would appeal to a wide array of ages. Most of these are nostalgic for me, but others are because I think that they would be a great fit!
  23. The roar of coasters and the sound of the lifts are iconic to any amusement park with coasters! I remember the most exciting things to hear at KI as a kid were the screams from Drop Zone and the Face/Off roar. Also, I kind of miss that noisy lift chain from Firehawk. It had that "click click" charm of a chain lift that could be heard throughout the Coney Mall. We could hear it over The Racer when I worked at the Skyline and Subway in the Coney Mall. Also, the Firehawk roar was pretty awesome too! Sorry nostalgia set in!
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