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  1. That is a real shame. I spoke to Don Helbig a few years back about The Bat Head and he informed me otherwise. But it was a very brief encounter and I probably misunderstood. Glad I didn't send it to him! I'm considering the RC Museum in Texas. I think would be a nice home.
  2. A very close friend of mine was head of steel coasters at the time and was known as "The Man Who Killed The Bat". The above post from IndyGuy4KI points out one of the two main reasons the ride was beyond repair. The brakes should have been placed with the wheel carriages rather than at the bottom of the cars. The other issue - lack of track banking - is commonly known but could have been resolved. The daily repairs mentioned above mostly involved replacement of the shocks on the cars to control swinging. They were lucky to make it a full day depending on position in the train. Many people are aware that The Bat was intended to have a corkscrew type inversion. There are photos on-line somewhere of it at the Arrow plant. When my friend passed, I as given one of the few remaining Bat Heads from the train or the entrance sign. We are unable to determine where it was originally placed. If anyone is interested in photos, please let me know.
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