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  1. Racer Boy is real. I don't believe in these kinds of things but I have had first hand proof. Working late after the park had closed I was turning in my money apron at the Coney Mall bank. It was one of the nights the park had power hours staying open to midnight. It was after midnight and the park was closed, guests had all been pushed out. There are doors leading out to an alley way between the games and The Racer. That door slammed shut and the few of us still around ran out to see what it was. We were right by the door so it took no time to look out and no one was around. Even if it was someone, there would have been no time to duck in anywhere, there is no where to duck in to. No weather that night, calm summer night, so it wasn't the wind. Only other explanation is Racer Boy.
  2. Has anyone been able to purchase $1 Banshee swirl ice cream?
  3. I thought CP's opening day was next week end but their web cams show people walking in the park. Some have strollers and one even was walking a dog. Dry run maybe?
  4. I came across that, but specific benefits like the ice cream and game deals. Any page that tells you everything you get. I think Cedar Point does, wondering if KI has anything like it.
  5. I am sure we disscussed this before but I can't seem to find anything on it. Can gold and platinum pass holders get $1 Banshee ice cream at the stand next to Banshee? Also having trouble finding all the benifits you get as a gold or platinum pass holder, does anyone know of a link to such a site?
  6. I wonder if the sign that was posted earlier in the thread about free wifi is still up. I too could get no wifi in the park last weekend anywhere.
  7. It was a nuisance is all. I'm a broad shouldered guy, I just drop a shoulder and pass on through. It is amusing to look behind to see how many people follow through the hole I open.
  8. Now that I see your pictures, I remember seeing you in lines with your chicken hat! HAHA!
  9. Did anyone else notice how hard it was to move around Action Zones entrance around dinner time opening day? Many large groups of kids all standing around talking and making it very difficult to traverse through the area. Didn't have a pass last year so maybe this is a on going problem. Also really bad around the Ice Cream shop near Banshee, but I can understand that one more.
  10. Back in 2008 I wanted to get the family passes and I wanted to get them at the lowest price of the season in the fall for the 2009 season. My oldest was just under 48" and I was curious of this exact situation. I called guest services and I was told that what hieght they are at point of purchase is what will hold true for the season of the pass being purchased. Sure enough the 2009 season my son was over 48" and over 50" by the end of the season. Not once were we ever stopped for his height and we went over a dozen times that season. Couple of things, I believe, that you pay one price at point of sale. You shouldn't have to worry about getting caught and paying more later down the line. You paid the price with no intention of deceit. These are kids we are talking about, good business practices will go along way in that customer returning. Also, if they do ask you nicely to upgrade to adult, is that price based on current prices or when your orginal purchase was made? Either way it is good business to honor the original contract, at original point of sale.
  11. I envision you guys counting over and over again on your fingers just how many days till open. HA! I also envision you guys counting with your shoes off when it was over ten days, and that is even more humorous!!!
  12. Check out the web cam, Diamondback is testing!
  13. OH NO!!! Where is the Wayne's World car and submarines in the water!!! I sure hope they don't take those out!!! HAHA
  14. I'm going to miss the skeletons on the crapper! HAHA!!!
  15. I worked for the company that ran these machines back in the 90's at PKI. As homestar92 said earlier the machines that have the expensive prizes have a threshold that must be reached before the prize will be awarded. So in a sense they are rigged. As for the plush machines, I could stuff any machine so that you couldn't win. But on the other hand when you pay 50 cents to play and win on the first try KI still won, the prize only cost us pennies. I could also take a closed ended wrench and slightly bend the claw arms to make a game easier or harder to win. Kind of like every time you pick something out it slips out. Bottom line is there are some many ways to set these machines up to be loose or tight. I typically watch someone else play so I can determine if it can be won or not.
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