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  1. Maybe? I don't know the logistics of it all, but I guess anything is possible with money and creativity.
  2. The queue is looking to be the one with the best theming at KI so far! I'm so happy that we finally have a good coaster with some great theming!
  3. I believe that Mystic Timbers might just be in contention with The Beast to become the fan favorite of the park. While some people weren't happy that we got MT and not a giga, I was excited because we are finally getting a modern wooden coaster. And after the GP rides it, I feel like they will most definitely warm up to it and realise that it is an amazing ride. It probably won't ever replace The Beast as my personal and sentimental favorite, it will be an amazing ride nonetheless!
  4. If only the WindSeeker soundtrack was used around the rest of the park.
  5. True, but they did have a picnic grove, a bubble pool, and trampolines. So I don't think they have a problem putting attractions there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I would say to put a Flying Eagles where Flight Commander was, but they put one in Planet Snoopy so that really takes that out of consideration. I would very much like one of Gerstlauer's Sky Rollers, it's something very unique for the park and would fit the area very well!
  7. I hope they re-add one someday, they are such good fun!
  8. This is looking better every time I look at it!
  9. Definitely needs some French style music to fit with the French vibe the area gives off. It would enhance the experience so much!
  10. Unlike the other CF parks, it seems that all of the wooden coasters are generally well liked by the GP. So I don't think KI would fit in with this trend, unless they decided to make a gutsy move and RMC The Racer.
  11. It really wouldn't make sense for them to reveal what they've been teasing for 8 months, 2 weeks before the ride opens. Not good from a business or entertainment perspectives.
  12. It's just in such an odd place, just smack dab in the middle of 2 different themed areas. It most certainly belonged in Action Zone, and it would have fit much better there.
  13. And hopefully because The Racer is a classic, it will be loved as long as it is still open
  14. Very true! I'm so happy to actually see some theming on this ride, and hopefully it's showing what we'll possibly see in the future with other rides.
  15. I know the off season is almost over when I am having vivid dreams of walking around the park and am counting down the remaining 13 days of the offseason! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Hopefully after MT opens, people won't stop riding The Racer because they think it's too rough now.
  17. That kid is a living legend! It takes some true talent/luck to win those games, and he must have had alot of that on his side.
  18. I am so excited for the Iron Horse remake! Mean Streak was definitely one of the weakest coasters at CP, so now it's being changed to potentially one of the strongest.
  19. I only wear jeans in the winter when all my sweats are in the wash! Those things are incredibly scratchy and everyone is always perplexed as to why I hate jeans! I would only ever wear my shorts unless it's Haunt season!
  20. That's a better idea then mine!! A Eurofighter would definitely fit over there, but I think they would have to replace Congo Falls if that happened because I think they are saving the SOB station/area as room for our inevitable giga. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. That was very funny!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. A Hyrbid would be something new for the park, but I wouldn't want Racer being changed (sans Topper Track) anytime soon! I think the only Hybrid we would ever get is a new hybrid coaster, and not an Iron Horse remake.
  23. If it were to be removed, I believe there would be enough room for a Gerstlauer Eurofighter. I think it would be a great addition to the park, and would provide enough room for additional decoration, plants, and trees in the areas it doesn't touch on that plot of land.
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