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  1. Wish the shows during the summer were as plentiful and done as well as the ones I have seen at Winterfest. I like the addition of the theatre in the sitting area behind Skyline in Coney Mall. Winterfest entertainment reminds me more of the entertainment Kings Island had back the 70s and 80s. I enjoy the rides but enjoy the show too and more show options would attract a larger base of people not just ones that like only rides. Are the entertainers at Winterfest local? They seem different from the regular entertainers I see in the summer.
  2. Repaving the exit lane (exit sign directs you down it) across from the employee lot would go a long way if not repaving the whole parking lot. It looks like they have tried to fill some potholes in but it feels like its a new ride experience using my own car called Dodgem Pothole edition.
  3. Just used the single rider line tonight for the first time and thought it was great especially since I was at the park by myself. There was three people in front of me that seemed to be together in the single rider line. The ride attendant said something to them and none of them rode the ride. Not sure if because they were together or not as a group, but I appreciated having the single rider line and would hate to see it go.
  4. Did anyone notice that went on Saturday if they added the meal plan logo on the menu screen for the mac and cheese bar at Hanks? When I went Friday night I also noticed it missing on the turkey or ham dinner in the Festhaus. I wasn't positive these items were on the meal plan so I got Panda Express which was good but I was in the mood to try something different that is on the all season dining plan. It was must be a task to add the logo to the menu boards or is something Kings Island food service has overlooked?
  5. It sounds like you had a great trip. I think its so cool that you were able to ride so many coasters in November. Hoping going forward Kings Island will consider building coasters that can operate in the cooler weather. That is one advantage to Dollywood over Kings Island this time of year.
  6. Are they teasing us and dropping a clue as to what's to come? Just like Christmas in July before announcing Winterfest is coming back.
  7. I am so glad Winterfest is back! It is even better than the one that I remember from the 80s. Several years ago I posted on this site about bring back Winterfest and a large portion of people said they would never bring it back because it would be impossible to convert the park after Haunt and it would not be profitable. First kiddos to the entire Kings Island team that planned and transformed the park into Winterfest in a such a short time span after Haunt ended. All your hard work has paid off and the park looks amazing. Secondly based on the crowds last night alone Winterfest looks to be a real hit and I encountered lines everywhere where people were making purchases. It looks like Winterfest will be profitable for many years to come and a great tradition for so many families. Don't worry Kings Island you made the right decision in bringing back Winterfest and learned from mistake from the past when attempting to bring it back profitability. Letting season pass holders in for free is a big key to the success of Winterfest. You made the right decisions and Winterfest is here to stay this time around!
  8. Thanks for the update. I went last night and it wasn't too bad of a crowd especially later in the evening. Was considering to come tonight since I live close by.
  9. Is Kings Island crowded now? I wasn't sure if the expected rain kept some away and also I hear some high schools have Homecoming tonight.
  10. I wish Kings Island would surprise us and tell us they are bringing a Winterfest Preview this winter by having only International Street open for ice skating on the fountain, lighted tree on the Eiffel Tower, light displays with shops and food offerings for the holiday season. A multi-media presentation in the Festhaus showing what's in store for Winterfest 2017! A mini-holiday show or even have some school choirs perform. It could be open only on the weekends and during the winter break when kids are off school. I think this would be a great marketing tool to keep the excitement up and a great opportunity to make some money and sell additional season passes. Admission should be free for season pass holders and would be an additional benefit to renew this fall. Charge a small admission price for non-pass holders but give them the opportunity to use what they paid to get in toward a season pass next year.
  11. I agree it would be better if they added some scare actors when you are walking around the perimeter of the corn maze at the end. I think though it is a really great start on having a well themed maze and the scares are more unpredictable as other older mazes. Maybe that's because I have been through the older mazes so many times and its great to see something new and fresh for a change.
  12. ***Spoilers- ​I wanted to say that I was pleasantly surprised about how well I enjoyed the new maze Field of Screams last night. Kings Island did a great job of setting up the theming especially at the entrance of the maze with the creepy old house, the barn entrance into the maze, and the creepy farmer's wife that told a little story before going inside the maze. If you are thinking of a reboot of Cornstalkers I think you will be impressed that this maze is so much more than that. It has good scares throughout and it seems like a really long maze when inside it. I remember Kings Island saying KillMart was the longest maze when it first opened but I think this probably tops that. It gives me hope that next year Kings Island will replace several old themed mazes and give us even more fresher themed mazes with great theming. It was nice going back in the woods for a maze again and it brought back memories a little of the Trail of Terror. There is also a great view of The Racer and WindSeeker when leaving the maze. If you have been in Field of Screams what are your thoughts about this new maze?
  13. Does anyone know if the All-Season Dining Plan will be accepted during Winterfest 2017?
  14. I have to say that I am disappointed that more maze themes were not changed this year as some have been around for such a long time. I hope the new maze is not Cornstalkers reboot but something actually new and exciting. I would like to see a witch themed maze or creepy dollhouse theme in place of Sorority House. The TV commercials are more scary than most mazes at The Haunt.
  15. Where will the announcement be taking place in the park? Near where they are building the ride?
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