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  1. I would love theming on WWC. It would add something to the ride. Does anyone know why they no longer spray you in the last tunnel of the ride?
  2. I think the should have The Sons of The Beast roller coasters for the 50th. A dualing racing steel coaster that would have huge hills and multiple loops in honor of the former Son of Beast coaster and the fact that part of the ride would be in the former Vortex location (loops located in that spot) as well as the ride being near The Beast and go along side of Orion and taking the entire length of Coney Mall. They could use the Action Theatre as part of the loading area with a highly themed indoor multimedia sensory experience explaining the rise and return of the reborn and improved Son of Be
  3. Thank you for the suggestion to go on a computer as I was able to change my password that way without a server error coming up. I appreciate it and glad I was able to log in again.
  4. If you log in the app and go to your reservation the health screening information pops up at the bottom of the screen on your phone. It’s nice the reservation is loaded onto the season passes. I had to log in using a computer to be able to use the forgot password and change it in order to be able to login. I wonder why using an iPhone it comes up as an error. Enjoy your time at Kings Island. I will be there tomorrow and can’t wait!
  5. Will they send me an email within 24 hours of my reservation to complete the health screening? I forgot my password to the app and when I put forgot password it always says internal error so I can’t reset it. Please help as my reservation is for tomorrow at 12:30.
  6. I have a reservation for myself and a friend tomorrow. Can someone explain how to get to the pre-assessment health screening so I can complete it? Will they send me an email within 24 hours for me to complete it? I made my reservation online the day reservations opened up and can’t sign into the app because I forgot my password and it always says internal error when I put forgot password. I called Kings Island about this but they said I didn’t need the app to make reservations but is that the only way to get my pre-assessment health screening? Thank you!
  7. This makes me so happy that they are having a special time period opening for just season pass holders. I am sure this will entice many people to buy a pass this year especially since it will be good next season too! I tried to login into the app to be prepared in anticipation for the reservation system but when I said forgot password it says internal system error. I hope this gets fixed soon so I don’t have any issues once they do open it up to make reservations.
  8. Showing my age but wish Winterfest would become the new home for the Shillito's Department Store elves that move and were apart of Santa's Workshop. They recently were in a storefront in Mariemont but was looking for a new home after the 2017 Christmas season. It would be very nostalgic for people who loved seeing them as a kid in the downtown Cincinnati Shillito's Department Store and share them with today's children that attend Winterfest. see the video of them:
  9. We need a Winterfest parade similar to Carnvale but at night with lights!
  10. I think for Winterfest they should put in a model train display in the wait areas of the Crypt building that typically are for The Haunt attraction. It close to the real train and would be another indoor activity for people at Winterfest to do. I always thought it is strange there is not a model train display at Winterfest. I think kids and adults alike would enjoy this and it could be a retreat from the cold. The entrance of the Crypt building even looks like a train tunnel already.
  11. I agree they should think about timing the shows a little better so if someone is coming for the shows they have travel time before a different show starts. Do you think they time the shows at the same time deliberately to encourage people to visit Winterfest multiple times?
  12. It is a shame that it looks like The Beach waterpark is closing again. I worked there for one summer before the first time they closed and got their new ownership. I always thought they should have offered a big discount to season pass holders of Kings Island for general admission tickets and/or a huge discount to buy a season pass. Some years I would buy a season pass to The Beach just to use on the crowded days at Kings Island's waterpark. I think they could have survived if they gave Kings Island season pass holders a real perk to also get a Beach pass too.
  13. Wish the shows during the summer were as plentiful and done as well as the ones I have seen at Winterfest. I like the addition of the theatre in the sitting area behind Skyline in Coney Mall. Winterfest entertainment reminds me more of the entertainment Kings Island had back the 70s and 80s. I enjoy the rides but enjoy the show too and more show options would attract a larger base of people not just ones that like only rides. Are the entertainers at Winterfest local? They seem different from the regular entertainers I see in the summer.
  14. Repaving the exit lane (exit sign directs you down it) across from the employee lot would go a long way if not repaving the whole parking lot. It looks like they have tried to fill some potholes in but it feels like its a new ride experience using my own car called Dodgem Pothole edition.
  15. Just used the single rider line tonight for the first time and thought it was great especially since I was at the park by myself. There was three people in front of me that seemed to be together in the single rider line. The ride attendant said something to them and none of them rode the ride. Not sure if because they were together or not as a group, but I appreciated having the single rider line and would hate to see it go.
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