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  1. Buy the candle that smells like it instead. Sure it’s a lot cheaper to buy.
  2. Thank you for the information about the midnight certification on the rides. I just think KI could offer more after 10:30pm that night when they stay open until 1:00am. More entertainment in the Festhaus or the bandstand with live bands performing up until midnight would be a great addition. Look at what Epcot does at their World Showcase on NYE. Would be cool to have live bands in different locations with drink options available. Not as big as Epcot but on a smaller scale and drowned out all the blowing horns. :)
  3. I had a great time at Winterfest this year and glad they offer this NYE event. The only thing I think should be different that night is to have the rides open later than 10:30pm maybe until 11:00 or 11:30 especially since the park is open until 1:00am and offer one later showtime for the entertainment shows since it’s a special late night event.
  4. I am having fun at Winterfest but a few things I miss are some of the food options that were on the meal plan. Festhaus had more unique holiday food options and the Brewhouse had the reasonable upcharge buffet with entertainment. Just a few things I miss this year.
  5. I went last night too and enjoyed it very much. Glad to get the new Christmas Swing show in the Festhaus. My only improvement would be the sound. It is much too loud and would be better at a lower volume. I know they want a festive atmosphere but it shouldn’t sound like a hard rock concert!
  6. I always thought holiday light projections inside Flight of Fear would be so cool.
  7. Would be cool to have a Phantom Theatre themed maze where Urgent Scare is. It could be a holdover until we hopefully get the Phantom Theatre ride 2.0!
  8. I would love to see them redesign the entrance and exit in and out of the park. I feel like I am playing real life Frogger entering the park and avoid not getting ran into by people crossing over from the exit. Wish they would either switch the exit to the guest relations side with a short fence directing people out into the parking area or have two exits out of the park on the perimeters. Keep the current one by International Restaurant and the other by Guest Relations with a small fence to guide people away from the center where the metal detectors are where people coming into the park are. Would need to work around the ticket booths and season pass somehow but sure they could find a way that works better.
  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if they changed the Urgent Scare building into a Phantom Theatre themed Haunt this year for 2022 I would of course like the ride back but this would be a great addition at the Haunt this year in the interim.
  10. Has anyone tried the chicken Caesar salad available on the meal plan that is available in the kids area of the park? Looking for healthier options in the park and wondered if it would be a good choice.
  11. They we’re definitely holiday floats. Santa sled with leaping reindeer was one of them as well as other Christmas floats.
  12. Just rode Adventure Express today and saw what looks like Winterfest floats where they were housing Carnivale floats. Thinking we are getting a Winterfest parade too!
  13. This attraction was one of the highlights of going to KI. Getting to sit in the air conditioning and see exotic animals was awesome. I wish they would bring this back by partnering with our local award winning Cincinnati Zoo. It would be a great attraction for all ages and a fun addition to Kings Island.
  14. I would love theming on WWC. It would add something to the ride. Does anyone know why they no longer spray you in the last tunnel of the ride?
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