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  1. I went with the 80's (the era that held my childhood). It may have not had the super rides that we are accustomed to today, but it had many great flat rides (Eagles, TumbleBug, Flying Dutchman, Witches Cauldrons, Der Spinning Keggers, Zodiac, Skylab, the Slide) that I loved in my youth. My first big coasters (Racer, Beast, Vortex, Screaming Demon, King Cobra), Other cool stuff (Monorail, Smurf's Enchanted Voyage, House of Cards, Sunshine Turnpike, Antique Cars). This is also when I developed my love of blue ice cream. (I refer to my gold pass as my blue ice cream pass). I miss the little things like keeping an eye out for all the costumed Hanna Barbara characters. (The day was not complete until we spotted Jabber Jaws) and those little silly Kool-Aid type drinks that came in the plastic containers shaped like Yogi Bear and things (Sippers?) Good Memories.
  2. I operated this ride and always had fun running out and stopping the scooters that were still wlldly swinging when the ride came to a complete stop. Wore out the bottoms of some shoes with my sliding stop approach ha!
  3. I have several pictures from inside Smurf's Enchanted Voyage that my parents took when I was a child, I'll try and get those posted here later this week. You can also find a few on the internet via Google Image Search. I have seen some pictures but I would love to see an HD-POV haha....look forward to seeing your pics.
  4. 1. Beast. What can I say that's not been said? Best nighttime ride ever. Can't wait to ride after midnight this fall. 2. Diamondback. Everything I like in a coaster. Tall and lots of ups and downs 3. The Adventure Express. Even with the theming almost gone these days, it's still a fun ride and great at night. 4. The Racer. Great nostalgia. First non-kiddie coaster I rode. 5. Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad. I still ride this on almost every visit. I miss the scenery of how it was when I was young (80's). 6. Kings Mills Log Flume. I love the ride through the woods. 7. Flying Eagles. I miss snapping the cable. 8. Grand Carousel. Classic 9. Top Gun. I remember when the now-way-too-long queue line was actually packed ha! 10. Smurf's Enchanted Voyage. I enjoyed the seasonal change during the ride. I wish camera phones were around then so I could revisit how it looked.
  5. Thanks! I love the park. Can't believe I just now discovered these boards.
  6. This thread is a heartbreaker. I operated this ride during one season (with The Eagles). I haven't been on the Troika in a looong time but just seeing it on every visit reminds me of simpler times. I hope it returns. I visited Kings Dominion for the first time ever this summer and I freaked out when I saw their eagle ride haha.
  7. I have this episode forever saved on my DVR. I watch it way too much. My mother often told me of being in the park and seeing Bobby and Cindy during filming of the scene where they are sitting on the bench eating popcorn and ruining their appetite. ha!
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