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  1. And y'all are right there are many,many very inteligent Kentucky folk and many high institusions. Two off the top of my head are Centre college and Translyvania University. During the Civil War era Transylvania and Kentucky as a state was considered best education in the South. Even Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America went to Transy, along with highly intelligent Generals and Students. I am aware that our state is very smart and again will say that I am sorry. I certaintly love My Old Kentucky Home and it's ,many scholars and inteligent students and people. It's universities continue it's tradtion today. Thank you and sorry again for any negativity or confusion. I love Kentucky and say God bless it.
  2. I again apologize. I was talking about my own grammer rather then the entire State of Kentucky. I do love my Home and it's people and would never mock it. I can only say sorry but just know that I do love Kentucky and the rest of the Southern States below it. And I also dislike the stereotypes associated with Southern grammer and acents. Sorry again. Please just remember that I was just making a joke and I didnt think it was serious but am sorry that I made an offensive statement. Please forgive Maestro for his accidental predjudice on his own people.
  3. I apologize sincerly for any offense taken at my streotypical comment. I am aware that my home land has produced many, many important figures, including the President of the United States and that of the Confederate States just to name a few. I am truly sorry for that statement and at any offense taken from any good Kentucky folks. I was only trying to make a joke and am sorry.
  4. Possibly, although there are many trees back towards that area. I do not know for I have never ridden WindSeeker. But possibly.
  5. Didnt mean to quote myself, sorry again.
  6. It might be, I cant remember for sure. All I can remember is riding back seat and stretching my neck out to see the yellow and red Son of Beast Trains out in the graveyard field. Your right probaly about the color of the Train.
  7. At the very least they should light it up with a flashlight or something or put red eyes in all of the faces. Those red eyes can be quite spooky. Im just trying to keep this post alive, sorry.
  8. Yes, the trains from King Cobra were stored inside Flight of Fear's "Bowl" until 2008 when they were shipped down South to Kings Dominion. They were also used as Haunt Props during a few seasons (along with the Phantom Theater Gang). My guess is the picture of them in the field was taken slightly before their move to Virginia. I dont know for sure. Looking at the picture it looks as if they restraints could be used on Shockwave but their is no way of telling for sure unless you ask someone who works on the Ride. By the way I dont own the rights to these pictures, just a little surfing the web. The one on the left is at Kings Dominion and the one on the right is inside FoF at Kings Island pre-2008. .
  9. Next on our list is the lights from Lion Country Safari. See those two lights sticking up? Yes thats them. Next up is The Bat, the orginal from 1981 . Next we've got Flight Commanders queue line, which I believe is now used as KillMart's line as well. Here we have the queue line and station for The Smurf's Enchanted Voyage . And now, Son of Beast Sky Ride tree Footer r . SkyLab/Tumble Bug Queue Line Eiffel Tower/Various Remnants Including Son of Beast Station and Parmount Trams way out in the corner behind Banshee. Face/Off Theming King Cobra Footers/ Now gone due to Banshee Construction, they were dug up and put God knows where. Son of Beast queue line/Station Top Gun And lastly, The karts from Thunder Alley behind Firehawk . Hope y'all enjoyed my list and my pictures. I also hope y'all go out and find these and some more remnants, theres plenty out there in the land of Kings Island. It did take me years to find all that Ive found, But it is fun and nostalgic to see a footer from "The Bat" or a Balcony or Face from Phantom Theater. To me it keeps the past in the present. Again I hope you enjoy this and my Boo Blasters on Boo Hill TLC, Phantom Boards picture on that forum. Thanks!
  10. Well, now I'll start my pictures of remnants list. Ive taken these pictures over the years and am very proud and happy to have found them all. Enjoy some Kings Island Past and Nostalgia! Firstly, Remnants from my Phavorite, Phantom Theater From Creepy,Spooky Heads to Vacant Maestro's balcony. Even Chandliers. ,
  11. See what I mean? My Pic and the other pic are identical, except no boards, please remove them, Thanks! Again The one with the boards is My Picture but the other one I dont own the rights to. I just found it to compare it with my more modern picture that I took a few years back.
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