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  1. Had just sat down on Vortex Saturday night ~9pm. We were train 3, so naturally the #3 storage bin was open for folks to put their stuff in. Out of nowhere a basketball gets launched from the back of the waiting queue and incredibly lands right in bin #3. "Swoosh???" I don't think anybody working knew what to make of it---some people saw it, some people thought they saw it but were thinking, "no, surely I did not just see that"---but dang did I so bad wanna take that ball as a souvenir when I got off the ride. Add me to the "old man sick of basketballs at Kings Island" list...that finally did it for me.
  2. Wait, wouldn't that mean the "new Giga" was just a figment of your imagination? Hyper-coaster DNA after further inspection? LOL. I dunno...
  3. You're right---it is in fact an announcement. An announcement that has nothing to do with Decoding 2020.
  4. Black Mamba! "I see a Giga, and I want it painted black..."
  5. $25 in power for every FoF launch? That cannot be right. Or even close. If it is right...tear that sucker down and build something else.
  6. Name will be...Terminator 2020! LMAO. If only Paramount still owned the place...
  7. But why? Money? That's the only reason I can think---anything that big certainly sets itself apart. But yeah, somebody has to pay for it at considerable risk.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement, but wonder if others agree? I'm shocked---no, dumbfounded---there have not been many more TTD/Kingda Ka rides built.
  9. +1 I enjoy drops, and various coaster "elements", but what I really love is speed.
  10. Is there anything in the plans that gives away what kind of seating and/or restraint-system the trains for this will utilize? Or do we have to find that out at announcement time?
  11. #SoutheastDropConspiracy Seriously...what am I even doing here tonight???
  12. And I mean...that's a thing, right? What does Cedar Fair do with an amazing park a short drive from Cedar Point as far as records are concerned? How much do all those pass-holders care, even---so long as they are getting coaster love?
  13. Because 99% of people don't freakin' care! That's why. That said, we'll see what we get. I am genuinely curious what records this ride will break, because I gotta believe it's going to break some. Which ones I don't know yet. At the end of the day though, it will be judged for years---perhaps decades---on how much fun it is. No matter how tall or fast or how big the drop is---all those records will be broken in a few years---I just hope it's a great ride!
  14. I hope it's a stand-up coaster. Son of King Cobra.
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