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  1. +1 I enjoy drops, and various coaster "elements", but what I really love is speed.
  2. Is there anything in the plans that gives away what kind of seating and/or restraint-system the trains for this will utilize? Or do we have to find that out at announcement time?
  3. #SoutheastDropConspiracy Seriously...what am I even doing here tonight???
  4. And I mean...that's a thing, right? What does Cedar Fair do with an amazing park a short drive from Cedar Point as far as records are concerned? How much do all those pass-holders care, even---so long as they are getting coaster love?
  5. Because 99% of people don't freakin' care! That's why. That said, we'll see what we get. I am genuinely curious what records this ride will break, because I gotta believe it's going to break some. Which ones I don't know yet. At the end of the day though, it will be judged for years---perhaps decades---on how much fun it is. No matter how tall or fast or how big the drop is---all those records will be broken in a few years---I just hope it's a great ride!
  6. I hope it's a stand-up coaster. Son of King Cobra.
  7. Remember a couple years ago when the power kept going out at the park. I'm having flashbacks after reading this post. Hopefully those days are done and gone though!
  8. I'm expecting a quick, pretty intense ride. I know everyone says that's not B&M style, but I just have a feeling based on the layout. Tallest ride maybe, fastest speed maybe...I don't know. Mystic Timbers is only about a 50-second ride once you start dropping, but it's pretty darn intense. And it's been incredibly popular. Maybe the success of MT has something to do with this Giga layout. That's all I can think.
  9. Seeing a lot of new posters/accounts. Business is good!
  10. Agreed. I just find it funny.
  11. LOL. Yes, even though we're ALL talking about the blueprint drawing, and it's readily available at other sites mentioned...it is somehow banned from this site...because we don't know the source? Mmmkay. (Sorry, YES I agree to the terms, no matter how ridiculous I may find them in 2019) :-)
  12. I'm surprised by the glum reaction to a coaster that'll most likely have a 300-foot-drop. Let's wait and see what else it'll do---and with that in mind does an extra 25-30 feet of drop make so much of a difference in how enjoyable a coaster it will end up being? Family-fun-park Giga = 310 feet versus mega-enthusiast-Giga = 326? Seems a bit of a stretch to me.
  13. I work at a public school and ALL SORTS of things are public record. Tons of things. That doesn't mean you're going to see a lot of them without a lawyer and a court-date.
  14. Well. That's probably their "general policy" on a lot of things. But trust me I know that's not exactly how it works when they don't want to share something. ;-) I have no idea how it works between the park and the county offices, but I'm guessing we'd be seeing plans posted to this site awhile ago on all sorts of things if it was that easy.
  15. Public record doesn't mean it has to be online. And yeah, I suspect Kings Island gets special classification when needed...just because.
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