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  1. We'll be there next Saturday and then Sunday too cashing in our Sunday Fast Lane for renewing our Gold Passes. Hoping the weather is crap, and nobody else shows up...lol. I'm sure Saturday night will be busy regardless, but Sunday highly weather-dependent I'm thinking. Zero chance I'll be there Sunday at closing, but hope to make Vortex my last ride(s) of the regular-season at least.
  2. Makes sense they would be sprucing up the area with the new ride coming. I'm just so glad Flight of Fear is still around---amazing ride to this day.
  3. Oh, they are sooo gonna put a coaster there! A big, photogenic one, too! I don't even know, but I hope they surprise us. There's so many ways they could go with that space.
  4. Rode Vortex this morning, and noticed there is quite a bit of woods to the southeast they could expand upon without encroaching on Beast or Racer. Not that I am suggesting they needlessly do so, but they could if they want for whatever comes next.
  5. Let people talk. Pretty sure if Kings Island was making Cedar Fair $1 Billion/year we'd get whatever 800-foot-drop-coaster we demanded. Till then...such is life.
  6. I think it's irrelevant at this point. How the hell do you merge and instantly run ~40 parks WELL overnight?? You don't. And I think Cedar Fair Execs know this. Far as I can tell Cedar Fair actually enjoy what they are doing, and want to continue doing it. I understand why Six Flags wants their personnel. And honestly I really think that's what this deal is about. SIX needs someone to lead, and do it right. How do you put a price on that? And if SIX overpays and makes a deal hanging by a thread and then a significant recession comes...WE are all screwed. If you look at the numbers these companies---both of them---are highly volatile. Tons of debt, and heavily---and I mean ONLY---dependent on people coming in the doors.
  7. Admittedly, I'm not much into marketing. Really tough decisions. Do you let them in cheap and then take all their money, or do you take all their money and then let them in and go crazy? For sure "I", this guy, has no idea!
  8. I meant the part about CF not making a statement is more of a denial than them outright denying it...lol.
  9. I think they'd raise the price a tad, but I generally agree. I think Cedar Point might get an exception to the rule, but beyond that I think you're right.
  10. The one good thing is that a lot of the same folks who run the parks we love are the same ones evaluating this "deal". I can only hope their judgement is good. At the end of the day it's a "shareholder decision", but those are many of the same people that have been running the parks for many years in one way or another...not just some random rich people who could care less.
  11. I'm just trying to stay positive. Ignorance is bliss ya know. Hoping it all works out for "the people".
  12. I'm gonna assume that was a joke. Anyway, a lot of folks are making assumptions that this is a Six Flags buyout, whereas my understanding is it would be a merger. What's the difference? Well, potentially a lot of personnel at FUN would be retained---even at high levels of the newly merged company. If Six Flags is willing to learn how to run things better by keeping the good folks that FUN employs, this could work. The "good" parks would stay good, and other parks that need to be better might become so. Just a thought!
  13. Nice! Gonna be a big elephant in the room too, so...hopefully some answers. :-) Thank you!
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