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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I think we've entered the stage of 'get a vaccine or take your own risk'. Which is totally fair at this point. Nobody over 12 can complain about vaccine availability, appointments are available in abundance.
  2. Kings Island and Cedar Point will have to decide whether its worth it to kick people out of the park for not wearing masks after DeWine said today, "Each Ohio citizen will make their own decision about wearing a mask, social distancing, how to protect themselves and when, for them, those actions are appropriate". He did say business is free to make their own rules, but...that comes with a price.
  3. DeWine is ending all restrictions. All of them. So, no. On both accounts.
  4. Interesting wording you used "devaluing the season pass". One could also suggest that FL sales subsidize season passes and/or daily tickets. It's possible that for some locals the sale of FL is keeping their season pass price lower than it would be. Is it worth it? For some probably yes, for others probably no. Quick edit but it seems like season pass renewals have been ~$100 for a decade now. How long can this continue without other revenue? That $99 price-point has got to be critical to the park. We're seeing wages rising considerably now. So I don't know what they do, but I think they
  5. I don't think we'll see smoking allowed inside the park ever again. I'm not sure allowing it just prior to entry is ideal for anyone, but I find it amusing it's still a location on the map.
  6. Kinda related, maybe not related. Although the trend has been up and down the past decade, A LOT of people buying American property are not Americans. The Chinese are leading the way, but it's coming from all over. I don't know if that is good or bad, but there is a lot of overseas money buying our properties, helping to push prices way up. Of course when "they" buy it, it's no longer "ours". I dunno.
  7. 13, 14 months ago N95 masks that doctors wear were considered one-use-only by the medical community. And today people are hanging on to their cloth masks as their savior walking around outside at Kings Island. It's a crutch, folks!
  8. Certain folks will actually earn a minimum wage, the others will be unemployed. So the question becomes what do we do with those who can't work it? They get left out of the system entirely. Because they aren't worth $15/hour, they can't even make $10/hour because it's illegal to employ them at $10/hour. What then? As talks of minimum wage going way up continue, I am watching closely because I'll take on a 2nd job at those high rates. Which will almost certainly leave people less educated/experienced without employment. You see the problem?
  9. I have two teenagers, and the oldest is trying to tell me I should pay her more to mow the front yard, but the youngest is fine with my current offer. So the older one finds me very frustrating, but the other is happy as can be if he can get the job. They have not yet figured out how to unionize, at which point they'd just get fired, and I'll mow the lawn myself...lol. Certainly neither one needs a "living wage"...they're just kids. But they are able to enter the workforce and learn what it means to work.
  10. Yes! The unemployment compensation is way, way out of hand at the moment. So many people have no incentive to work right now, it's ridiculous. It was fine for a time, but time to send folks back into the workforce.
  11. This will change our family's summer/fall to a certain extent no question. No masks outside is a game-changer for us. And it's not because we don't want to follow the science or any of that nonsense, because we have. Masks are just not fun in extended use---at least not for us. Only made a couple visits last year, but we'll be at the park many times this year that is for sure. Got our shots, and ready to go!
  12. I would anticipate the no-mask rollout will be very slow. Fauci was probably right day 1 when he told us not to bother. But now that it's gospel in some circles, here we are.
  13. It looks like the CDC might update outdoor mask guidance. Fauci today said of covid transmission outdoors, "when you look around at the common sense situation, the risk is really low, especially if you’re vaccinated". I guess that explains Indiana Beach last season. ;-) But in all seriousness if KI can choose between the options I'd prefer full rides, no outdoor masks, but I am fine with socially distanced lines. But then I'm always fine with socially distanced lines for that matter as opposed to strangers riding up on me...lol.
  14. When do pools open? Is it safe to swim during the pandemic? (ajc.com) Every study shows pool chlorine kills covid very quick. Virtually all science has concluded masks are not needed outside whatsoever. The Slate, Washington Post...some of the most liberal journals in American society have confirmed this. This doesn't even take into account the efficacy of those vaccinated.
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