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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. They literally could have sold obtuse pieces of Vortex for $100 a FOOT, but here we are. Folks fighting over a 1.5" piece all dazzled up, and getting mad at those who sell them on ebay.
  2. I believe there is pent-up demand. At some point the entire entertainment/fun/vacation industry is going to see a huge---likely extraordinarily quick---bounce-back. The only question is "when?". And that's a question nobody can answer yet. I think your assessment is spot-on. It's ugly---really ugly---right now.
  3. I'll say it...it ain't pretty. But if and when we can put the virus behind us altogether things are going to snap back in a big way. The entire entertainment and hospitality industry will see a massive snap back to life in a hurry. Key question being "when?". Nevertheless Cedar Fair is doing everything they can to be in the right spot when it happens. It's all debt-driven optimism which is never great, if I'm honest. But many huge companies roll this way. See also > Netflix.
  4. https://www.fox19.com/2020/08/04/kings-island-cancels-halloween-haunt-winterfest/ “We have had to make the difficult decision to cancel both Halloween Haunt and WinterFest this year due to operating constraints in our region,” Kings Island Vice President and General Manager Mike Koontz said in the release.
  5. Yep, certainly could. We went late October (not the last weekend), and brought some friends. The only issue for them was you could only buy FL online. So we all got in the park, our family got our all-season, and then our friends had to go on their phones and buy them. A bit strange, held us up for a bit, but they bought them via phone, and were able to redeem. All while we were 10-feet from the booth.
  6. Busy but not atrocious is my guess---at least for Sunday. It's supposed to be chilly so it won't be packed like last year. Best advice is get there at opening, and hit the busiest rides first. With the seating limitations lines will probably get longer as the day wears on. Saturday could be much busier. Warmer, sunny, and...it's Halloween Saturday. Just my 2-cents.
  7. Well it appears they're probably going to sell some more. So I guess a second run of a limited edition is possible. What I find confusing is the last time I was at the park about 10 days ago there was still a big piece of track---about 10-15 feet or so I'd guess---lying roundabout where the station used to be. This was after the first run of the limited edition items sold. Is that piece still there, and why?
  8. Based on 1) How fast it is anyway, and 2) How hard the brakes hit in certain spots. Yes, I totally believe it would be "out of control" up to 80mph if The Beast was entirely let loose. Likely we'll never know for sure, but the brakes slow the ride down A LOT.
  9. Forever? No way. You mentioned a few posts back "now that covid is here to stay"...also something I highly doubt. The short-term will depend on the efficacy of the vaccines coming. Long-term life goes on. The masks will go away, the temperature checks will go away, the every-other-row seating will go away. The airlines are already getting rid of leaving seats open right now so I'm kinda surprised KI is still sticking to that. Things are already ebbing slowly towards prior normality even in the face of climbing infection rates. That's a pretty telling omen I think.
  10. I honestly (not kidding) thought this was going to be a post about how bad the parking lot needs paved. Not sure how I feel about the cemetery as it pertains to the park. Guessing way back in the day people just cried and buried their loved ones there. Nothing more nothing less. And still their loved ones lay.
  11. Hilarious to me they were actual 'dummies". It was very cold and a bit wet early today. I was at the top of Banshee line and saw WindSeeker running. It looked every-other-full, and I was thinking, "nope, not today". I never got close enough to realize they were just testing.
  12. I would tend to agree with you if only I'd read or heard of one outbreak linked to an amusement park. I live close to Indiana Beach and I think people looked on in horror awhile back at some of the pictures posted to these forums at the crowds, the lack of masks, and so on. And yet...nothing covid happened. Probably because most reliable factors are being indoors close to an infected person for 15 minutes or more. Wear your mask, stay distanced, and enjoy the outdoors at Kings Island. I'm not saying it's impossible to get Covid at KI, but I think the past several months have taught us it is un
  13. Smoking is not a constitutional right, and we should probably leave it there. Kings Island can make their own rules. That is fact. I smoke, and appreciate smoking areas in the park. I'm also aware that they are not required to provide them, but might...if it fits their bottom line. I also cannot smoke in movie theaters, McDonald's (used to, in the 90's), and many, many other establishments. Not really worth opening a KICentral account just to complain about it...lol.
  14. Hopefully they are paying attention. I don't know what they get for scrap (or trash), but I'm thinking there's a lot of us that would buy pieces of old KI rides. They don't even have to make it so pretty...lol. They could sell stuff at the park or create their own ebay page or just put it on the website store. All sorts of things I'm thinking people would buy.
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