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  1. I have zero interest in a dive coaster at Kings Island if it comes at the expense of an existing ride. I'd rather get the occasional beating on Vortex versus standing in line for an ultra-smooth dive that is unlikely to be remarkable over time.
  2. Loved it. I'm sad stand-up coasters fell out of favor simply due to the unique feeling/experience it provided. The ride in the front row was amazing as you were already rolling before you arrived at the drop, like Vortex, but doing it standing up was so different and fantastic IMO.
  3. The ride was inspired by Indiana Jones. Whatever Cedar Fair does with it, I hope they can subtly remind people about Indiana Jones without getting sued. Same for BLSC...it's still The Italian Job...and once we showed our kids the movie, they totally got it. This is what CF paid for---run with it!
  4. I don't want to give any business a free-pass, but when it comes to amusement parks I think there is something to be said for the participation of the community-at-large. Is the place clean? Do the guests do their part to keep it so? Is the place well-policed? Do guests feel safe? Does the community want it, and do they show that they want it? All good questions...I think.
  5. It's been awhile since I've been there, but the Six Flags in Arlington, TX was one of my favorite parks at one time---for a long time. The one in San Antonio was nice, too. Are they dumps now? If so, that's a shame but I can't say because it's been so long. I hope not. For sure it does not appear that the chain gives their full attention to all of the parks under their ownership, and that's too bad.
  6. People I know in northern Indiana barely know Kentucky Kingdom even exists. But EVERYBODY knows Holiday World. Keep in mind KK is about 1.5 hours "closer" than HW due to I-65. Doesn't matter. Everybody knows Holiday World. My wife and two of my kids have been to HW. None of us been to KK. Anecdotal information, I realize. But even just last week a semi-famous weatherman Chuck Lofton did a week-long series on places to travel in Indiana. One-day trips. One day he went to Holiday World. The park advertises very well in Indiana and word-of-mouth plus its Santa Claus, IN which even makes national news from time-to-time due to Old St. Nick. Kentucky Kingdom has commercials on the Indy stations as well, but it's not the same as when you have friends and family and the entire state promoting Holiday World to some degree. https://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/holiday-worlds-splashin-safari-named-nations-best-water-park-fourth-best-amusement-park
  7. Not to make TOO BIG a deal about it, but I feel like this would've been one of those times to take the "L", and let folks have fun for 25-cents per shot. Ohh, well.
  8. That's a total bummer. Not only is the park ripping off people for a randomly fun thing that benefits everyone, but they've made it 2-3 times as hard to rip said people off. Not cool. I can only hope they lose money compared to the basic 25c per shot.
  9. I spend most of my time at an Elementary School, and you don't even want to know. There's some crazy little kids headed our way! At Kings Island? Not much. But I've heard stories from my wife about the girls side though...lol.
  10. No forum bantering is going to sort this one out. Let the courts and lawyers do their thing.
  11. There are several rides where I feel somebody doing something stupid could really hurt themselves and others, but fortunately people are surprisingly sensible the vast majority of the time. The Bat feels very safe to me all things considered. I worry about what other riders will do far more than the steel/trees/etc.
  12. Economy's been roaring, too. I'm almost surprised revenues are only up 3%, but they might see an even greater uptick as the year progresses.
  13. Yeah, price is HEAVILY fluctuated by daily demand on these two. If nobody is in line and a slow day for the park you are in luck.
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