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  1. Lots of people on these forums have been to the park way more than I have, but in all the past 5-10 years that I can remember I've never seen them open with the blue trains. Not once. My theory on why they run the red trains is that it's more visible to guests. If they put moved the blue trains over to the track that the red trains currently run, I figure they'd run the blue trains first. I have no idea though---just my guess.
  2. Would another ride like Flight of Fear make sense? Nobody talks about it much, but a ride built in 1996 has some awfully long lines day in, day out at Kings Island. It's the closest thing we have to Magic Mountain. Doesn't move a lot of people quickly but the fix for that is to built something bigger/longer. And yes, people will wait to ride it, that much we already know.
  3. As long as you leave your address on it so they know where to return it, absolutely. LOL. I've made one trip to the park thus far and I felt very safe. However, I've mentioned to people I know and work with that the park was trying to hire 900+ people at wages starting at $18/hour, and their jaw hits the floor. Many of them are unfamiliar with park---doesn't matter---shock. Maybe things really are crazy understaffed to the point that it's not quite right. I don't know. I really want to give the park the benefit of the doubt. However, it has me wondering.
  4. Just leave your .38 under the drivers seat or in the glove box. Please and thank you. ;-)
  5. Probably better. That was actually the part of the story I found most shocking. It's so close to the entrance and so many people just meander across that lot and likely could/would see something. Bold.
  6. I don't always steal credit cards. But when I do, I go get me some Pringles and Kit Kats asap! Jeebus. So stupid.
  7. Last time I checked everyone was butthurt over the lack of a twitter announcement. Now they made the tweet, and everyone is butthurt over that. Orion isn't a Giga. It's not big enough, it's not open long enough. I can't get my dinner! After 22 years of marriage I've heard it all. And this thread is starting to sound the same.
  8. Bummer. Edit*** Sorry, I guess this was covered many days ago. My bad!*** Woman dies after riding Holiday World roller coaster | Fox News
  9. I mean, when you've seen your little girl perform a faceplant getting off the Kite Eating Tree (sorry, no pics...sadly), anything is a potential hazard...lol.
  10. "SOB <3 RMC looks too intense for me."
  11. That whole intersection is very "blah". The city of Mason needs to put up a "Welcome to Kings Island" banner or something. You get off the interstate and yes, sure you can see some of the coasters and all, but rather underwhelming. That land he put a hotel on must be worth a fortune. And yet it sits empty.
  12. I think the bathroom patrol has been especially good since covid. And he did totally diss KI staff, which is honestly almost always very good. And he didn't mention another chain. He was talking about another park within the same chain.
  13. Probably. I've had so many positive experiences interacting with KI staff I could write a report going on for I don't know how many pages. And I don't know how clean Carowinds is, but KI certainly isn't dirty.
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