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  1. Does anyone know the details of KI's relationship with Great Wolf Lodge? I mean, in theory it is exactly what you're talking about. I know they DO have a relationship, for sure. I'm guessing it is beneficial for both. I have never stayed at the Lodge---I can't afford it! Or I guess I'm just making different choices would be a better way to put it. The prices are right up there with Disney though.
  2. I hear ya! I don't even care if it's a "destination park" or not. We live 3-hours away but prefer it over CP, for whatever reasons. We'll keep getting season passes whether they build a Giga or not. But I hope they do...eventually. :-)
  3. Every destination has a budget! LOL.
  4. I just remember seeing Intimidator on Travel Channel back in the day. It was the Dale Earnhart ride, it was huge, it was getting lots of press. But that was a crowded time for Giga's, and so I think it was probably a "destination" for some, but not everybody. I still think if KI built a record-breaker it would turn a lot of heads. KI is very well-known, and its proximity to Cedar Park only enhances its "destination" status, I think.
  5. I would argue that briefly, at the time, yes it did. Kings Island has a way better rep than KD anyways, so not exactly an apples-apples comparison if KI were to put one in.
  6. Yes, I think Kings Island does need a Giga. But I'm fine to wait for it. The longer they wait to build it, the better it has to be when they do.
  7. Probably bathrooms (not likely, honestly), or a 2019 smoking station. ;-)
  8. "service life" is an economic phrase, usually. As opposed to "end of life". Just sayin'. I don't know what the park has in mind, but I also don't think their statement implies the ride cannot be sold, and fired up somewhere else.
  9. Sure can! It's up to the scare actor though.
  10. Last year they had the animatronic dude between Racer and Subway "on" on Sundays. Telling jokes, farting, and so on. I've been 2 Sundays this Autumn, and...nothing. He's unplugged, I guess. :-( Bummer! I understand Sunday is not a "Haunt" day by any means, but it added a certain ambiance last year.
  11. Ohh, man. If I was on Death Row, my last wishes would be a Baconator (or two) and a ride on Diamondback...lol. Heaven.
  12. I went to Hank's today, and looked jealously at the mac-and-cheese thing not knowing what I might or might not be able to get. So I just stayed in line at Hank's. Asked politely for a bit of queso and guac on my burrito and was told it was an up-charge for my dining plan on both. No chips and salsa either. The good news is my daughter and I had finished our meal by the time my wife and son even got out of the Subway line.
  13. I guess I got hung up on the 15-20 year expectation. That IS NOT the expectation for KI. Nor should it be for any park.
  14. 15-20 years on average? What basic math for what crappy park are you doing? And how does it relate to Kings Island?
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