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  1. Also glad to see they are open all the way to November 1st. I think they should always stay open up to the weekend of or right after Halloween. Closed one weekend too early in 2019, IMO. But I know Winterfest cramps their schedule depending on how the calendar plays out.
  2. My parents and extended family will be happy the park is closed on Easter, again. Personally I found visiting the park a great way to celebrate...
  3. Fortunately we can also see # of posts.
  4. End of discussion? Ahem. Far as I can tell Vortex still does have a pre-drop.
  5. https://gph.is/1EFtfKI Sorry, not talented enough to embed the freakin' giphy on this site. Apparently. Jeebus.
  6. I've wondered if it won't still be there come April? Probably not. But if there's no plans for the site it still looks better than a huge empty lot.
  7. I think they should keep the station open next season, and ya'll that love it can visit and stand in line for 30 minutes to an hour to enhance your park visit while I hop on Orion! :-)
  8. Son of Beast station is not in a prime location now...but it once was prime real-estate. Anyhoo...yeah, I think they might use The Vortex station for temporary or even long-term-haunts, might keep it later, might tear it down right away, or not...there's a ton of options for the land that Vortex occupies. Safe to say we dunno.
  9. Son of Beast station still stands. Just sayin'.
  10. There is no safe haven in town anymore. If you need total silence you are hurting. We are a fan-family. Used to be basic 20" box fans, but now we run these at night in every bedroom. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Vie-Air-18-High-Velocity-Floor-3-Speed-Fan-Model-VA-18-Black/199917647 If there's ever a fire, we're probably screwed, but we sleep well otherwise.
  11. Agreed. But we don't see the numbers they are looking at. (btw...wtf is up with your signature paragraph? might wanna tone it down)
  12. I figure it's like an old car. At some point you just gotta cut your losses and let it go or you're going to get killed maintaining it...aka diminishing returns.
  13. Property values for homes right around the park are quite high. I know Warren County has a lot going on, but no way they would be that high if you removed the park influence over the past 40+ years. It's a trade-off. If it's too noisy now, sell, and find a quiet place to call home.
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