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  1. Few know history well enough to catch that reference. What's really shocking is that the Italian coaster company went with that name clear back in the 1960's. Ouch.
  2. "Stay in your lane. After I get done telling YOU which lane to be in." (mask up and stay home, please!) Swing and a miss there.
  3. It took 8 whole days for the media to find out a) her name, and b) she got hit in the head and is fighting for her life. Was that really worth them bending the park over a barrel for not releasing information? Maybe give the family a few days---dare a week---to collect themselves?
  4. Yes, the same parks that people are moaning and groaning about them being too busy, will be bankrupt within a year. Because Covid. Right.
  5. If she has a traumatic brain injury---and I'm only guessing she does---they probably put her in a coma immediately at the hospital and began all attempts to reduce brain swelling. She probably is alive. Alive and well? That's another matter.
  6. It doesn't seem right that Cedar Point would release her name. That's surely up to the police or somebody else. Did they check her ID before they put her on the gurney or something? Same for her medical condition...that's not for the park to say, but rather her doctors/hospital. And with the investigation into the accident underway, I doubt they're going to give much info on that until the investigation is complete.
  7. And after seeing the Fast Lane sales line upon entering the park this past Saturday, I think the more people the better for their bottom line. They must have made $10k-$20k on Fast Lane alone in one day.
  8. McDonalds. Maybe like 2-4 of them spread around the park so they can keep the lines down. We actually like Subway, but the location is never open on time, and soon as it does open the line is like an hour. These days I go to Jimmy Johns the day before we plan to go to the park and buy a couple loaves of their bread. Make subs at home, pack 'em in the car. Saves about $40, and keeps us out of the restroom later in the day.
  9. Hopefully there is a database that multiple states can tap into, and see what happens when there are incidents. We could throw various rides under the bus, but my feeling is that if it can happen on one ride at one park, it could happen on another ride, at OUR park. Scary, but anything mechanical can and will break if left to itself. Every piece of a ride could cause an incident, and must be evaluated.
  10. Is there an NTSB for roller-coaster issues? I imagine it playing out something like an airline crash investigation. Once you find out what went wrong, you fix it. Hoards of people will get back on and fly again another day. As much as the bottom-line can handle the down-time, that is.
  11. The good news is that only 354 kids 0-17 have actually died from Covid in 2020-2021. Out of the 2,542,612 deaths in the US thus far (per the Johns Hopkins website), 2,542,258 of them were 18 or older. Fingers crossed.
  12. Headline trying really hard to make it sound like Cedar Point is a hotspot/cause of transmission, when in fact 4 employees tested positive, for whatever random reasons that aren't detailed. *Shrugs*
  13. That's the treat, I guess. The trick must be a really bad haircut. Be careful in the park this fall. Just sayin'.
  14. A boat-load of studies over decades have proven people spend more with a card, and less when handing over physical cash. Huge win for the park. This is not being done for our convenience...
  15. If you weren't already excited about the new no-reservation policy, he was simply offering some other options.
  16. I don't approve of YuYuYuuki's choice of words, but there have been shootings in 3 Six Flags parks in Texas in 2021 alone, one in Georgia, and a 20-person melee up at Chicago's Six Flags. It's been a rough year for expecting proper behavior in social places, but Six Flags seems to be especially bad at dealing with it or attracting the type of crowd that doesn't do this type of thing. Kings Island has not been immune to guest behavior problems as has been covered elsewhere. However. I think it is probably fair to assume the rest of their park operations are not quite on par with better parks same as we see with their security.
  17. I enjoy all the rides in Action Zone, but I agree, the theming is pretty much non-existent at this point. Back in the day when Congo Falls was relatively new, and King Cobra still stood, it kinda had a jungle theme. And that was pretty cool. But it's mostly a concrete jungle today.
  18. I never understood why double-posts were so violating in the first place. Let it go. I remain surprised how many people do not like BLSC though. My whole family enjoys it, and has for many years. Is it the best thrill-ride ever? Certainly not, but it's an in-between ride with a launch. Something the whole family could potentially enjoy. But I guess they don't? We like it, so there's that...lol.
  19. Lol. Do people still like Kings Island? I see a lot of people complaining on facebook...
  20. Lots of people on these forums have been to the park way more than I have, but in all the past 5-10 years that I can remember I've never seen them open with the blue trains. Not once. My theory on why they run the red trains is that it's more visible to guests. If they put moved the blue trains over to the track that the red trains currently run, I figure they'd run the blue trains first. I have no idea though---just my guess.
  21. Would another ride like Flight of Fear make sense? Nobody talks about it much, but a ride built in 1996 has some awfully long lines day in, day out at Kings Island. It's the closest thing we have to Magic Mountain. Doesn't move a lot of people quickly but the fix for that is to built something bigger/longer. And yes, people will wait to ride it, that much we already know.
  22. Well, no surprise there...haha! ;-)
  23. As long as you leave your address on it so they know where to return it, absolutely. LOL. I've made one trip to the park thus far and I felt very safe. However, I've mentioned to people I know and work with that the park was trying to hire 900+ people at wages starting at $18/hour, and their jaw hits the floor. Many of them are unfamiliar with park---doesn't matter---shock. Maybe things really are crazy understaffed to the point that it's not quite right. I don't know. I really want to give the park the benefit of the doubt. However, it has me wondering.
  24. Just leave your .38 under the drivers seat or in the glove box. Please and thank you. ;-)
  25. Probably better. That was actually the part of the story I found most shocking. It's so close to the entrance and so many people just meander across that lot and likely could/would see something. Bold.
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