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  1. Just leave your .38 under the drivers seat or in the glove box. Please and thank you. ;-)
  2. Probably better. That was actually the part of the story I found most shocking. It's so close to the entrance and so many people just meander across that lot and likely could/would see something. Bold.
  3. I don't always steal credit cards. But when I do, I go get me some Pringles and Kit Kats asap! Jeebus. So stupid.
  4. Last time I checked everyone was butthurt over the lack of a twitter announcement. Now they made the tweet, and everyone is butthurt over that. Orion isn't a Giga. It's not big enough, it's not open long enough. I can't get my dinner! After 22 years of marriage I've heard it all. And this thread is starting to sound the same.
  5. Bummer. Edit*** Sorry, I guess this was covered many days ago. My bad!*** Woman dies after riding Holiday World roller coaster | Fox News
  6. I mean, when you've seen your little girl perform a faceplant getting off the Kite Eating Tree (sorry, no pics...sadly), anything is a potential hazard...lol.
  7. "SOB <3 RMC looks too intense for me."
  8. That whole intersection is very "blah". The city of Mason needs to put up a "Welcome to Kings Island" banner or something. You get off the interstate and yes, sure you can see some of the coasters and all, but rather underwhelming. That land he put a hotel on must be worth a fortune. And yet it sits empty.
  9. I think the bathroom patrol has been especially good since covid. And he did totally diss KI staff, which is honestly almost always very good. And he didn't mention another chain. He was talking about another park within the same chain.
  10. Probably. I've had so many positive experiences interacting with KI staff I could write a report going on for I don't know how many pages. And I don't know how clean Carowinds is, but KI certainly isn't dirty.
  11. Over the long-term I think the park being packed will hurt business (compared to right now), and we'll see things balance out. However, as we're just coming out of a pandemic with a bunch of money printed and thrown to the masses, I don't think it balances out well anytime soon. That said, there's still opportune times to get in and out of the park in a hurry and hit some rides, pending your schedule. Regardless, I respect your decision either way, and understand. We've all got a bazillion choices to make with our time and money right now. Standing in line for an hour+ to ride a 2-minute ride is not for me either.
  12. Noticed lots of security at the park today. In a good way. Looked like some were being trained. They made one guy change or cover his shirt because they didn't like it. He had a group of people with him---didn't matter. Get rid of it, or leave. He found a different shirt. Another guy right behind me on Beast literally answered his phone as we were waiting to roll back in the station. The ride had stopped, so it wasn't a massive safety concern but clearly against the rules/law. He was advised by the ride op that he just committed a misdemeanor in Ohio as he and his buddy scurried away as quick as they could. Grown men both stories. But I feel like all the park workers were at least trying to take a stand.
  13. Let actual customers complain if it's a real issue. You don't have to complain on their behalf before the weekend has even played out.
  14. Yeah but the people here clearly aware of the change complaining about the park not making people aware...idk. smh
  15. I just want to say it's glorious to see some of the same people arguing about why the park should not open at all in 2020 or moaning about this rule and that, are now in May 2021 getting all fussy about the park closing 2 hours early. :-) And I mean that genuinely. It's a beautiful thing, I love it! *** IT COULD BE MUCH WORSE ***
  16. Totally wigged me out for a moment, but alrighty then. :-)
  17. Probably getting divorced...bahaha. Totally kidding, but who knows? Thanks for posting that---it is noteworthy for sure.
  18. Perhaps an overreaction. Parks are packed. But take a look around. Southwest flight attendant got her teeth knocked out the other day. I don't think that industry is doomed, rather things are picking up just like KI. But a-holes everywhere. Some would say such behavior has been rewarded the past 12-18 months, but I won't go there...lol. I think it's going to take awhile for everyone to re-learn how to behave in public, but I still see a roaring economy moving forward.
  19. Although I don't think it holds true today, I found this very funny. Generational thing, perhaps. In the early/mid 90's Gurnee was rough. And not one bad night rough, like Boyz N The Hood rough. (aging myself for sure). Or at least "we" thought so at the time. Certainly a much more violent time, as hard as that is to believe for some kids today. The videos from the past weekend were not good by any means. But nobody died/stabbed/shot/etc. Let's move forward!
  20. Dining Pass Fast Lane+? Any takers? LOL. I wasn't at the park today, but our family had the dining plan 2-3 years, possibly 4, and finally gave up. For us, it just takes too long and things wouldn't be open when we needed them to be. Now we'll just pack a cooler and chow down on the drive home. It's not what we REALLY want, but decisions had to be made.
  21. I think we've entered the stage of 'get a vaccine or take your own risk'. Which is totally fair at this point. Nobody over 12 can complain about vaccine availability, appointments are available in abundance.
  22. Kings Island and Cedar Point will have to decide whether its worth it to kick people out of the park for not wearing masks after DeWine said today, "Each Ohio citizen will make their own decision about wearing a mask, social distancing, how to protect themselves and when, for them, those actions are appropriate". He did say business is free to make their own rules, but...that comes with a price.
  23. DeWine is ending all restrictions. All of them. So, no. On both accounts.
  24. Interesting wording you used "devaluing the season pass". One could also suggest that FL sales subsidize season passes and/or daily tickets. It's possible that for some locals the sale of FL is keeping their season pass price lower than it would be. Is it worth it? For some probably yes, for others probably no. Quick edit but it seems like season pass renewals have been ~$100 for a decade now. How long can this continue without other revenue? That $99 price-point has got to be critical to the park. We're seeing wages rising considerably now. So I don't know what they do, but I think they are heavily leaning towards FL and other revenues to keep the season pass as stable as can be. Some will see that as continued value for passholders, others will see it as a devaluation I suppose.
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