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  1. I've many times sat in a row of strangers at a football game thinking, "my butt takes up 1/20th of this row, but there's only 10 seats and I'm squished!". You know what? Nobody cares. If I want my own personal space I have to buy more tickets. So yeah...Privacy Pass Plus for $49.99, or $34.99...sounds fair to me. I totally get people wanting personal space, privacy, and the fallacy of "safety". But be willing to pay for it. What should the ride-ops do when I go on Delirium and request a "buffer-seat" on either side of me? For my safety. To protect the park from a lawsuit, and all of that nonsense...I bought one seat, but really need 3? Same with Banshee, Diamondback...I could go on. I need the row behind me clear because I might get stabbed in the back by a psycho! All of a sudden renting the park to yourself makes a lot of sense...
  2. Peanuts...I see what you did there. :-) I don't know though. Some allergies like that are so severe it's like...what are you doing HERE? An allergy row? I actually work at an Elementary School, too...classrooms are totally nut-free. I don't know how we accommodate that at a park like Kings Island without a specially reserved day. Which might not be a bad idea!
  3. We'll all have to agree to disagree. It's all good...this thread is a divider...I try to come here to be happy...lol. Let's be happy! :-) Single riders make me go "ugh", but hey---don't glare at me when I hop on with you---I'm totally sane I promise! bahaha. ;-)
  4. I wouldn't be happy about it, that's what jails are for. But I'm probably willing to chance it at Kings Island. I love the people there, and this site for that matter. A child NEVER has to sit by themselves. The parent---if that concerned---wouldn't even consider letting them ride! If I choose to let my child ride alone or with a stranger it is because I am taking on that responsibility---that risk---as the parent of my own child. No way would I hold the park responsible. Nor would I expect to get the benefits of two tickets, when I only bought one. Sporting events, concerts, all kinds of things in this world 1 ticket buys you 1 seat. You don't get to reserve the seat next to you just because your kid is in it. Or yourself. I have 3 kids...ages 15, 9, and 7. So I've been there, done that.
  5. Privacy Plus Pass...$49.99. :-)
  6. If you're worried about lawsuits from accusations of those sitting next to you, the park needs a policy where you can buy TWO tickets, and ride alone at all times. I'm totally cool with that.
  7. Apparently the park needs to post their rules in regard to this issue. I've heard the complaints, the threats, all the possibilities. But if you want to take up two seats on every ride you're getting on in the day so that you never have to sit next to someone else you don't know---and slow down the queue as a result...buy two tickets. The park may get sued one day, and someone may go to jail, but the park will win their lawsuit if the rules are posted and everyone understands what 1 ticket buys you, and acts accordingly.
  8. I've ridden the WindSeeker many times. Always freaks me out a bit. I can't explain it, but I'm never comfortable when at the top in full spin. But what really freaks me out the most is the thought of getting stuck up there. Fire department has no equipment to get that high. So in the worst-case scenario you're at the mercy of the technicians to fix whatever problem exists. I hope they have lots of parts on-hand. I don't worry about dying, but I can't imagine being stuck up there 12-24 hours till they can bring me down. Hasn't happened yet, but totally could. Drop Tower goes just as high, but is a lot more simple from a mechanical perspective. Not as scary. :-)
  9. Can people start posting selfie's on the "stage". I mean...it's there. Kinda promoted by Helbig even. Call it a flat-ride, if you will.
  10. Surely not. It's one of the best-themed rides in the park---if not the best themed---and awfully popular. No way they'll tear it out right now. No way.
  11. You can see it live on the Diamondback webcam, too.
  12. I'm not sure we could ever figure this out such that everyone would be happy. It really depends on the ride, doesn't it? If you've ridden the Banshee more than a time or two, chances are you've sat right next to someone you didn't know. It's just how it is. I hope nobody EXPECTS to get a row to themselves---or even an open seat between them and another person on that one because I'd say you're asking too much. On Diamondback, my daughter and I---on the rare opportunity it arises---we'll queue in rows 7 & 8, for instance, each behind a single rider, and hop on with them. We'd rather do that than sit next to each other and have to wait for another train. Plus the seats on Diamondback are far enough apart in both rows that I might be inclined to do the eye-roll if someone suggested that they wanted the entire row to themselves. Prior to reading this thread it was not something I had even thought twice about though. On other rides that are tighter I understand why people would prefer to ride alone, especially ladies and small children. Although I would hope they would at least consider doubling up when comfortable enough to do so.
  13. My vote is for a 150+ MPH, 500-foot strata-coaster. Simple enough. Should be able to build that over winter, right? Won't take too much park space, but it'll drop Formula Rossa down a notch, as well as Kingda Ka. :-)
  14. The webcams on the Kings Island website are no longer just minute-to-minute still images. There's live streaming video as well. As a long-time stalker of the webcams, this is a very exciting upgrade. :-)
  15. Rode for the first time yesterday morning with my 15-year-old daughter in the same glider. Never ridden one of these before, but I told my daughter, "I want to control the handle thingy". She'd never ridden either, but being in Planet Snoopy with an apparently too-ultra-cool teenager I got a, "Pffft, okay dad" response. Anyhoo, we both really liked it! I was able to get it whipping up and around pretty good, much to ultra-cool daughters surprise. My wife watching off-ride even made her fingers into an "L"---to symbolize "loser"---as we were going around. Apparently I was the only one taking the ride to its limits...lol. Being as it is in Planet Snoopy, and cannot handle a large quantity of riders, I probably will only ride again if and when I see a really small line. However, I really enjoyed it, and would be more than happy to do it again when the opportunity comes.
  16. Anybody on here ever worked at Kings Island operating one of the coasters? Is it even possible that a human-error "oops I hit the wrong button and released that train" type of thing could happen? Sounds possible though not ideal to me, but I've never been behind the controls, or even seen what they look like. I'm thinking a computerized system where it says, "Hey, I haven't received a signal that Train 2 has reached its necessary destination, so Train 3 isn't going anywhere" would make total sense as a fail-safe. Anybody know how they work, and typical fail-safes on coasters these days to prevent such collisions?
  17. It's hard on the shins. Or at least that is my experience---my biggest "complaint", if I truly have one, about this ride. Your legs are not extended in a "Superman" position. Knees are bent, with shins right up against one of the lower restraints.
  18. Looking at some pics online, and yeah...pretty sure you could hold hands with the person(s) next to you.
  19. The Firehawk has only seen me once. I'll ride it again at some point. Probably. Maybe? Nobody has fallen out yet, but it does not score high on my comfort rating scale. It's obviously very safe. The "shoulder harness" you mention is unlike any of the other rides. Hold on all you want...it might not make you feel much better...lol.
  20. When I remember my very first visit to Kings Island a few decades ago, I honestly can't remember very much. At all. Seriously. But there is one thing I remember, and I remember quite vividly. The Beast. It's 2015, and I suppose times have changed a bit. Today...I prefer Diamondback, as does my daughter. But for so long The Beast was the most frightening and amazing thing I could ever have imagined or experienced. An incredibly special ride.
  21. Call me lazy, I think it would be more fun had they really themed it well, and made it some sort of ride. They spent a lot of money on that, and I don't think it was worth it. I had much higher hopes prior to seeing it for the first time. And it's beyond dreadful on a really hot day.
  22. While the parks that I visit offer All Day Dining plans, they do not have a "Pass Holder" version. Can't imagine why. Maybe some are going out of their way to use the dining plan 3x per week. Park won't make much off of them. Might even lose money on them. But I watch the webcams, and the park has been pretty well vacant relatively speaking all this week. People are showing up on the weekends, but it's really early in the season so hard to say whether they are losing too much yet I would guess. But what they may or may not be able to measure is how much extra they make keeping people in the park. First year with a dining plan for us, and there's no way they'll lose money on us. I'm hoping for a win-win honestly. But what they have is all of our money up-front. Much of which would have likely been spent at McDonalds and Burger King just down the road had we not bought the plan. It also keeps us in the park when we otherwise might decide to eat lunch elsewhere, to head back to the hotel and swim, or go to a movie, or whatever else. So we stay in the park, buy more soda's, maybe some ice-cream, the occasional souvenir. I think they should be really careful screwing with people on this one. I want the park to make some money, but I want a deal at the same time. And they will most certainly make less money if the masses leave the park (gasp!---has to be a mortal sin in the business to encourage folks to leave the park) and do not stay and find other ways to spend the money they are "saving" by using a dining plan. Just my thoughts...
  23. Lowering the price 6-cents is! :-)
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