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  1. They play Chicago on Sunday, May 24th. Cincinnati on Tuesday, May 26th. Which leaves Memorial Day as an open day on their calendar. Hmmm.
  2. My family is a family of 5, and we have Gold passes, despite the 3-hour-drive to the park. We also buy Fast Lane several times a year. Certainly not every time we go, but maybe four or five times a season. Those days are amazing! And it's one more way for the park to separate us from our money despite getting "free" entry. One thing that surprises me a little is that they don't track who is buying Fast Lane. There's no discount or other incentive for season pass holders buying Fast Lane (not that I'd expect anything major anyway), but providing some minor incentive would allow them to have some record of who is buying. I would think that would be valuable data, but maybe I'm wrong. They can track practically everything else season pass holders buy in the park, after all.
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