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  1. Yeah, I won't be saying squat to anyone about masks or distancing. Everyone should do both of course, but not worth getting beat up at an amusement park about it. That's too bad. We went August 2nd, and some reports here said it was "too busy", and people weren't behaving appropriate, but we felt almost all were doing the right thing. It's disappointing if folks are getting lax on the rules. In general-life it feels like more and more people are "getting it". So it just surprises me to hear your report. Bummer.
  2. How so? Just curious what "abysmal" is for you. I wasn't at the park today, just wondering. I gotta believe absolutely most folks were wearing masks, and most were trying to distance.
  3. Funpix is a pretty good deal though. For ~$45 a family can get a ton of pics all year. This year is a little different---we typically hit up the paparazzi when we enter the park but can't do that this year. But $45 at Kings Island doesn't go too far most years. Funpix with a Gold Pass is a gift that keeps on giving.
  4. Fair enough. The park still seems like a very safe place though. At least compared to many places of employment with large numbers of people in the same indoor space.
  5. Way too much bun, apparently. Looks nothing like the advertisement which shows it loaded up---but that is a lot of bread given what's on it. Just sayin'.
  6. I think there's another thread somewhere here for this conversation, and I absolutely do not consider investing in the market a "gamble", but I had to drop this here. Personally, I think you could (should?) sell now, and buy it down again later, and watch it go back up next summer. But I don't have a crystal ball either. Unless we get a vaccine I think winter is going to be brutal on the market. And amusement park stocks? In a pandemic winter? Pffft. But maybe we will get a solution sooner rather than later. We all hope so. Either way, you've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.
  7. It's required material for Political Science degrees. ;-)
  8. Fuzzy math. But they did just issue almost a billion dollars of notes not due until 2025. Let's be honest...the park will not survive if 15% attendance is a multiple-year-event, or the "new-normal" as is the catchphrase of 2020. No way.
  9. We're either headed toward a vaccine in Oct-Nov-Dec, or complete shutdown, massively awful winter. Could go either way. I doubt it'll be this complacent back-and-forth we've had this summer though. Nature will decide.
  10. "No Covid-19 spike as a result of Kings Island opening" is not a particularly news-grabbing headline as it were. The virus is dangerous. Not suggesting it is not. But all the headlines making money are doom and gloom.
  11. A train-full of people might help, but good feedback! Thanks.
  12. I only have one ride in on Orion, and it was in the 2nd row because that's where they put me, but I usually prefer front row on a launched coaster like FOF or Stunt Coaster, back row on everything else. I DID notice the increased drop time on Orion compared to Diamondback from the 2nd row, but I didn't notice the increased speed of Orion. Not from the 2nd row anyway. I can't wait to ride it in the back. My favorite ride experience at KI for many years now has been being pulled over the top of Diamondback's first lift hill from the back row. I look forward to experiencing that on Orion. On DB, I always get an adrenaline rush in the very back row getting yanked over the lift hill. It's become a "high" I very much look forward to.
  13. Could be. We were there 11:40am - 2:55pm. I mentioned your comment to my wife. She mentioned she saw 2 people walking around without wearing their mask right. She said one woman was doing the, "I have my mask down while I walk around while I sip on my bottle of soda" thing. But she also mentioned an employee saw her and started following her. I dunno. We were not trying to count vigilante actions, that's true. Also want to mention we had many, many positive encounters with KI working folks today. A ton of "how is your day going?" "Are you having fun today?" "Have you ridden Orion yet?". Last one was an older guy on our way out simply thanking us for coming, have a great rest of your day. Speaks well of the company. After my first visit today it is clear to me they are trying to do everything they can to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. And they delivered for our family. Your mileage may vary, but I saw a lot of people having a good time today. Even with all the protocols.
  14. 3270?!? Did the ride stop for 10 minutes by chance? That is impressive. I got a 2310 today and I'm pretty certain that is my best ever. But the ride was going so slow as that gives the ride ops time to clean between guests.
  15. That's interesting. We went today, and were very impressed. In the lines most folks were certainly trying to social distance. And yeah that included Diamondback. The Orion line in particular was crazy stretched out when we were in line. I don't recall seeing a single person "walking around" without a mask, but it sounds like you were spending quite a bit of your time counting them. I saw people sitting eating/drinking/chilling without them, but not walking around. We felt extremely safe in the environment. I think it just varies on each guest's paranoia level. And I'm not saying paranoia right now is a bad thing, but it is still a thing. We had a great day, and thought guest "protocol-following" was "high"! I didn't think it was very busy today either. A modest crowd.
  16. My wife and kids always swear their guns aren't working mid-ride. So we switch guns and, well...let's just say their guns worked just fine. It's not a fantastic dark ride regardless. But when the A/C is working on a hot day I've no problem with it. Plus it reminds me of when my kids were little and we spent so much time in Planet Snoopy.
  17. I suppose, but this is why we have local and state health departments. It's why we see bars being forced to close in hot-spots nationwide, but not amusement parks (yet). Thus far, the health department's are not tracing significant cases to the parks. It might happen at some point, but hasn't yet.
  18. And this is how this whole thread devolves. They went to Holiday World. Test results are delayed 7-10 days as we know. So blame Holiday World. Of course, we have NO IDEA where else this family was in the past 2 weeks. But...blame HW. C'mon people.
  19. There was an anti-mask rally at the Ohio State Capitol last weekend. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/07/19/coronavirus-ohio-anti-mask-crowd-rallies-statehouse-saturday/5468011002/ What is your point?
  20. It's such a grey area. You have to wear a mask outside when social distancing cannot be enforced. Well...isn't Kings Island setup to be socially distanced anyway? Which would mean masks wouldn't have to be required? If they're doing it right. Holcomb himself admitted they aren't prosecuting. Which will probably set Sally off, but...until I get data suggesting otherwise I think outdoor parks are safer than going to work indoors. Far safer than going to work indoors. Masks or not. The latest CDC guidance says as long as you are not in close contact with an infected person for more than 15 minutes you are unlikely to get it. That is the science. And I would suggest that is the indoor science, but who the hell knows. Still. You're not going to get it randomly walking around any park. Perhaps in an indoor line, but even that is doubtful.
  21. Coaster Sally reacted confused. Well, it's true. There's been absolutely nothing correlating Indiana Beach, Holiday World, or Kings Island (or Niagra Falls boat rides) being open leading to ANY spike in the virus.
  22. Just want to point out there's been absolutely nothing correlating Indiana Beach, Holiday World, or Kings Island (or Niagra Falls boat rides) being open leading to ANY spike in the virus. Healthy people outside having a good time is not a problem. I believe without a vaccine we're screwed in winter, inside. But right now stay out of the bars, the nursing homes, and get outside.
  23. I do think it's funny all the countries not letting American's in. What a novel idea.
  24. I actually know a guy who would like to take care of this problem. Do you want boots in the streets, or do you not?
  25. That's a really hilarious and cool idea. A teacher at my school brings his brother's Monster Truck to school every year for kids to ride. It's awesome. I like it! https://monstertruck.fandom.com/wiki/Coyote_Hunter I work with Bill's brother Al.
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