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  1. With the park now open, and knowing that season-long FL extends through 2021 it is really tempting.
  2. I believe in second chances---but yes---law and order should rule the day at Kings Island. The rules are clear, and security IS needed and I encourage the park and their security to enforce the rules and we should support them/give them a pat on the back. Especially now. I smoke, so while I might wish there was smoking in the park, I am not going to jump into a bush to do it. Absurd. I'll follow the rules.
  3. Just want to point out that the Cincinnati mask order does not require wearing a mask outdoors. Because sensible people have realized the virus is not likely to spread outside. Science.
  4. Back in March, April, and even early May it looked like almost nobody under-30 was testing positive. Trying to recall, but it was like 0.9% of positives were 0-19, and maybe 2% were 20-30. They simply weren't getting it---or so we thought. Now we know they were getting it, and just weren't getting tested. Which is also why the lockdown didn't work. We had NO IDEA who had it.
  5. LOL. Welp...it's a really big Internet! This is a Kings Island forum, not a Coaster Sally forum.
  6. I know, I know. They've had months. Keep in mind it was barely over 3-months-ago and everybody and their brother was saying buying a mask made you a horrible person because they do not work. Remember---people really were saying that. And they were "smart". Now the same soapbox people are telling everyone something completely different. I wear a mask now...I play along. But I honestly don't know if it's really helping. I hope so.
  7. Cass County, IN has the highest positive-population in the state. Only 38,000 people live there, but 1-in-23 residents have caught the Covid (1,636 as of today). The explanation is they had a huge outbreak at a big Tyson Foods plant there. That's where a large % of their small population goes to work. Still only 9 deaths, fortunately, and the outbreak occurred in the first week or two of May. They're past it now.
  8. 20-49 is also prime age to earn a living. They're out, and they're working. People 55 and over are MUCH less likely to be working, as compared to those under 55 as this chart proves. https://www.statista.com/statistics/217899/us-employment-rate-by-age/
  9. Give people and business time to get ready. A lot of people haven't bought a mask yet---gives them time to hit the store and get one. Also, not every business---at least here in Indiana---is requiring employees to wear masks. Rural **cough-cough** King.
  10. I love the view from the Eiffel Tower. Seeing Orion crest above the trees on the horizon really gives some perspective. Awesome!
  11. Did you make this video? You were at the park today?
  12. My experience at Disney World has been the same though. They'll have a sign---or even a worker---outside a ride saying the wait is 1.5 hours, and it's really half that or better. I think they set the bar low, and then the people willing to get in line and wait are "thrilled" the wait was much less than they were expecting. If you tell people the wait is 15 minutes and it turns into 25 people get mad. Tell them it's an hour and it's 40 minutes they're giddy.
  13. I don't know what the order is for amusement parks like Indiana Beach and Holiday World, but this was a direct quote from Governor Holcomb today, "“Stage, 4.5 means that our capacities for the most part will stay at the same level, stay at the place where they are today. But we will give the green light, the green flag to mostly outdoor activities,” said Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb." IB and HW are certainly "mostly outdoor activities".
  14. The people spreading fear on this forum need to find a new place to post. The park is opening, and we're going. Hide, stay home, do something else besides posting on this forum. If you do not want to get Covid-19 your best bet is not to leave your house. We all know this. Otherwise, follow the park rules and just try to enjoy yourself without judging everyone who doesn't wear a mask that meets your personal certification. Nobody is going to protect you better than yourself. So protect yourself as you see fit.
  15. Are you here because you intend to go to Kings Island, and potentially expose yourself to Covid-19 in the process by being around other human beings, thereby threatening the lives of the 1% you care about so much? Or are you just trolling? Because I don't get it. If you're ALL ABOUT safety, do us all a favor and stay the hell away from the park.
  16. Although the positive-case-count has dramatically risen here in the USA vs. Europe and elsewhere, our death-count-curve has declined much as the rest of Europe. It just keeps going down. Of course, that does not go along with the narrative some here want to push. It is not honest to spark fear about positive cases exploding without mentioning the rapidly declining death rate at the same time.
  17. Wear a mask you're comfortable in. The only requirement is to have one on. I have a simple cotton washable mask. Works for me. I also bought one of those gaiters this weekend that folks here have mentioned. It's a lot more breathable than my cotton mask. I suppose if it's easier to breath = less Covid protection, but it's better than needing the KI medics to attend to you when you pass out on the Midway.
  18. There was an outbreak at 2 meat-packing plants in early May up around there---almost 8 weeks ago. That's why the numbers are skewed. And besides, those at IB are outside. There's been thousands in the streets lately, and we have been told none of it has caused a big outbreak. Again...outside. Here in Tippecanoe County we had 24 new cases yesterday. That was a pretty big spike for us. Then we learned all 24---every single one---was in ONE nursing home. One nursing home that has seen 50 cases in residents, and 12 employees. Over 10% of all cases in the county are tied to that one facility. It's awful what is happening in those places, but I think it's important to acknowledge the relative safety of being outside. It's not 100% safe---nothing ever is---but better than being around anyone inside.
  19. Here's a graph on hospital admissions in Indiana. Basically half of all Covid deaths in Indiana have been in nursing homes. Hospital admissions continue to decrease. The graph above suggesting White County, IN is somehow a "hotspot" is ridiculous. Anyone under 50---without major complications---at Indiana Beach is going to be just fine. Even if they do get it. Just don't go visit grandma after. Be smart.
  20. This is a really good digital---looks good even on my 4k TV. https://ia800208.us.archive.org/21/items/SongOfTheSouth_Disney/Disney's Song of the South.mp4 Click on the 3 dots in the bottom-right, then Download. It's a little over 500MB, but best transfer I've seen.
  21. Not many people I know have seen Song of the South. It is FULL of old-south-stereotypes. But the story is primarily about crappy white plantation owners who neglect their son, and a kind black man (and his family) taking him under his wing. I know it's controversial in many ways, but I think it also highlights Walt Disney's genius. If you have not seen it, I encourage you to. You might be surprised.
  22. I'm sorry, but it's not hard to see what's next up on their agenda. Mark Twain Riverboat---rethemed. Hall of Presidents...done. By the time this is over the entire Disney company will be re-named if the SJW's have their way.
  23. The comments are amusing as smoking is so, so, bad. Demons. Heathens. How do we even have smokers in 2020 someone said! But the park itself (that's why we're here) making big, big money shoveling LaRosa's Pizza, Potato Works, and Coca-Cola down throats = perfectly okay. C'mon...
  24. Some Googling and you can find many scientific articles suggesting this is simply not true. Also, I'm surprised nobody here has mentioned that countries across the globe have reported an unexplainable number of smokers who either do not get Covid-19 and/or do not end up in the hospital if they do smoke. I'm not endorsing smoking by any means, but France has even begun nicotine trials to try and figure out why smokers are noticeably less-susceptible to the Covid than those who do not smoke. It doesn't make any sense, but the data is out there, and so are the articles. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20200430/smokers-hospitalized-less-often-for-covid-19
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