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  1. My Top 10: 1. Intimidator 305(Kings Dominion) (Easily dominates the Gigas) 2. Banshee(Kings Island) 3. Gate Keeper(Cedar Point) 4. Top Thrill Dragster(Cedar Point) 5. Steel Vengeance(Cedar Point) 6. Fury 325(Carowinds) 7. Night Hawk(Carowinds) 8. Twisted Timbers(Kings Dominion) 9. Valravn(Cedar Point) 10. Millennium Force (Cedar Point) List of Parks i've been to in order of favorite: 1. Cedar Point 2. Kings Island 3. Carowinds 4. Canada's Wonderland 5. King's Dominion. I've also been to Disney World, and Universal, but it has been too long ago to truly rank them.
  2. So I saw the diagram of the hill but nothing past the initial drop, Anybody think it may be possible the drop may enter into a tunnel? Sort of like Canada's Wonderland Dive Coaster.
  3. I get the platinum meal plan option so I can eat at the other parks as well. Definitely got my money's worth. Overall I don't have a huge issue with KI's food. Love Coney BBQ. I do feel KI can step it up. Fest Haus will have a line to the doors, and only one queue open. Something that can help speed the lines up is to have one queue set up as a meal plan line and the other general public. That could allow one side to just have the food ready to go and would be a great promotion to purchase the meal plan.
  4. I went to the brew house on the first day. The burger was great and so was the beer I had. My issue is it will always be frantic with the current set up. The food servers have no way of knowing where you are sitting, and will have to struggle to find you. They also have no real way of knowing how much seating is available when they take your order. I know they want to get more people in and out, but I feel it would improve everything if they went back to a restaurant style of eating. On another note, if they do expand X-Base to include food, I would like to see them bring a Chickies and Petes down to KI.
  5. I wouldn't want Orion or Polaris as the name. King's Island has a bit of a theme going even if not on purpose. Diamondback, The Bat, Mystic Timbers, Flight of Fear, The Banshee, The Beast. These all give a monster/scary undertone. I would like to personally keep that theme and maybe dig a name out of cryptozoology.
  6. I'll be making my first appearance to Coasterstock this year, and actually my first coaster event. Will enjoy meeting others there.
  7. Right now, as far as I know, the only benefit of a Platinum pass at KI over Gold is the ability to go to other parks and use meal/drink plans at other parks. I would like to see the Platinum be treated as a higher tier at the park. I think such benefits as special hours or even a day for just Platinum pass holders. Maybe a yearly picnic or event just for Platinum holders. Dicounts on Fast Lane passes. It doesn't have to be any thing over the top, but something that says Buy a Platinum and thanks for buying a Platinum. What would you like to see?
  8. A lot of the rides depend of the size of your legs. I'm 5'9 about 260 and I just barely fit on Diamondback due to how thick my thighs were. Banshee can also be tight. The one ride you may want to avoid if Flight of Fear. Long wait time for a ride you probably will not be able to ride. Most of the wooden coasters you should be fine on.
  9. I have the platinum meal plan so I eat there every time i go. So far the Coney BBQ has been good. I've had the queen city sausage and the pulled pork. Both were really good and they give you plenty of food. Unfortunately they are always out of the chicken when I go. The pizza is as greasy and stomach upsetting as always, but that is LaRosa's for you. The only thing in the park I have not had from this year or last is Hanks.
  10. I'm going to be honest. I was pretty disappointed. The stunts were nowhere near the talent levels of the two previous shows and the show focused too much on humor. The show just didn't catch the imagination as the previous shows. I've seen it twice, but just can't get into it. Honestly I'd love if Cirque Imagine came back.
  11. This may have already been discussed(didn't read every thing), but will there be any updates in shows? Specifically will there be a new cirque show? I personally would love if they update a lot of the other shows instead of simply showing the same shows every five or so years. Another thing I would like to see KI do is work a little more on their decor, or make more use of what is there. Maybe add animatronics to the train.
  12. If the servers are doing their job correctly like I noticed at the Chicken Shack on Friday, they are suppose to replace their gloves every time they handle those cups. A lot of waste, but sanitary. Too bad the Hot Chocolate was not part of the Drink Plan.
  13. Just curious, but there wasn't anything at KI that made you eat or drink something, was there? Cedar Point did that and it made me sick. Other than that they were well worth it, and made me want to spend the money to do KI's skeleton rooms.
  14. Went to Cedar Point last weekend, (which by the way is terrible in comparison to KI's HH) and a little kid was going through the maze with his grandparent in the same group as us. The performer at the door told him that if the "patients" were too scary, that all he had to do was to make bunny ears and act as a bunny, since the "patients" hated bunnies. Though we separated from him due to our skeleton key, I saw the kid on the other side and he looked like he enjoyed himself. I just thought this was a great idea for little ones who are going through the haunted houses.
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