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  1. I think it was a police helicopter, I saw it as well. At first I thought it was a news station due to the power outage (thankfully not). It was moving fast, but it looked like a sheriff or something. The height was lower I agree, but didn't concern me.
  2. Same here. I rode the back row Friday night while it was raining, and it was an unbelievable experience (I personally like it more than the back row of The Beast). I was thrown off guard when it pulled me over the top of the lift. Felt like I was going to come out of my seat. An overall amazing experience at night in the back row especially when it's raining. A friend of mine mentioned (and a couple of other people) that they cant stop smiling while riding Mystic Timbers. That's where Kings Island and Cedar Fair really scored with this ride.
  3. I heard it was just International Street (but can see not a lot is not running). Still was able to get down from the Eiffel Tower fine. Crowds size is great, Mystic Timbers is the only thing relatively busy.
  4. Think I am going to head up tonight, any guesses on the crowd size with rain on its way?
  5. ^ Fast Lane line moved pretty fast from the three times I've been in line. Make sense Mystic Timbers doesn't have bins. They need the train to get out of there fast. So people aren't sittung in or outside the shed. (Which I think kind of ruins the shed if you're sitting there for a while).
  6. ^ With Haunt being at night they should have someone pace along the walls of the shed (or the queue area). Think the should add more in the first half.
  7. Been thinking about this... ...but they can always add onto the shed. They have lots of room in the first area of the shed.
  8. If anyone is away from the station, Mystic Timbers is "fully operational". #StarWarsReference
  9. I absolutely loved the ride, non stop fun and I felt like I never sat down after the drop. I don't think I got a good a ride for the shed. We sat outside the shed door for like 2 minutes then was in the shed for a while. Does anyone know if it is supposed to be a lot quicker going through?
  10. I still don't know what's in the shed...
  11. No room for error then! Should of seen that one coming. (Re-worded my post) Edit: Thank you Magenta Lizard
  12. I know this has been said somewhere, but what type of wood was used for Mystic Timbers? I can't find the answer anywhere. Thanks in advance!
  13. More from Kings Island's Snapchat:
  14. Just tweeted by Cedar Point: Who is "they"?
  15. Passed Kings Island today, and decided to stop and see. Vortex was testing and WindSeeker was hanging a little bit in the air. The Bat, as stated above is hanging on the lift. Photos (all taken in legal areas):