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  1. Hate to break it to you bud, but everything the park adds is about the general public. They're not going to make decision on "enthusiasts" who make up one percent (if that) of their audience. I think a lot of people here, especially people who are complaining about the length of it need to realize. They're not going to spend an extra 5 million or so for a small percentage of their audience.
  2. OMG! We are getting another Giga!!! Confirmed.
  3. KI had some low clouds and fog roll in this morning: (From Kings Island's webcams)
  4. This thread will be able to get underway now, soon! This was posted in another thread, but I believe that is some of the music Chad teased a while back.
  5. Kind of a peak at some signs that will be at the park.
  6. If the worst thing for some of you is simply having to wear a mask, I think your life is in good shape.
  7. That's true. Very good. Doesn't have anything to do with my point.
  8. You can market it even more without using those methods. Which by the way they have used those methods and will.
  9. What the hell in marketing would be worth one million dollars? Would they buy a blimp? Twitter and Facebook are free. Last time I checked they weren't spending one million on marketing staff.
  10. I'm assuming spots to eat and sit will be extremely spaced out.
  11. Thats why his those statements and those statements in the article were predictions.
  12. I'm sorry if this has been discussed, but what are the possibilities of masks being recommended at parks when they open? It would be nice on Millennium Force, when the bugs are out and about.
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