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  1. I honestly haven't had a problem with food service but if they just focused on food section in terms of quality (Like the quality at the smokehouse) they would make a lot of people happy. Then maybe focus on the service as people mention.
  2. ^ More importantly than it being used... I really like the entrance and and the queue.
  3. That's a good location. I was thinking the same idea of a Wild Mouse. I was thinking about fitting it in the Oktoberfest section.
  4. I don't think I've ever seen somebody jump the queue gate while a train was leaving the station. Causing operations to stop. That happened around 9:55 tonight at Diamondback. All I know is that kid had a nice conversation with security.
  5. I know. It tastes different than going to an actual store outside of KI. It tastes good, but I think going to an actual location outside tastes way better. Not sure if it because the food ingredients isn't as fresh in KI or what (due to shipping it there), but yeah tastes a bit different at KI. I too, highly recommend the Smokehouse. The quality and taste is very good all three times I've ate there.
  6. They are on the left. One is the anti-rollback piece. Edit: Just can't work a laptop apparently.
  7. Shed Spoiler:
  8. I think you are going to be in for a rude awakening when you take a look at the prices for Disney passes and regular admission tickets. You're going to need more than that 600.
  9. I did my first ever trip to Holliday World yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. The crowds were low, and it was cloudy (but very humid) for the whole day. I think that would have to be due to the rain storms earlier. We got there around 2:30 and stayed til about 8:30. It absolutely wore me out. I can understand why you call it Mt. Thunderbird, but I didn't mind it. The park is super clean, has great theming, and the food is awesome. I got in a good amount of rides in that time: The Raven: 3 Thunderbird: 4 The Voyage: 4 The Legend: 3 I thought every ride there was fantastic. The Voyage was an amazing ride, and really knocked the sails out of me (no pun intended). Very thrown off by that drop followed immediately by another drop. Thunderbird's launch really threw me off guard. I think I may like it more than Gatekeeper. I think the biggest suprise for me would be Gobbler Getaway. I really enjoyed that ride, and rode it more than once.
  10. I was denied a ride on Wicked Twister (only coaster I've had a problem with) and have never ridden it. I don't have any problems on TTD or MF. I guess it's the upper body for me. I really didn't have a chance to get settled in my seat or attempt the belt more than once before they told me I couldn't ride. Kinda felt rushed.
  11. ^ Now that you say that, I am pretty sure it was in rain mode, because I remember Maverick was running with exactly four trains. Thanks for filling me in on that info. Didn't know that's why they did that.
  12. I think I've seen the Cedar Creek Mine Ride do that before. I do know for certain that Cedar Point likes taking trains off the tracks with low crowds. The last day I went up there in late May they had Millennium Force only running with one train. Which was after a rain storm rolled by.
  13. Crowd size and amount of workers will have an impact.
  14. I've ridden it twice this year in the middle. The second time was rougher than the first time I rode it this year.
  15. Kings Island just posted a 360° POV of Mystic Timbers. Check it out: