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  1. Will Coney Mall be Overhauled?

    I knew that going into it, but it was way worse than usual. The car felt like it was being slammed after every hill (besides the first two hills). I think with the good reviews Mystic has had with smoothness, it may make the decision of picking them easier. Cedar Fair has used them before.
  2. Will Coney Mall be Overhauled?

    Went on the red side on The Racer today in the back row, and it was really rough. Felt like my shoulder blade wanted to disconnected (I've never felt that bad). A nice retracking by GCI or someone would be nice. (Maybe a new paint job, maybe the original colors.) ...Coming from a guy who's avatar is The Racer.
  3. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Maybe they demolished it slowy just to drive people crazy...
  4. Haunt 2017

    What's more enjoyable? Watching people getting scared straight of the Hot Blooded bang and then screaming loudly? -OR- Knowing there is a second loud bang on its way?
  5. Haunt 2017

    Here are some WinterFest preparations/items I've found today at Haunt. Shop named Santa's Little Helpers Pop Culture Christmas and Trim-a-Tree
  6. Coasterstock 2018

    Coasterstock 2018 was just confirmed by Don Helbig via an interview he had on YouTube (Coaster Nation): He talks a bit about it at 3:00 mark in the video. I'm excited, and hopefully there will be some new things added this year. He did mention they want to add some more behind the scenes tours for next year.
  7. Haunt 2017

    That's what I heard. It wasn't any better up north at Cedar Point. Valravn had a 2 hour and 30 minute wait (probably even more). With a FastLane line of 60 minutes. Some of the mazes had 2 and a half our waits too.
  8. Flat Ride at KI

    I have a couple I would like to see: - S&S Screamin' Swing - A enterprise model by HUSS (Like at Cedar Point) - Ferris Wheel - A Twiki Twirl ride just like the one at Cedar Point. (Would be cool to have in Coney Mall)
  9. Blood Drums Facebook Interview on 10/8/17

    Wow! I thought they would be practicing at least two weeks earlier. That shows how easy it and how talented they are to get ready that quick. Great interview like always!
  10. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Those footers can be used as footers for the lightposts. There you go, I repeated after you.
  11. That KIC Look - New Shirt Ideas

    Don't forget the blue ice cream!
  12. That KIC Look - New Shirt Ideas

    I like the idea of the gray coloring. Maybe there could be color options when buying.
  13. That KIC Look - New Shirt Ideas

    With dirt and grass stains still on it.
  14. GM - Mike Koontz interview

    I really enjoy these interviews! I did like what he said about the old Tomb Raider/Crypt building. Be interesting to see what happens in the future to it.
  15. Haunt 2017

    It cleared out after the rain hit. It was like everyone was acting like the Wicked Witch of the West. Was with some family members tonight, and we decided to hit Slaughterhouse on our way back to the front after the rain started, and that was the BEST decision ever. They had close to ten actors that usually roam the park in there. There was such an amazing energy/vibe in there and it was packed in there. Amazing amount of actors and they got everyone at least once. An amazing experience. (They also had some in KillMart, one included the Yeti who was freaking a kid out in front of me.) If it rains when you happen to go, do the mazes. Just a great moment.