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  1. JubJester

    Vortex Gets a New Paint Job

    I saw this thread was the lates and got excited. Darn.
  2. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I really did enjoy the design you made. Very well done. I do like the fact it stays in the woods. Something I hope the do in the future.
  3. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Use a completely new name that doesnt go off something in the park. Also change the colors to not look like Fury 325.
  4. JubJester

    Outpost 5 symbols popping up...

    I highly doubt this is from the park themselves when this is 380 feet tall but has a 410 drop, and clearly doesn't go underground. A mistake the park wouldn't make. I also don't think they would make this detailed of a teaser this early.
  5. JubJester

    Outpost 5 symbols popping up...

    First off, welcome to KIC. This is not real. It's a fan made coaster. If it was real, it would be on Kings Island's social media account. So always check their site, or their social media accounts, and/or this site.
  6. JubJester

    Clearing up rumors of "Steel Beast"

    I'd be less worried about spreading the word on here, lol. There is over a thousand people on Facebook who thought it was real. I'm pretty sure everyone on this site knew it wasn't real.
  7. JubJester

    What really BUGS me.

    There's a reason why he is banned.
  8. JubJester

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    "That ain't no problem"
  9. JubJester

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Here's another look at the countdown to Winterfest on the Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree.
  10. JubJester

    What Else Do You Want To Come Back?

    Skyride. It would be nice to have on long Kings Island days. It looked so cool as well. I'd also would love to see King Cobra come back. I would absolutely like to ride it.
  11. JubJester

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    I really like this use of space.
  12. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Did anyone get the tax levy for KI's giga? It was on the back.
  13. JubJester

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    The Ice Carvers have them. You could just ask them.
  14. JubJester

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    Especially cutting over the grass to go to Backlot.
  15. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I'd rather have a RMC like Goliath. Don't want a wood structure over 300 feet.