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  1. I'm using this line for future use . Thank you.
  2. The Racer is so much smoother this year, GCI (who I believe they said helped retrack it) did a great job. Wouldn't mind GCI cars. A new paint job with new cars would be a nice addition along with this giga. Give that side of the park a fresh look.
  3. I feel extremely safe with them. Even more so with the seatbelts they added a couple years back. It is different than your normal lap bars, but I think it feels even more secure. The clamshells do have handles on them to hold onto. It's like you're riding a jetski or a bike. Hope this helps!
  4. Maybe since that's at Carowinds that could have been the second option behind Fury 325. Also, the cloud and the bolt of lightning looks like Mean Streak. Just thought that was a cool detail.
  5. I bet it's the track that's rusting or all the way in the back. Lot's of room behind the facility.
  6. Everything out front was brown besides a long support that was rusting. Here's a shot down the side. Happened to be in the area yesterday. (Click on it to make it clearer.)
  7. The Dippin' Dots guy gave me a flash drive with the ride POV. You awake, yet?
  8. How dare you post! Just kidding, you're fine. I really like the dark blue with the light blue. The biggest star in Orion is those two colors, so I can totally see that. I'd think they would go white supports. Maybe even stick with light blue.
  9. What do you mean "around the station"? Not sure where it is?
  10. Maybe they're viewing it in the festhaus...
  11. Is it possible to like a video more than once? What a great video (despite the misleading title)!
  12. We won't know for sure until the announcement, but I'm pretty positive it does not.
  13. I believe a lot of people's frustration comes out of the fact they wanted and hyped it in their minds that this would be better than Fury and be the number one ride in the world. Very similar to the ridiculous theories people had with the shed. Also, I find it interesting that Millennium Force has a space theme, and this ride is looking like it will, too. Even the station looks similar to Millennium's. Maybe they wanted this ride to compliment and/or be better than Millennium.
  14. This thread goes in an endless circle.
  15. I told you some employee is telling the public things that aren't official. Lol!
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