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  1. JubJester

    RMC Gwazi

    Thanks for the link and info. Not trying to be rude, but was trying to make it "valid".
  2. JubJester

    RMC Gwazi

    Do you have any reliable source to share?
  3. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I wasn't meaning an actual increase in price, but just the value of a ticket. Kind of like a ticket to Haunt offers more than a regular summer day.
  4. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Here's a question for everyone. Does a giga increase the value of a ticket into the park? Is it that big of an attraction?
  5. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    At 1:05 there is a cardboard cutout of a dog throwing something. Why?
  6. JubJester

    International street makeover

    I was originally thinking the Blue area, which would probably be the best. The red area could, but it's probably to small.
  7. JubJester

    International street makeover

    @jtro223Those would be cool. Maybe add a flat with those around it. Maybe bring back the Bavarian Beetle or add a Wild Mouse Coaster. Or maybe a Wild Moose Coaster.
  8. JubJester

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    That will be interesting. Maybe the path behind the Eiffel Tower will be open, or maybe it will just be one long path going through Planet Snoopy and Rivertown.
  9. JubJester

    International street makeover

    They would be too tall, taller than the tower itself. The average height is around 359 feet. Some tall Evergeens would fit nicely. Also would benefit WinterFest.
  10. JubJester

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    They have a lot of trees between it and Vortex, which would be great for a Rivertown theme, but either way they do need trees on the other side. It's just blank between the Eiffel Tower and BLSC. Totally agree. I originally thought the antique cars could use that blank space and have a bridge going over the walkway. Since that's out of the equation. Maybe a former flat ride and heavy amount of trees.
  11. JubJester

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    They could do a couple things. The first thing they could do is just update the current themeing and add some new effects. If they went with a completely new theme, maybe they could extend Rivertown's themeing to BLSC. Backlot really isn't a part of Coney Mall or Rivertown, so giving a theme area would be nice. Probably will cost more than idea 1, but I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem. In terms of having no theme, I'm sure people would ride it but not nearly as much.
  12. JubJester

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    I agree, BLSC could use a theme change. Not sure why some people want it to go.
  13. JubJester

    Future Cedar Fair Coaster Removals?

    Back on topic at hand. I think out of all the rides at Kings Island, Invertigo would be the next one to go. That would be the one I'd go to if I had to make the decision. Especially since Stinger is gone. Plus, I think that space along the parking lot is perfect for a ride like Hangtime. For Cedar Point, I bet the next ride to go is Cedar Creek Mine Ride. The space it occupies fairly large. I don't see it happening anytime soon though.
  14. JubJester

    KI Blog: The Beast gets its name 40 years ago today

    I don't think there was any meaning behind that. If there was, it was to stir up the pot some more I bet. The color scheme will probably for at least a couple years. Assuming the paint lasts a while.
  15. JubJester

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I think so. Hopefully someone here knows for sure.