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  1. I wonder if they got the chain for the lift in...
  2. Can one of the admins please combine the two 2020 Discussion threads? Thanks.
  3. John Materese was waving at people from above. How out of all people, did YOU miss that?!?
  4. If you want to generate hype and advertising this is the way to go.
  5. Was thinking the Freestyle in Rivertown would of been it, but I guess I was wrong.
  6. It just turned midnight which means it's now 2020 and we are a step closer to Opening Day and riding Orion. It's gonna be a great year for the park. Have a great year everybody!
  7. Critiques usually happen on horrible videos. I'm just calling it on clickbait. Stating "NO MORE ICONIC STATION!!!" is absolutely incorrect and they're just posting it on the forum for views.
  8. I'm dissapointed they took out Pink's. Was easily a guest favorite (saw a lot of backlash on social media). Replacing it with a mac and cheese bar makes no senses, especially given the fact it was the one of few Pinks on this side of the United States.
  9. Yeah. One major flaw. You said Michigan's Adventure.
  10. They're signaling Batman. Joking aside, it may be them just lighting up the area. It's already gone.
  11. I have to say, I've never been more excited for Orion until I drove by tonight. Seeing the lift hill complete was incredible. It's amazing seeing it loom behind Diamondback when you're getting off the exit. That's going to be one heck of a drop.
  12. It's definently for all. Me and my friends did it. I've seen people of all ages get in line.
  13. That is one thing at WinterFest I never expected to really enjoy.
  14. Kings Island posted a clip of the topping of Orion on their YouTube:
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