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  1. It's paying more homage to 1972 more than anything. Like the name, it sounds much better.
  2. Maybe not this year. The anniversary or next year would be a great time to do it. I just don't get why they would do that.
  3. How did you hurt my feelings lmao? I'm just saying don't throw dull statements out there. You and people who are in the dumps about this ride need to realize that KI's and Cedar Fair's management isn't going to make a big investment to please coaster enthusiasts. A group of people that make up a small portion of their market and visitors. This is going to stand out for the General Public, and that's what matters to them.
  4. Want to go to detail? Or are you just going to throw a dull statement out there because you can't think of anything.
  5. @Maverick44 I'm pretty sure you can't come in after 8. Would be my guess, but they havent said anything.
  6. I can definitely see them adding restrooms. Maybe between The Racer and FoF.
  7. No. You dont get it, do you? Stop sending screenshots of you sending messages to him. NO ONE cares. Just say you did. This thread has enough spam.
  8. Come on, that petition has a family! Where do you guys think they'll hold the announcement? Edit: ...and no one pull a Terpy and say at Kings Island.
  9. So the subtractions are: - Wasteland - Blood Drums Am I missing anything?
  10. The other day I heard people use "Flight of Fury" and "The Mystic Timber" for names.
  11. @Enchanted Voyage Lover Great shots!
  12. It can get really busy if the weather is really nice, so arrive early for a parking spot. If you go on a Saturday the haunts don't open til 6 or 7 I believe so you can knock out rides before then. However Saturday is the busiest. My favorite maze is Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror, because the set design is fantastic and you're inside the old Crypt building. Field of Screams opens later than the indoor mazes because of the sun, so you can line up early so you dont have to wait in a long line later. The lines go down around 1130 and 12 so that's a great time do get a bunch done. However, some actors leave early so there may not be as many.
  13. @Kodistict Welcome to KIC.
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