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  1. Going with the 24 capacity was the best idea in my opinion. After this season, I don't think lines will be as packed (besides busy days, but that's the case with almost every ride). Getting the smaller model just makes sense to me.
  2. Looks Chick-fil-A is going from a hundred people per hour at Kings Island to fifty people per game at GABP:
  3. Thanks. Great to see the events like WCO and Coasterstock have continued success.
  4. Still available to purchase on mobile it appears.
  5. Just a heads up. Never seen this tweeted before an event before. Good luck with that: https://twitter.com/TonyClarkCP/status/1625527340083052544?t=z6bOX9bwlcynE_vpI7Q1EQ&s=19
  6. He saw people painting. Just a crazy guess. Took me a 5 seconds too long to get this. Not proud.
  7. Hopefully they go with another way of signing up next year besides the lottery system. I would say go back to the old system but I know a lot of people had issues with that, too. The two day event was a great idea, I wonder if it increased capacity or just spread it out. Edit: Seeing people having tickets for both days and several posts about people selling extras. With a lottery system this was bound to happen.
  8. I thought this year's Haunt was much better than the last time I went, which was in 2019. More scare actors by a good amount. Hopefully they go another step next year.
  9. Thanks for the info. I saw Cedar Point was at capacity so figured Kings Island would be doing well, too.
  10. I'm assuming it's still fairly busy? Was thinking about going up late.
  11. Thinking about go up shortly. Seems like a good idea.
  12. I'm glad to see that it is happening. Looking forward to taking some behind-the-scenes shots with my new camera.
  13. I'm sure. Did I miss the proof somewhere?
  14. Probably the constant spam of articles he wants clicks on, or maybe that tree by The Beast that led to nothing. I can continue.
  15. Did you go to Lost and Found and file a report? I just lost my phone this weekend on a ride and they found. They look for phones at the end of each say.
  16. Hate to break it to you bud, but everything the park adds is about the general public. They're not going to make decision on "enthusiasts" who make up one percent (if that) of their audience. I think a lot of people here, especially people who are complaining about the length of it need to realize. They're not going to spend an extra 5 million or so for a small percentage of their audience.
  17. OMG! We are getting another Giga!!! Confirmed.
  18. KI had some low clouds and fog roll in this morning: (From Kings Island's webcams)
  19. This thread will be able to get underway now, soon! This was posted in another thread, but I believe that is some of the music Chad teased a while back.
  20. Kind of a peak at some signs that will be at the park.
  21. If the worst thing for some of you is simply having to wear a mask, I think your life is in good shape.
  22. That's true. Very good. Doesn't have anything to do with my point.
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