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Status Updates posted by JubJester

  1. Can't wait for haunt tonight.

  2. Two more days! #KIHaunt

  3. 11 more days until Haunt! Can't wait!

  4. 57 days...Haven't changed this since April 27th

  5. Changing my avatar for a bit in anticipation for Rougarou

  6. Fury325 is testing....a sign that the season is coming fast.

  7. #WinterChillOut at Cedar Point was a blast. Can't wait to go there this summer.

  8. 67 Days 12, Hours, and 42 minutes to go!

  9. I don't know what to put here.

  10. What's on my Mind?

  11. Can't wait to go back to Carowinds next year

  12. KI Halloween Haunt every day on the weekend coming up for me

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