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  1. 7 minutes ago, IndyGuy4KI said:

    I just left the park because it was so busy at haunt. I end up driving through the parking lot to the Soak City exit light and they were parking cars all the way in front of tropical Plunge. People were lined up still at the toll plaza just to get in. 

    Thanks for the info. I saw Cedar Point was at capacity so figured Kings Island would be doing well, too.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Driver8rws said:

    Agree with what you said about it's a "GP pleaser".  

    Hate to break it to you bud, but everything the park adds is about the general public. They're not going to make decision on "enthusiasts" who make up one percent (if that) of their audience. 

    I think a lot of people here, especially people who are complaining about the length of it need to realize. They're not going to spend an extra 5 million or so for a small percentage of their audience. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, gforce1994 said:

    Radio adverts, print ad, TV Spots, and billboards. It was an hypothetical question.

    You can market it even more without using those methods. Which by the way they have used those methods and will.

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  4. 33 minutes ago, gforce1994 said:

    It’s not criticism. The world’s been changed, hence marketing practices will be different. 
    Why should the park spend $1 million dollars to promote something in the middle of a disaster? Any money spent then would simply lead to zero change in attendance.

    What the hell in marketing would be worth one million dollars? Would they buy a blimp? Twitter and Facebook are free. Last time I checked they weren't spending one million on marketing staff.

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  5. 41 minutes ago, Hawaiian Coasters 325 said:

    He predicted that both Orion and Diamondback would have loops instead of helixes as well as Banshee being a wing coaster. 

    Thats why his those statements and those statements in the article were predictions

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  6. I would love to have a floorless. I wonder if they could get the new restraints on them since they would build one from scratch. Would make up for the lost inversions. If they do add one, I hope it stands by itself in terms of being different and unique.


    (Sorry for the double post, but felt like it should be two seperate comments.)

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