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  1. Something just feels off with this. Such short notice, and back to back years they've done this. I wish they'd give an actual explanation.
  2. I saw a red one across the river yesterday.
  3. Closest thing would probably be selecting follow on this thread. If a track moves an inch, everyone will let you know.
  4. When the hill is complete it's going to be amazing how it looks compared to everything near it.
  5. Here's a photo. You can see the next piece getting ready.
  6. It was on Friday when I was there. Not sure about Saturday and Sunday.
  7. Would the rain actually effect putting in a piece of track Edit: Question answered.
  8. I think they may be putting the pre lift track piece in. Seems to be the one with the wheels and the beginning of the chain.
  9. I hope it is indeed what they do next. I'm figuring since they probably would have to do that before the break run so they could fit the crane. Having it loom over Coney Mall during Haunt and WinterFest will be fantastic.
  10. I'd be suprised. They haven't done anything significant in a while. I think they're just preparing to do the lift.
  11. Not only that but it depends on the person who sends people through. Urgent Scare had a shor line but it was longer because the person took a while moving groups through.
  12. As long as the B&M Dive breaks records and/or is unique I'm fine with it.
  13. Does anyone know the reason why they got rid of Blood Drums? I enjoyed the new show, but it's just strange not having Bloor Drums. New show isn't as fast paced.
  14. Sorry for the double post. Here's the set design for Drums of the Dead. They have much better fencing.
  15. Line to get in. Arrived 10 minutes ago. Not too bad. Will be really long tomorrow I bet. (Sorry for the somewhat crooked photo)
  16. I like them all. I'm not someone who will throw a fit over going to one place over the other. They taste different and I like them both. I even like Dixie and Blue Ash, too. I didn't even vote. Can't pick one. Like them all.
  17. With Banshee's layout, that would be horrible. Wouldn't look great either. Probably would help if you acted like one and stayed on topic. Please do what you just suggest and buzz off.
  18. Anyone know where the entrance, exit, and Fast Lane will be? Here's the beat photo I can find for this (From the Birdseye View video of Orion). Is Firehawk's former queue area for FoF or Orion? Edit: (I put this in the construction thread because previous posts talking about the exit.)
  19. For anyone who's interested in the new location for The Great Pumpkin Fest.
  20. International Street Fear sounds really good based off the description. Wonder what props will be there.
  21. Kings Island just tweeted about Shipwrecked (new scare zone): I can't wait to see it.
  22. 1. RMC 2. B&M 3. Intamin 4. GCI 5. Arrow Dynamics It was a tough choice between B&M and RMC. Even though Intamin is the manufacturer of my favorite ride, I put it at three. I like GCI but Intamin is slight above it.
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