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  1. It was reported by several people. And I did report it to someone. They did shut it down for a bit and they re opened it.
  2. Enjoy these questions I randomly thought of.
  3. I believe the squeeling wheels but I'm calling bull**** on your claim of "sparks or something coming out of the wheels." What ever makes you sleep at night. I was the one there The weels had sparks around that area.
  4. yea. The sound was very loud and people went over to the maintenance workers who just happened to be finishing up work for the broken down WindSeeker.
  5. Yea. Thats what im thinking. Refurbishment or a bad wheel. I for sure knew it wasn't going to be an "ending" factor but I just wanted to know what you guys thought.
  6. So I left line of WindSeeker because it got stuck at the top (completely other story). So I decided to go towards The Beast but when I was passing Vortex I heard this loud screeching noise. I noticed when I looked it just came out of the corkscrews so I decided to watch it go through another run. When it reached the point of the corkscrew when you're upside down it made the noice again and there were sparks or something coming out of the wheels. Does this meaning it might be nearing its end or does it just need refurbishment?
  7. KI Halloween Haunt every day on the weekend coming up for me

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